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A few incidents from Sheila’s video report yesterday have given me pause for thought:

1. Mysterious spill being tested

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The Indiana Department of Environmental Management is in the midst of getting barrels of a mysterious substance that was spilled on Washington Boulevard Sunday tested in an effort to find out what it could be. According to the Fort Wayne Fire Department, crews were called to Washington Boulevard near South Coliseum Boulevard where the substance covered about a 300×25 foot-wide area of the eastbound roadway.

A Hazmat crew was called to the scene to clean up the spill.

Mysterious spill being tested: wane.com

2. Mysterious substance plane dropped over school identified

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) – A homemade plane flying over an elementary school’s soccer fields dropped a mysterious substance Friday morning. Neighbors called to report an unusual sight around 11 a.m. An ultralight was hovering over Shoreland Elementary and dropped two bags full of a white powdery substance.Washington Township Police were not sure what the substance was so they called Toledo Fire and Rescue for assistance. Roads were even closed during the assessment.

The hazmat team recovered the substance, tested it and determined it was corn starch.

ToledoNewsNow.com: News, Weather

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with ‘Test Runs’ but as a terrorist hunter back in the day, we followed many incidents of ‘Dry Runs’. It was thanks to Char who found the Mysterious substance plane dropped over school article for me. I believe these could very well be test runs. One baffles investigators why someone who cannot phantom who would do this and said they have not seen anything like this before.

“That’s the million dollar question: Why they would do that. I couldn’t answer that. Unfortunately, this day and age, we can’t take any chances with any of these things. Something that appears to be harmless could be quite dangerous in fact,” said Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld with Toledo Fire and Rescue.

Washington Township Police are handling the investigation in this unusual event of the mysterious substance the plane dropped. That incident was on July 6th.

The incident of the mysterious spill happened on June 25th. A chemical was put down to help absorb the substance that was on the road. That was then scooped up and put into barrels for testing. At this time, FWFD said IDEM will determine who will test the substance to find more answers, but did not have any information on how long the testing will take.

“The fact that whoever it was left the scene of the spill,” Mayo said. “Right now we don’t have any answers. That is why the test is going to be very important.”

Fire department officials described the substance as a liquid substance and one NewsChannel 15 viewer said the road felt slippery under his tires.

If anyone has any information about any unusual activity going on in that area, please call INDOT customer service at 866-227-3555.

So I must ask was the plane incident in Ohio a ‘test run’ being they cannot even identify the owner of this’homemade plane’. WHO spilled this substance in Indiana? A common factor in these types of stories is we normally never get a truthful update. But I would advise you keep an eye on incidents that are questionable, especially for your own safety. We ARE the eyes and ears citizen reporters. The government always withholds things they think we are to stupid to understand. They count on us being of the ‘Stepford’ mentality. You know you are not! ~ JP

Sheila’s Report from yesterday:


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