Jul 142012

‘Specious, Frivolous’ – Tracy Schmaler, spokesperson for DOJ

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice “downplayed” a complaint filed with the District of Columbia Bar asking for Attorney General Eric Holder to be investigated following being found in contempt of Congress, Fox News reported yesterday.

“These are specious claims that ignore the facts and can only be described as frivolous,” Tracy Schmaler asserted. “It appears to be a desperate attempt by some factions to drag out the destructive, political games that Americans are rightly fed up with.”

Legal reaction to the complaint was mixed, with Brian Darling of The Heritage Foundation “suggest[ing] the complaint is on solid ground,” and Georgetown Law School Professor Michael Frisch opining “Because this particular complaint is written as if the attorney general had already been convicted of a crime, I think it will likely be rejected on its face.”

~ Snippet:

“As for rejecting the complaint because of assumptions it makes, its unarguable that the Attorney General has been found in contempt of Congress. On that basis alone, the DC Bar has not just the authority, but the responsibility to conduct an investigation,” he said.

NOTE: Fox has been was one of only a few media outlets reporting on the misconduct/ethics investigation request first announced by Gun Rights Examiner and Vanderboegh’s Sipsey Street Irregulars blog last week.

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