Jul 222012

Bloggers have been noticing since the Colorado massacre that James Eagan Holmes lacks what is called a “digital footprint”—that is, when one does a normal Google search or even an advanced Google search (using date, filetype, special keywords, etc.) of James Holmes, James Eagan Holmes, or Jimmy Holmes, you get nothing on this individual prior to the shooting.

As anyone who has Googled their own name knows, anyone that walks the face of this Earth is found all over the Internet—schools they went to, clubs, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.

Prior to the shooting, there is absolutely nothing about James Holmes. I personally spent about twelve hours doing extensive searches. Well known private investigator Bill Warner searched Social Security, credit rating, etc. databases and came up with nothing. One calls these kinds of results “off the grid.” Usually these relate to some guy in the middle of the desert living off of solar power, living in a bunker waiting for the end of the world, not a neuroscience Ph.D. grad student like Holmes.

Bill Warner’s theory is that he is part of the anarchist wing of the Occupy movement, the Black Bloc group—i.e., that anarchist tend to not have a digital footprint.

Alex Okrent, the Obama staffer that came to the Obama campaign headquarters fine one minute and dead the next, like James Holmes, also does not have a digital footprint—with one exception: he has a Twitter account, oddly still active. No one has bothered to take it down, to which I keep wondering whether Okrent will tweet out something from beyond the grave. Like James Holmes, aside from the Twitter account and one Obama for America blog post in 2008, Okrent is a ghost.

Then per the Chicago Tribune on April 20-22, 2001, Okrent took part in a massive “anti-war” rally in Washington D.C., which was duplicated throughout the United States on a smaller scale within a several month period. These “anti-war” rallies (also organized by ANSWER) were masquerades for anti-Israel/pro-terrorist propaganda campaigns, and protesters openly held anti-Semitic signs, and the terrorist-connected CAIR, part of these “protests,” openly sought to delegitimize Israel, and, like Hitler, blame “Zionism” for the world’s problems.

See: Democratic Underground

Yet the point is, where are James Holmes and Alex Okrent’s digital footprints?

Is there some dark secret connecting Alex Okrent’s anti-Israel connections to Obama that put into action an army of Internet scrubbers? Was James Holmes, as Alex Jones at Infowars conjectures, under some kind of mind control, and was his online footprint also scrubbed?

Oddly in The Dark Knight Rises, the movie showing where James Holmes committed mass murder, the cat burglar character (a Cat Woman-inspired character) seeks from Batman/Bruce Wayne a device that will erase her past—her electronic past—specifically her rap sheet. To erase her digital footprint, so to speak. In the end she gets it.

Is this what happened with Okrent and Holmes? Is there some device that erases a person’s online footprint?

Perhaps. – by ObamaBC

Jul 222012

~ Sorry if yet once again I have to question the timing of this. Israel has warned Iran. Iran has blustered from it. See: Netanyahu said “all signs point to Iran.” h/t PF

Iranian assets positioned in the United States have been activated and are actively working to acquire intelligence and equipment that might be useful in terror attacks, according to a former member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

The information comes after a bus carrying Israeli youths exploded Wednesday in a Black Sea resort in Bulgaria, killing six and injuring 30 others. Fire engulfed the bus after the attack, which occurred as the bus was on its way back to the youths’ hotel.

~ Now this was FOUR days ago. JUST Two days later we see Colorado. There could very well be arabic ties to one of the victims. I am researching/investigating this. IMHO this is either to dumb us down on the true nature of the massacre here or it is related. ‘terrorists may seek to emulate overseas’

* A source who served in the Revolutionary Guards’ intelligence unit and has now defected to a European country warned in April that the Islamic regime’s terror cells were on high alert, which includes for attacks in the U.S.

* According to that source, and another located in the U.S., the regime’s assets have long infiltrated America and are coordinating operations out of mosques and Islamic centers, such as Imam Ali Mosques and the Iman Islamic Center.

~ Tell me something I don’t know.

* Iran’s intelligence apparatus is specifically wooing Americans who convert to Islam. These individuals are approached with offers of a trip to the city of Qom, the hotbed of seminaries in Iran and the center of Shia theology, where they are brainwashed and then approached for collaboration against the infidels.

* Some assets are used to purchase spare parts that, due to the sanctions, the regime is unable to obtain. Many have been arrested trying to export airplane parts, parts for fighter jets and helicopters and other military and commercial parts.

The DC

~ Being I personally am unfamiliar with Reza Kahlili, I sought an opinion of someone who knows of him and he said his prediction rate is 100% dead on and happens to be a hero of his . It’s up to you to decide. Actually all we can do is wait fr the ticking time bomb Iran has been for decades.

The Coming is Upon Us – Translation: Reza Kahlili (Author of “A Time To Betray”)

The edit and translation is by Reza Kahlili (Copyright: Reza Kahlili) – (The original Farsi version is over one hour long and the makers have stated specifically that there are no restrictions on copying said video. They have also asked the public to distribute the video)


Jul 222012

UPDATE (7/21): Two miltary members have been reported dead, according to reports from CNN and Bloomberg News. Air Force Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress, 29, a cyber systems operator, and Navy Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer, 27, a cryptologic technician, with U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. Tenth Fleet at Buckley Air Force. both died due to the shooting. Both had been assigned to Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colo., Bloomberg reports. One sailor remains unaccounted for following a shooting.

13 WTHR Indianapolis

one is unaccounted for

So the things that are overlooked and ignored by MSM, WE as citizen journalists feel we need to be thought provoking about the shooting because we feel we have seen this before. I have searched all day for more news on the ‘unaccounted’ for sailor. The 3rd military man who died was Ex-serviceman, Jon Blunk, who called a hero , as he died while saving his girlfriend after pushing her under the seat and covered her with his body to protect her from Holmes’ bullets.

There were numerous reports from the day of the shooting and afterwards of 1 sailor unaccounted. According to the Washington Post The Defense Dept. said 2 airmen, 1 sailor wounded and 1 sailor unaccounted. The agency says a Navy sailor was injured and a male sailor who was at the theater early Friday morning cannot be located. The sailors are part of a Navy Cyber Command unit at nearby Buckley Air Force base. The only soldier Identified from the Cyber command was . Air Force Staff Sergeant Jesse Childress So we have a mysterious second soldier from this unit missing. Until there is further news on this IMO he is the Second “Person Of Interest” Sought or somehow involved and told to disappear.

Also See: Air Force news reporting currently unaccounted for

News reports have told of a ‘group’ of military members from Buckley went to the theater. A list of all the injured has not yet been released. It will be interesting to see who they were. But we know we may never learn anything further on the ‘unaccounted for sailor.’ In our opinion he has gone rogue, most likely being told to.

The other little sentence that stuck out for me, although it could be meaningless, is a statement by Marine Col. Dave Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, says initial indications are that the suspect, James Holmes, was not a member of the military. This stuck out as an FYI to me. Granted it was shortly after this was said, but it struck me as out of place so many things about this shooter that appeared military. See Things that point to the Colorado shooter

There are two new noteworthy things that also have come to my attention:

* Aurora Shooter Match Profile Lists Him As Agnostic and Middle Of The Road Politically:

In all sincerity, there would be NO Truth in reporting if nt for volunteer citizen journalists doing a better job then so=called media we are stuck with. If I want ‘Truth’ I go to bloggers! So thank you to Bluegrass Pundit for his diligence in finding this! Follow Howard on Twitter

* This I received from a ex- military ‘source’ and it is something you better pay attention to:

For the last two years, the President’s Budget Submissions for the Department of Defense have included purchases of a significant amount of combat equipment, including armored vehicles, helicopters and even artillery, under an obscure section of the FY2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for the purposes of “homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.” Items purchased under the section include combat vehicles, tanks, helicopters, artillery, mortar systems, missiles, small arms and communications equipment. Justifications for the budget items indicate that many of the purchases are part of routine resupply and maintenance, yet in each case the procurement is cited as being “necessary for use by the active and reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities” under section 1815 of the FY2008 NDAA.

Section 1815 of the FY2008 NDAA requires that every five years the Secretary of Defense work with the Secretary of Homeland Security to determine “military-unique capabilities needed to be provided by the Department of Defense to support civil authorities in an incident of national significance or a catastrophic incident.” The section defines “military-unique capabilities” as those that “cannot be provided by other Federal, State, or local civilian agencies” and are “essential to provide support to civil authorities in an incident of national significance or a catastrophic incident.” Once these “military-unique capabilities” have been determined in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Secretary of Defense must develop a plan for maintaining the capabilities as well as any “additional capabilities determined by the Secretary to be necessary to support the use of the active components and the reserve components of the Armed Forces for homeland defense missions, domestic emergency responses, and providing military support to civil authorities.” Once the plan is enacted the DoD must then “include in the materials accompanying the budget submitted for each fiscal year a request for funds necessary to carry out the plan . . . during the fiscal year covered by the budget.”

Finish the read…

In closing think about the propaganda MSM is printing.

Less than a month before carrying out the midnight movie massacre that left 12 dead, suspected shooter James Holmes applied for membership at a private gun range, unnerving the club’s owner whose calls to Holmes’ apartment reached a “creepy, weird” Batman-inspired voicemail message.

“His answering machine message was incoherent, just bizarre, really bizarre — slurring words, but he didn’t sound drunk, just strange — I could make out “James” somewhere in it,” Glenn Rotkovich, of the Lead Valley Range, in Byers, Colo., told FoxNews.com

Gun club application

Membership dues at the Lead Valley Range run $150 a year with a $100 initiation fee the first year. It was less than a month ago, on June 25, at exactly 5 p.m., when Holmes emailed his Lead Valley Range application

The one-line email to which he attached the application concluded with a curt and businesslike sentence signed in a way that further put off the rural Colorado gun range proprietor: “Cheers, James,”

“That also struck me as very, very strange,” Rotkovich said. “Who says ‘Cheers?’”

After calling back two more times several days apart and getting that same message, he alerted his staff.

Rotkovich never heard from Holmes again

Think about all these puzzle pieces put together and all you read here at JUST Piper. What conclusion do YOU draw? ~ JP

Also See:

* Ted would become one of many children indoctrinated, set-up and tormented by the “secret” CIA Mind Control program. The Unabomber a Harvard MKULTRA Victim

* Social Engineering: If McVeigh was set up why did they need to participate in the damage? Perhaps they felt, and with reasonable cause, that McVeigh was not competent enough to build a bomb that would cause sufficient carnage? Discrepancies, coincidences, mysteries and other unanswered questions concerning the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City

The Real Story of the Oklahoma City Bombing

* The Waco Attack CoverUps.com

* Most Americans (including your humble reviewer) probably let Waco slip through the cracks of our collective consciousness. Waco: The Rules of Engagement

* Why did the FBI ‘Ignore’ the obvious signs of the Fort Hood Shooter? Not buying the PC stance. This goes to the top of Obama’s food chain.

Jul 222012

See Update further down * A lone gunman …

Wayne Dupree @NewsNinja2012

Shooter was part of alleged Occupy Wall Street unit in San Diego that felt that the movement wasn’t radical enough

Radical Left-Wing & Registered Democrat, Obama Supporter, Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes

A black bloc is a protest tactic where the point is to cause destruction and chaos to the system with organized violence. It was named in Germany where Anarchists developed the tactic. The protesters wear black clothing and mask their faces to make it harder for police to pick out individuals. Background on ‘Black Bloc Tactic’

The false stigmas of right-wing Tea Party radicals, once again being shattered in Aurora Colorado.

From BILL WARNER Private Investigator, WBI Inc Private Detective Agency Sarasota Fl.:

* A radical far Left-Wing and Registered Democrat and avid Obama Supporter, “Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50.

* A lone gunman dressed in riot gear and wearing a gas mask burst into a movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

UPDATE: Second “Person Of Interest” Sought In Colorado Shooting, Attended School With James Holmes: ( I thank my source for this update)

The identify of the person was not identified because the person has not been charged, Fox 31 Denver reported. Neighbors of the person of interest said SWAT teams and police cars have been in the alley and in unmarked cars in the street.

One neighbor told Fox 31 that the police were inside the person of interest’s home early in the morning. ( Police are denying it of course).

“I woke up this morning with cops still here trying to look inside his home. At 5:00 a.m. cops showed-up and asked me about (him).”

Here is the rub:

Sources tell Justin Joseph someone made either a call or a text from the person of interest’s phone threatening violence if James Egan Holmes was not released from jail. That call prompted police to issue an alert to find and detain him.

The associate’s Facebook page shows he has a master’s degree in bio-medical science.

Anshutz Medical Center confirms he is in their doctorate program, the same program from which Holmes withdrew ( two months) several months ago.

Out of caution police searched their campus Friday, but they won’t say what if anything they were looking for or found.

~ Reports coming in from last night discredit the ‘lone’ gunman. Shooting witnesses indicate potential accomplices:

An eyewitness to Friday morning’s Batman movie shooting spree stated that he saw the shooter take a phone call on his cell, open the theater’s emergency door and appear to wave someone over.

Date told the press and authorities that he saw the alleged shooter, James Holmes take a seat in the front row near the exit door. Holmes acted as if he received a phone call and went to the emergency door which opened onto the parking lot. Date told police it appeared as if Holmes was waving someone else to the door before he stepped outside.

Here is the CNN clip where the eyewitness admits there were at least two people involved

The fact the the shooter was not alone is now out of the bag as authorities are covering up what appears to be a massive PSYOP and/or staged operation in some type of MKULTRA fashion.

Some of the equipment and body armor used by the shooter is illegal and hard to obtain unless you are military or law enforcement. The gear used by the shooter would have ran him tens of thousand of dollars even if he could legally obtain it. This again signifies possible military or law enforcement involvement.

* Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: Suspect Holmes was apprehended within minutes of the 12:39 a.m. shooting at his car behind the theater. Bought 4 Guns, 6,000 Rounds of Ammunition in Past 60 Days. In the same period he abruptly dropped out of graduate school and we found out yesterday DHS withheld a terror warning about the potential for terror attacks in movie theaters,. All in the same time frame.

* The suspect, James E. Holmes, 24, of Aurora, was caught by police in the parking lot of the Century 16 Movie Theaters.

James Holmes, DOB 12/13/1987: The Batman movie portrays the OWS crowd in a negative vein,the new Batman movie featured the villain as an Occupy Wall Street type. I would first look at the possibility that James Holmes, DOB 12/13/1987, was caught up in the OWS movement took it upon himself to strike back against “THE MAN.

James E Holmes
1690 Paris St, Apt 10
Aurora, CO 80010-2918

Bill Warner private investigator

Protesters using black bloc tactics attack Whole Foods, Wells Fargo and Bank of America in an anti-capitalism march during the November 2nd general strike in Oakland, California.

Occupy Wall Street fringe protesters, in fear of being caught draining air out of police car tires, swarm a video journalist at Broadway and Pine, after a police raid on Zuccotti Park in New York City.

SF Conservative Examiner

Also see: Occupy’s Greatest Enemy: The Black Block

Jul 222012

Poland’s government welcomed Mitt Romney’s planned visit to the country in late July, when the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is set to meet the Polish leadership and former president Lech Walesa on a leg of his European tour.

The Polish foreign ministry “sees the former governor’s decision to travel to Poland as a strong signal that underscores his commitment to fostering Polish-American cooperation and cementing the alliance between our two countries,” the ministry said in a statement Saturday.

Mr. Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, will visit Gdansk and Warsaw on July 30 and 31 at the invitation of Lech Walesa, the communist-era dissident who in 1983 won the Nobel Peace Prize for his defiance of the communist regime.

After communism collapsed, Mr. Walesa went on to become Poland’s president in 1990. Often controversial at home due to crude manners and attempts to shrug off responsibility for any past shortcomings, the former shipyard electrician enjoys worldwide respect and is seen as instrumental in changing the course of history in the former Soviet bloc.

Campaign photos with Mr. Walesa helped Solidarity candidates secure places in Poland’s parliament in the election of 1989. Footage with the legendary leader will likely be to the advantage of Mr. Romney’s campaign this year.

The U.S. presidential candidate will also meet Poland’s President Bronislaw Komorowski, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, and Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski. Mr. Romney will also make a public address in Warsaw during the trip.

- source

What I found interesting is:

Ian Brzezinski, another Romney adviser, said the visit to Poland will highlight an important alliance that is “rich in history” — from Polish support for the American revolution all the way through Iraq and Afghanistan, where the country has sent troops to assist in the U.S.-led war efforts. Romney will also point to country’s economic success, which he will say stems from free market principles and capitalism – the themes he pushes on the campaign trail at home.

“This is a country that stands in sharp contrast economically to the rest of Europe where economies are dropping by about 5% or more,” Brzezinski told reporters.

Ian Brzezinski is the son of foreign-policy expert Zbigniew Brzezinski, and the brother of American lawyer and foreign policy expert Mark Brzezinski and American television news journalist Mika Brzezinski (Morning Joe MSNBC). I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this knowing what we do about Zbignew. He served as United States National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter from 1977 to 1981. The State Department was alarmed by Brzezinski’s support for East German dissidents and objected to his suggestion that Carter’s first overseas visit be to Poland. He visited Warsaw, met with Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski (against the objection of the U.S. Ambassador to Poland) Brzezinski advised Carter in 1978 to engage the People’s Republic of China.

Brzezinski planned[citation needed] Operation Eagle Claw, which was meant to free the hostages in Iran using the newly created Delta Force and other Special Forces units. The mission was a failure and led to Secretary Vance’s resignation. Brzezinski was criticized widely in the press and became the least popular member of Carter’s administration. Read After Power.

Zbigniew Brzezinski was interviewed on C-SPAN’s Q & A on March 27, 2007. In this clip, Brzezinski comments on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg, and the Trilateral Commission.

Brzezkinski: “In any political system there are sort of over the table and under the table arrangements. As far as the organizations that you have mentioned, they’re all on top of the table organinzations. We know what they are. We know what they do. We probably exaggerate their influence in many cases. But most important of all THEY OPERATE OVERTLY. Anybody who wants to know what the Council on Foreign Relations does can very easily find out.”

As of June 2010 Brezinski was a notable council member of CFR.

Zbigniew Brzezinski praises President Barack Obama for his “truly ambitious efforts to redefine the United States’ view of the world and to reconnect the United States with the emerging historical context of the twenty-first century.” He believes Obama deserved his Nobel Peace Prize because the president has “a solid grasp of what today’s world is all about.”

More from this:

* January 11, 2010 Brzezinski and CFR Promote Appeasement of Iran (Part One of Two) by William R. Hawkins

* Brzezinski and CFR Promote Appeasement of Iran (Part Two of Two

He is also the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission and prominent Bilderberger. He revealed that a “global political awakening,” in combination with infighting amongst the elite, was threatening to derail the move towards a one world government.

Now unless his son Ian was not influenced by his father’s beliefs, which I find hard to believe because these families are ‘groomed’. I am concerned about this connection. We already see his sister’s politics. . I think this is one of the ‘royal families’ we need to be concerned about. His brother Mark Brzezinski served in the Clinton administration as a director of Russian/Eurasian — and later Southeast European affairs – of the National Security Council at the White House. In that capacity, he was White House coordinator for U.S. democracy and rule of law assistance programs for the region. His wife Emilie Benes Brzezinski, went to Hilary’s alma mater Wellesley College in Massachusetts. She is a a grandniece of Czechoslovakia’s former president Edvard Beneš.

I don’t know about you, but I am uneasy how all these people from Carter to Obama seem connected. These political families are connected. I feel more and more we have been so duped into believing our votes matter. It’s like a vote for one is a vote for the other. In one way they are connected to communism, socialism, etc. One man predicted this in 1962. My grandfather. I know he is now turning over in his grave. ~ JP