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ObamaBC is one of my favorite video bloggers because Kris Zane links all facts and puts it together concise and easy to digest. Old School journalism at it’s best. He painstakingly researches and reports. My initial thought when I heard of Alex’s Death was Obama’s ‘kill list’. I never for one minute did not think it was only relegated to Osama etal. So I began to recall all those who saw their ‘peculiar’ demise in Clinton’s ‘body count’.

Btw once again when I saved the early draft of this post and came back to it, poof it was gone. And once again I will not be detracted! Not only am I sticking this to Today’s Magazine where it can be seen it’s all it’s ‘gory’. ~ JP

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~JUST My Opinion Obama is Subjected To Blackmails AKA Da Chi-Town Bathhouse

From Kris:

A huge story on July 13 was the death of Obama campaign staffer Alex Okrent. Apparently he had been at Obama campaign headquarters in Chicago, fine one minute, dead the next. Witnesses say he collapsed, whereby paramedics were called, and the next thing everyone knows, he’s dead.

Young, twenty-nine years old? Mysteriously dies?

Nothing to see here, move on…


Per the Obama campaign Okrent had been a staffer going all the way back to Obama’s 2004 U.S. senate campaign—so being on staff for eight years. That’s a long time.

The guy must have a lot of history. A lot of stories to tell.


Do a Google search. You will find the guy literally does not exist. Except for the story about his death, the guy does not appear anywhere. Even if he wasn’t an Obama campaign staffer, anyone who has Google’d their own name knows everyone that walks the face of this Earth who has not lived in a cave all of their lives will be all over the Internet.

His existence wiped clean?

Oddly his Twitter account is still active. While his timeline shows him to be an Obama supporter, nothing, going all the way back to 2009, indicates he was an Obama staffer.

His does appear to be a gay marriage supporter, and while his timeline does not indicate he is gay, one photo dug up in an archived Twitter post seems to indicate he was gay. Also, the last person he tweeted is a suggestion to go to a popular Chicago bar frequented by lesbians and gays.

Another Obama gay connection?


Perhaps nothing to see here. Perhaps it is another right-wing conspiracy theory.

Of course we were told saying the birth certificate was a forgery was a conspiracy theory and that turned out to be true…

In Part two Kris covers:

Could this be the link of Obama’s anti-Israel, Marxist policies that Obama had to conveniently sweep away?

Given the ability of this President to cover up all of his radical connections, all of his past abominations, we may never know.

Alex’s parents were quick to say Alex died from heart failure even before the autopsy was performed. Later that day the medical examiner ruled his death ‘inconclusive’.

For Alex to have been an Obama camPAIN staffer for eight years and have only ONE post on his blog referring to it is more then suspicious.

~ Something odd struck me. How much Alex Okrent (@ 6:06 & 6:51 in this video) looked like Joel Pollak of Breitbart. Joel ran against Socialist Jan Schakowsky back in 2010 in a district bordering ‘Evanston, IL.’. I have asked Joel if he is related to Lynn, I hope he responds. It JUST rubbed me the wrong way because of how Andrew died. JUST wondering if Alex is a cousin to Joel etc…Lynn’s true colors come out @ 8:58 on April 14th:

~ So if Alex died from natural causes which is ruled out IMO by his autopsy findings, or because he may have been gay as Obama, or because he was Jewish, or even something more nefarious like Andrew Breitbart’s death, the death of this young man JUST needs to be researched further. ~ JP


Lynn Pollack, Alex’s mother

‘American Jews Oppose Israeli Policy in Gaza’ petition signed by Alex Okrent’s mother, Lynn Pollack. Looking briefly at the list I noticed a Ann Colleen Dunham. Ironic isn’t it considering Barry’s mother’s name Stanley Ann Dunham

Trevor Loudon’s Marxist watchdog website listing Alex Okrent’s sister, Abigail Okrent

Funeral schedule of Alex Okrent, listing Howard Friedland conducting services, who has been identified as an anti-Israeli Marxist. Cantor Howard Friedland of the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation.

Alex’s last post Sarah Roberts, last person that Alex Okrent tweeted

Kris Zane’s YouTube Channel


  6 Responses to “{ ~ JP Today Clinton’s ‘Body Count’ Obama’s ‘Kill List’ ?! } Who is Dead Obama Staffer Alex Okrent?”

  1. A little something for your research.
    Google search “Who started Sonny’s Foundation MD” results with first entry
    Towne Park Leadership
    The Foundation was created in memory of his father, who was an active … Pollock holds a BA from Williams College, and an MBA, with distinction, from The … Kammerer attended the University of Maryland, and was a past Director of … He has three grown children and nine grandchildren, and lives in Overland Park Kansas, …

    Which leads to this:
    Which stuck out because of this comment at the video site:
    Kris, did a piece on this at justpipercom. One thing I noted is Alex’s mother is a ‘Pollack, from Evanston. Joel Pollak of Breitbart ran against Jan Schakowsky in a dist. that border’s Evanston in Chicago. I also noticed how they look alike, like cousins. Considering the way Andrew died.
    Joel Pollak is not Gordon Pollock. Keep scrolling down at Towne Park Leadership. My, oh, my, the Jones fellow looks a lot like Van Jones……

  2. Neglected to mention that Sonny’s Foundation shows up at the same address/apt building for an Alexande S Okrent in MD.
    A list of addresses for the name. (http://www.zabasearch.com/people/alex-okrent/) Note one is an apartment building in MD that also shows up in address directories for this (whose website does not list the same address) http://www.sonnyskids.org/ This site did not show up in google search and only came across in one of the many telephone/address directories listed.

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