Jul 072012

New charges for man who refused to teach kids about Islam, told to ‘recant faith or die’

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani faces down ayatollahs with two little words …

“Pastor Youcef’s courage and commitment is truly inspiring,” he said. “When Iranian officials demanded that he recant his faith in Jesus Christ or die, he responded with two words: ‘I cannot.’

Jailed Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is approaching his 1,000th day in an Iranian jail – where he faces additional charges and possible execution – all because he refused to allow his children to be taught Islam.

Arrested in 2009, Iranian pastor Nadarkhani remains on death row and fighting a battle for his life. Middle East Concern is now reporting that he will face new charges in September.

The group revealed that Pastor Nadarkhani was informed on July 4 that he will stand trial for the vague and unspecific charge of “activities against the state” or “against state security, rather than religious charges.”

Even with international pressure, an Iranian court is letting the death sentence for blasphemy stand.

The announcement of the new charges will mean a longer prison stay for Nadarkhani, who will spend his 1,000th day in an Iranian jail Sunday.

American Center for Law and Justice Executive Director Jordan Sekulow said the ACLJ is keeping the pressure on Iran on behalf Pastor Nadarkhani.

“We continue to work to keep this important story in the news,” Sekulow said. “On July 8, Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani will have been imprisoned for 1,000 days. Nearly three years – in captivity – facing a death sentence because of his Christian faith.”

Iranian Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has been charged, convicted and sentenced to death for apostasy — becoming a Christian. When Iranian officials demanded that he recant his faith in Jesus Christ or die, he responded, “I cannot.” He has been illegally imprisoned and separated from his wife and two boys since 2009. We are fighting to save his life and win his freedom.

Pastor Youcef’s 1000 Illegal Days and New Court Date

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