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No surprise here being we tried to make people aware back since ‘Ruby Ridge, Freeh was not censured for alleged managerial failures in the investigation of the incident, although a Justice Department inquiry had made such a recommendation .He served as the 5th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from September 1993 to June 2001.

This movie is presented to exhibit the ruthless actions of Federal agents and their murder of helpless women and children during the Ruby Ridge “Siege”.

But of course he became Public Enemy number one with butt buddy Janet Rino While the event had taken place before he became Director, a highly controversial investigation ensued, including allegations of a cover-up by the FBI, and tensions developed between Freeh and Janet Reno, then-Attorney General. Reno, who had herself been blamed for mishandling of the confrontation and investigation, sent U.S. Marshals to FBI headquarters to seize Waco-related evidence.

* Planned: Louis Freeh said in his book My FBI that he felt the deepest about the Khobar Towers investigation, and it was not until Louis Freeh’s last day in office, June 21, 2001, a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Virginia returned a 46-count indictment against 14 defendants charged with the Khobar Towers attack.

FIRSTHAND Report. Part One by TONKAb89 of terrorist bombing footage I took while in Saudi Arabia with the USAF. Before the attack:

in Part II CAUTION- this is the part where things got messy and it may be disturbing to some. 26 June 1996, a terrorist attack on Khobar Towers and multi-national military personnel in Saudi Arabia killed 19 Americans and wounded hundreds more.:

* TWA Flight 800: No one knew what brought it down: mechanical failure, a bomb, a ground-to-air missile all seemed possible in the early stages.” The FBI took over the investigation in spite of the NTSB having “priority over any investigation by another department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States Government,” as stated in 49 U.S.C. § 1131. FBI agents blocked attempts by the NTSB to interview witnesses, according to a copy of a safety board report obtained by Aviation Week & Space Technology. Here’s the BS: on November 18, 1997, the FBI closed its 20 million dollar investigation by announcing that “No evidence has been found which would indicate that a criminal act was the cause of the tragedy of TWA flight 800.”

TWA Flight 800 was NOT an accident:

* Centennial Olympic Park bombing: The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Government Information heard testimony from Freeh regarding the leaking of Richard Jewell’s name to the media in connection with the bombing at the 1996 Olympic Games. Freeh testified that he did not know how the name of Jewell, who had been falsely accused in the bombings, had been leaked to the media. Of course he was lying.

* Montana Freemen: Freeh and the FBI were praised for the handling of the 81-day standoff between law enforcement agents and the Montana Freemen, a fringe political group. Director Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League, which had issued reports critical of the Freemen and encouraged their prosecution.

* Robert Hanssen:This is where it became blatant Freeh was no good. How deep was he involved in this espionage? Robert Hanssen, a 25-year veteran of the FBI, was arrested in 2001 and charged with spying for the Soviet Union and Russia, beginning in 1985. FBI Director Louis Freeh resigns. May 16, 2001. Coincidence? He resigned amid criticism that the FBI needed stronger leadership, particularly after allegations of spying by Robert Hanssen. Now replaced by Bush apppointment, Robert Mueller. Hanssen was from Chicago. Hanssen lived in the Norwood Park community in Chicago JUST minutes from my stomping ground. Hanssen graduated from William Howard Taft High School in 1962. The very same high school my firstborn attended.

* Wen Ho Lee: In 1999, Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Wen Ho Lee was fired from his job; in 1999 he was arrested and held without trial for 278 days while his handling of sensitive nuclear information was investigated. Freeh was then part of the Clinton administration and supposedly didn’t know about this investigation for a year. See the pattern here? Lee was Indicted, imprisoned and released. Lee spent nine months incarcerated in solitary confinement with limited access to family. Wen Ho Lee pleaded guilty to one felony count of illegal “retention” of “national defense information”. In return, the government released him from jail and dropped the other 58 counts against him. Clinton was “troubled” by the way Lee was treated. Well, of course he was!

Note that conveniently the Monica media blitz an attempt to knock Clinton’s Chinagate problems off the headlines:

In February 1997, the media announced that Freeh personally blocked the sharing of intelligence information regarding China’s alleged plot to influence U.S. elections with the White House.

Other cases handled by the FBI during Freeh’s tenure included the death of White House counsel Vince Foster (in 1993), allegations of incompetence at the FBI crime laboratory, investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) and the capture and prosecution of Timothy McVeigh, and investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800.

Note that Vince Foster and Ron Brown are both included in the Clinton Body Count. Vincent Foster: A White House deputy counsel and long-time personal friend of Bill and Hillary’s. Found on July 20, 1993, dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth — a death ruled suicide. Was rumored Vince was Hillary’s lover who knew too much. In real life, Vince Foster was distraught at the prospect of being grilled about the shady affairs of Hillary Clinton.

Ron Brown:. The Commerce Secretary died on April 3, 1996, in an Air Force jet carrying Brown and 34 others, including 14 business executives on a trade mission to Croatia, crashed into a mountainside. The Air Force, in a 22-volume report issued in June of 1996, confirmed its initial judgment that the crash resulted from pilot errors and faulty navigation equipment At the time of Brown’s death, Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson was seeking to determine whether Brown had engaged in several sham financial transactions with longtime business partner Nolanda Hill shortly before he became secretary of commerce.A circular hole in the skull of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown could have been a gunshot wound and certainly should have prompted an autopsy.

Now to the impetus for this post. Freeh is yet once again accused of a massive cover-up. The DOJ and FBI recently began reviewing 10,000 cases to look for flawed forensic evidence that might have convicted innocent people. The FBI and DOJ had previously formed another task force in the ’90s to investigate flawed evidence, the Washington Post reported in April.

The director of the FBI from 1993 to 2001, Louis Freeh, launched that task force with then-Attorney General Janet Reno.

Ex-FBI agent and whistleblower C. Fred Whitehurst told William Fisher of Prism magazine that Freeh’s action were similar to those of PSU officials because Freeh “did everything in his power” to cover up mistakes made by FBI forensic analysts:

“While I was reporting issues at the FBI crime lab, FBI Director Louis Freeh was doing every thing he could to shut me down including coming at me with proposed criminal charges, referrals for fitness for duty (psych evals), destroying my career, moving me around the lab like a rag doll, ruining my wife’s career. This man has no conscience and he is accusing Penn State managers of not taking any steps. He ought to be ashamed. Before the lab scandal is over you will find that Freeh was right in the middle of it. He did EXACTLY what the Penn State folks did.”

Full story…

So there you have it. The ‘truth’ on Louis Freeh…Maybe THIS time he WILL go down! ~ JP


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  1. Freeh and the Dom
    FBI Director Louis Freeh was with Vince Foster at the White House the day Foster was murdered there. The FBI told the media and the investigators to report that Foster left the White House (I am the Yale Law NY Bar attorney that has dedicated his life to fighting for the films of Foster and Freeh. I am the attorney that filed the FOIA request for the White House Surveillance films of Freeh and Foster. In addition the FBI planted a fake “suicide ” note at the crime scene. My panel of experts (I also FOIAed the fake “suicide” note) included Rice, Scalize and Professor Alton. My handwriting experts said a clear forgery see Reuters 10/26/95. This can not be reported in Wikipedia ! Professor Alton an Oxford Don has been banned from Wikipedia by Freeh ! Our FBI protects the holders of off-shore money they should reverse and seize !

    • I am the Yale Law NY Bar attorney that has dedicated his life to fighting for the films of Foster and Freeh

      Please let me thank YOU Patriot and please stay in touch?! ~ JP

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