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UPDATE (7/21): Two miltary members have been reported dead, according to reports from CNN and Bloomberg News. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress, 29, a cyber systems operator, and Navy Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer, 27, a cryptologic technician, with U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet at Buckley Air Force. both died due to the shooting. Both had been assigned to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colo., Bloomberg reports. One sailor remains unaccounted for following a shooting.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

one is unaccounted for

So the things that are overlooked and ignored by MSM, WE as citizen journalists feel we need to be thought provoking about the shooting because we feel we have seen this before. I have searched all day for more news on the ‘unaccounted’ for sailor. The 3rd military man who died was Ex-serviceman, Jon Blunk, who called a hero , as he died while saving his girlfriend after pushing her under the seat and covered her with his body to protect her from Holmes’ bullets.

There were numerous reports from the day of the shooting and afterwards of 1 sailor unaccounted. According to the Washington Post The Defense Dept. said 2 airmen, 1 sailor wounded and 1 sailor unaccounted. The agency says a Navy sailor was injured and a male sailor who was at the theater early Friday morning cannot be located. The sailors are part of a Navy Cyber Command unit at nearby Buckley Air Force base. The only soldier Identified from the Cyber command was . Air Force Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress So we have a mysterious second soldier from this unit missing. Until there is further news on this IMO he is the Second “Person Of Interest” Sought or somehow involved and told to disappear.

Also See: Air Force news reporting currently unaccounted for

News reports have told of a ‘group’ of military members from Buckley went to the theater. A list of all the injured has not yet been released. It will be interesting to see who they were. But we know we may never learn anything further on the ‘unaccounted for sailor.’ In our opinion he has gone rogue, most likely being told to.

The other little sentence that stuck out for me, although it could be meaningless, is a statement by Marine Col. Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, says initial indications are that the suspect, James Holmes, was not a member of the military. This stuck out as an FYI to me. Granted it was shortly after this was said, but it struck me as out of place so many things about this shooter that appeared military. See Things that point to the Colorado shooter

There are two new noteworthy things that also have come to my attention:

* Aurora Shooter Match Profile Lists Him As Agnostic and Middle Of The Road Politically:

In all sincerity, there would be NO Truth in reporting if nt for volunteer citizen journalists doing a better job then so=called media we are stuck with. If I want ‘Truth’ I go to bloggers! So thank you to Bluegrass Pundit for his diligence in finding this! Follow Howard on Twitter

* This I received from a ex- military ‘source’ and it is something you better pay attention to:

For the last two years, the President’s Budget Submissions for the Department of Defense have included purchases of a significant amount of combat equipment, including armored vehicles, helicopters and even artillery, under an obscure section of the FY2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the purposes of “homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.” Items purchased under the section include combat vehicles, tanks, helicopters, artillery, mortar systems, missiles, small arms and communications equipment. Justifications for the budget items indicate that many of the purchases are part of routine resupply and maintenance, yet in each case the procurement is cited as being “necessary for use by the active and reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities” under section 1815 of the FY2008 NDAA.

Section 1815 of the FY2008 NDAA requires that every five years the Secretary of Defense work with the Secretary of Homeland Security to determine “military-unique capabilities needed to be provided by the Department of Defense to support civil authorities in an incident of national significance or a catastrophic incident.” The section defines “military-unique capabilities” as those that “cannot be provided by other Federal, State, or local civilian agencies” and are “essential to provide support to civil authorities in an incident of national significance or a catastrophic incident.” Once these “military-unique capabilities” have been determined in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense must develop a plan for maintaining the capabilities as well as any “additional capabilities determined by the Secretary to be necessary to support the use of the active components and the reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.” Once the plan is enacted the DoD must then “include in the materials accompanying the budget submitted for each fiscal year a request for funds necessary to carry out the plan . . . during the fiscal year covered by the budget.”

Finish the read…

In closing think about the propaganda MSM is printing.

Less than a month before carrying out the midnight movie massacre that left 12 dead, suspected shooter James Holmes applied for membership at a private gun range, unnerving the club’s owner whose calls to Holmes’ apartment reached a “creepy, weird” Batman-inspired voicemail message.

“His answering machine message was incoherent, just bizarre, really bizarre — slurring words, but he didn’t sound drunk, just strange — I could make out “James” somewhere in it,” Glenn Rotkovich, of the Lead Valley Range, in Byers, Colo., told FoxNews.com

Gun club application

Membership dues at the Lead Valley Range run $150 a year with a $100 initiation fee the first year. It was less than a month ago, on June 25, at exactly 5 p.m., when Holmes emailed his Lead Valley Range application

The one-line email to which he attached the application concluded with a curt and businesslike sentence signed in a way that further put off the rural Colorado gun range proprietor: “Cheers, James,”

“That also struck me as very, very strange,” Rotkovich said. “Who says ‘Cheers?’”

After calling back two more times several days apart and getting that same message, he alerted his staff.

Rotkovich never heard from Holmes again

Think about all these puzzle pieces put together and all you read here at JUST Piper. What conclusion do YOU draw? ~ JP

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