Jul 112012

Donovan and Rebecca

For some reason they are my number one favorite from last night, They are beautiful together…

Tom Cotter

A Judge’s favorite…


We hope this kid makes it and adds more next week…

Danielle Stallings

This young girl is the daughter we would all be proud of…

Tim Hockenberry


Hawley Magic

JUST good theater…

Honorable Mentions:

Ben Blaque

This was nerve wracking…

The one thing I did not appreciate was Howard being SO STERN with Howie over Big Barry. He would bring in a lot of revenue for LV although not meant for this competition…

Bonus Video:

Barry is SEVENTY & I think he’s a gem, his original audition @ 2:35


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  2. Awesome night with some great picks! I know I’m going for Tom Cotter, Tim Hockenberry and Turf. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the semi finals and if they step up the game another notch. My wife and I love to watch this show together and see who’s got what it takes. I’ve enjoyed being able to watch AGT commercial free which lets me stay focused on the contestants and not annoying commercials. This all happens when I enable the Auto Hop feature in my Hopper DVR. When my coworker at Dish told me about this feature I was excited to try it. You can still see commercials on primetime shows, Dish’s only taking out the headache out of having to manually fast forward them. People who have a DVR are already skipping, so Auto Hop’s only making it quicker and easier. You can only use it the day after the PrimeTime Anytime shows air and I won’t put as much wear and tear on my remote and save money on batteries.

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