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When I first got this in email my first guess was Keith Ellison, so of course I discovered I had to go hunting finding out Andre’ is one of the 80+ critters in the WH that is a socialist besides being a muslim. JUST for you…

* US is a predominantly Christian country. There are probably a couple of Muslim judges in the whole country. The second time in a row a Muslim judge is being assigned to my case.

This time it is judge David Shaheed in Indiana, who is listed by the “Muslim Observer” as a prominent Muslim judge.

But wait, there is more! He is also related to Andre Carson, prominent Muslim US Representative, who is challenged by one of the plaintiffs on the case, Bob Kern.

* But that’s not all. Andre has some seriious Racist Family Ties. Andre Carson was raised by his grandmother Julia Carson. A state legislator for 18 years and a congresswoman for a decade, Ms. Carson had a friendly relationship with the hateful Louis Farrakhan throughout Andre’s childhood. In fact, Julia and Louis went “way back” according to a 2008 Indianapolis Star report. Andre’s wife stated that Farrakhan was with Julia the night her grandson was born in 1974.

* Andre was the critter who said the ‘Tea Party Wants to See Him Hanging from a Tree’.

* The Keith Ellison and Andre Carson, (D-Islam), sponsored group appears to have deleted their entire website after Fox News published an article identifying numerous terrorists and terror-linked individuals that CMSA invited to their “prayer” sessions on Capitol Hill.

* The Department of Justice has presented evidence to four inquiring Congress members to support the agency’s belief that the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations was founded as a front group in the U.S. for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. That Means the 54 Members of Congress Who are Supporting and/or Taking Funding from CAIR are Aiding Terrorists, of which Andre was one.

This is unprecedented: Fifty-four House members are defying AIPAC and calling on President Obama to lift the deadly blockade of Gaza.

… In short, the courageous 54 want the blockade lifted.

Hamas’ 54 Democratic Congressmen

In December 2009, Evans and Obama friends Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, traveled to Gaza to deliver tens of thousands of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to Palestinian activists in Hamas-controlled Gaza. According to the official Code Pink website the security for and safety of the travelers was “guaranteed” by members of Hamas. Code Pink’s mission in support of America’s enemies came with the support of official letters from Democrat Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts and Democrat Congressman Andre Carson of Indiana.

* Once again Ellison’ and Adnre’s sponsored group the Congressional Muslim Staff Association (CMSA) has held weekly Friday Jummah prayers for more than a decade, and guest preachers are often invited to lead the service. The group held prayers informally for about eight years before gaining official status in 2006 under the sponsorship of Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., one of two Muslims currently serving in Congress. The second Muslim congressman, Rep. Andre Carson, D-Ind., joined as co-sponsor after he was elected in 2008.

* Hon. André Carson (IN-07) is on the American Socialists list. The Socialist Party of America shows the bad news at Scribd

* Rep. Carson issued a terse statement to CNN’s John King USA attempting to clear up the reasons why he won’t answer any questions regarding the March 20th incident in Washington DC. We’d really like to ask the congressman a few questions about the use of ‘Phantom N Word’ he accused Tea Part activists of saying. It is clear that Carson and Lewis are LYING. They wanted a racial incident and when they did not get it, they tried to create it. Not only did Andre Carson play the race card, he played it from up his sleeve, and from a 53 card deck.

Do you hear the N word?! All we were saying was kill the bill in 2010.

Hey, Andre Carson. If you’re going to allege a racial slur, then you should have the testies to defend your statement.

When asked if he’s made any progress in verifying the allegation that Tea Party activists hurled racial slurs at him and his colleagues, Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.) ducked into a Washington, D.C., office complex on Wednesday morning to avoid the question entirely. “You made some serious allegations about racial slurs. Where are you in your investigation into that?” probed a HUMAN EVENTS correspondent outside the Teamsters’s headquarters. Carson remained silent. Not only did Carson dodge the question, but at one point he conveniently pulls out his cell phone in an effort to avoid making contact with our reporter altogether.

Also See: Carson Likely Fabricated N-Word Claim

* He stated: Fort Hood not Islamic Terrorism Representative Andre Carson (D-IN, 7th District), one of two Muslims currently serving in Congress, cautioned Americans against focusing on Hasan’s religion. However, numerous Muslim organizations protested that they have so far received dozens of death threats and hate e-mails.

“This is in no way a reflection of Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh’s actions are a reflection of Christianity,” affirmed Carson, who supervised an anti-terrorism unit in Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security and comes from a family of Marines.

* He Opposed ACORN Investigation into Child Sex Slavery, Human Trafficking, Tax Evasion, Mortgage Fraud Charges

* This is utterly shocking video, in my opinion. After Carson’s recent comments claiming the Tea Party wanted to see “black people hang on trees” , he goes on to describe a convicted child-killer and multiple murderer, Kofi Ajabu, as “brilliant” in this video

* You will find his name in the following on Page 7 of Socialism in America Far Left Democrats Setting the Policy:

Socialism in America Far Left Democrats Setting the Policy

I close with his voting record which will come as no surprise to you.

Sadly like Keith he was reelected Andre Carson prevailed in his re-election bid to Congress. At that time he was also elected to leadership post in Congressional Black Caucus. Carson says he’ll be will be the caucus whip, a job that involves securing votes and helping with political strategy. Carson’s allegiance wasn’t a factor Tuesday in a district where Obama won 71 percent of the vote in 2008. Carson’s victory solidifies his grip on the seat that was held by his grandmother, Julia Carson, for 11 years before her death in 2007. All I have to say about that is, you suck Indianapolis ~ JP


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