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So Where are they Now? If you don’t think or know their little foray to Illinois was BIG UNION, your not paying attention! They are posted in order of the poster.

1. Chris Larson (7th Senate District) who has an interesting list of supporters:

AFSCME District Council 48
Amalgamated Transit Union 998, MCTS Drivers & Employees
American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 212, MATC Faculty & Staff
Clean Wisconsin Action Fund
Plumbers Union Local 75
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Teaching Assistants’ Association, UW-Madison Graduate Employees
United Auto Workers
United Transportation Union

From Chris after their defeat yesterday: Posted ChrisJLarson:Time to take a step back and look at where we are. Walker had different fundraising rules to play by and with and The movement started by the people of Wisconsin is far from over. We have much more to do and our future is at stake

2. Timothy Cullen representing the 15th District since 2011.During the protests in Wisconsin, Cullen, along with the 13 other Democratic State Senators, fled the state.

Senator Timothy F. Cullen failed to fulfill his Constitutional duty by hiding out in Illinois with 13 other Democrat Senators in order to avoid a vote on The Budget Repair Bill in March, 2011. Chapter IV, Section 11 of the Wisconsin State Constitution states:

“The legislature shall meet at the seat of government at such time as shall be provided by law, unless convened by the governor in special session, and when so convened no business shall be transacted except as shall be necessary to accomplish the special purposes for which it was convened.”

Notice it states, “shall meet” and not “may meet”, and absolutely, Not in a resort in Northern Illinois.

Our singular mission is to recall Timothy F. Cullen from the Wisconsin State Senate

Fourteen Wisconsin state senators are on the lam, hiding from police trying to return them to Madison

His Home Page

3. Dave Hansen (30th Dist.) since 2001. July 2011, he handily won recall election, giving Democrats a victory in the first of nine contests being held this summer. The first of the Wisconsin 14 has survived.

Two more Democrats and six Republicans in the state Senate still face recall elections in the next month, campaigns that are attracting gobs of national money and that could flip the narrowly divided, GOP-controlled chamber.

Wisconsin outcome signals opportunity for Romney

4. Fred Risser ( 26th district ) Assumed office December, 1962. He is (age 85). Come on now R E T I R E! Your a quitter anyway.

May 2011:

Wisconsin’s state Senate has probably generated more headlines in the past four months than any time in state history.

Democratic senators skipping town for weeks, warrants issued for their arrest, recall elections for up to nine senators and the disintegration of decorum for even routine business. And this is in the Legislature’s more formal, “deliberative” body.

“You’re not following the rules, Mister President,” Risser yelled.

Ellis shouted back: “Read the book!”

Wisc. Sen. Fred Risser, one of 14 Democrats in hiding to avoid a budget vote, now faces possible detainment by police.

5. Jim Holperin 12th District. Previously, he was Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism . You can’t make this stuff up folks. Mayhaps he was responsible for booking the errant 14’s stay in Rockford? As a true Tree Hugger, in 1994 Jim was hired as Executive Director of Trees For Tomorrow. He is such a conscientious politician that his website has not been updated since July 2011.

He is such a honey that he was also under a ‘Recall’ successfully defending his state senate seat .

I found two senators who fled Wisconsin down in Rockford at the Clocktower Inn and here is the video I captured of both of them. Their names are: Robert Jauch and Jim Holperin.

TP Member David Hale {Rockford,Il.} Confronts AWOL Wisc. Dems

6. Jon Erpenbach 27th District. Erpenbach was first elected to the state senate in 1998 and re-elected in 2002, 2006 and 2010.

Here’s Jon’s take on the failure to Recall Walker Whining It’s been about the Benjamins. Lord help me:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Waa Waa Waa

State Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Middleton) just took to the stage at the downtown Hilton and told supporters of Mayor Tom Barrett that, despite The Associated Press and several networks calling the race for Gov. Scott Walker, that Barrett was still in it because many votes had not yet been counted.

Democrats said they remain confident the party will come out on top during the election.

Voters in four Wisconsin Senate districts have recall races of their own. Democrats said they have the strongest chance of defeating either Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) or Sen. Van Wanggaard (R-Racine), or picking up a vacant Wausau area seat. Democrats are fielding former Rep. Kristin Dexter against Moulton and former Sen. John Lehman against Wanggaard. Democratic Rep. Donna Seidel and Republican Rep. Jerry Petrowski are facing off for the open state senate seat.

Following the 2011 recall elections, Democrats closed the Senate gap to one seat shy of the majority, with Galloway’s resignation causing a tie in the chamber. The tie caused Fitzgerald and Senate Democratic Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) to become co-leaders pending Tuesday’s election.

If Democrats retake the Senate with Walker remaining in the governor’s mansion, the victory may be hollow.

CORRECTION: This article was updated to reflect that Donna Seidel, not Kristin Seidel, is running for the Wisconsin State Senate.

June 2. 2012: Wisconsin Recall: Democrats Expect To Win State Senate


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