Jun 122012

It’s been a long three weeks since she was first admitted to ICU. I am here to tell you all of your prayers have worked. She is out of the ICU wing and in her last battle, physical therapy. This will be a sort stint and home very shortly. May God Bless you all for pulling my daughter and children through this. May God’s Blessings find their way to you and yours!

Thank you and Praise God! ~ JP


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  1. JP,

    So glad to hear this. Best news I have had all day. I will continue to pray that all of you will be blessed and for strength for physical therapy.


  2. […] safety and wellness! My daughter as you know also waited to long. Following this website, you know my daughter nearly lost her own life recently. Turns out she had sepsis and was so much sicker then originally thought. YOUR prayers and the Grace […]

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