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~ This is very interesting to me as a transplanted Alabamian of 4 years. Davis was let’s say, an outspoken character. Not popular for a democrat or a black democrat. BET is mighty PO’d about it. Aw, rofl! He supported Alabama’s voter ID laws. He also contributed money to the campaigns of two Republicans: former U.S. Congresswoman Heather Wilson (R-NM), who is running for the U.S. Senate and Phil Bryant (R-MS), who recently won a gubernatorial election in 2011.

That, too, is no light decision on my part: cutting ties with an Alabama Democratic Party that has weakened and lost faith with more and more Alabamians every year is one thing; leaving a national party that has been the home for my political values for two decades is quite another. – Artur Davis

Of the Democratic party, Artur further explained, “The party’s ruling class seems fully prepared to sacrifice whole sections of the country, from the South to the Midwest farm belt, on the theory that inexorable demographic trends will more than make up the losses. It’s all weirdly reminiscent of the projections of strategists in the early Seventies who thought that a surge of new young voters, a rise in minorities, and an explosion of educated suburban professionals meant a sustained Democratic majority. They calculated wrong, and lost three consecutive presidential elections as a result. It’s a risky thing, this business of breaking sharply left in a center-right country.”

On May 29, 2012, Artur Davis confirmed that he is in the process of changing his voter registration from Alabama to Virginia and that he would run as a Republican were he to seek political office in the future.

Politico reported JUST last December:

The future once seemed limitless for Artur Davis.

Not so long ago, he was viewed as one of the Democratic Party’s rising stars, routinely evoking comparisons to Barack Obama. A smart, ambitious Harvard Law School graduate like Obama, Davis appeared to be on a trajectory to make history as Alabama’s first black governor. Some saw the youthful congressman as a future attorney general.

Less than a year after leaving Congress after a failed bid for governor, he is persona non grata in his party, another K Street lawyer living in the northern Virginia suburbs. Many of his former Democratic colleagues now view him as something of a traitor, and Davis himself has emerged as a vigorous critic of the party and President Barack Obama.

Artur Davis was first elected to Congress from Alabama in 2002. The Harvard Law School grad was quickly tapped as a rising star among Democrats. He became a Senior Whip for the caucus, co-chair the New Democrat Coalition and even headed up the Southern region for the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee. His eight years in Congress showed him to be a thoughtful, independent and energetic member. Yesterday, he announced he is now a Republican.

The symbolism of Barack Obama winning has not given us the substance of a united country. – Artur Davis

Davis made the announcement on his blog. His own words speak louder than anything I could write. Do read the entire part of his blog. Love his honesty about his former party!

But parties change. As I told a reporter last week, this is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party (and he knows that even if he can’t say it). If you have read this blog, and taken the time to look for a theme in the thousands of words (or free opposition research) contained in it, you see the imperfect musings of a voter who describes growth as a deeper problem than exaggerated inequality; who wants to radically reform the way we educate our children; who despises identity politics and the practice of speaking for groups and not one national interest; who knows that our current course on entitlements will eventually break our solvency and cause us to break promises to our most vulnerable—that is, if we don’t start the hard work of fixing it.

Artur Davis didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left Artur Davis.

I wince at the Obama Administration’s efforts to tell states they can’t say the word immigration in their state laws, and find it foolish when I hear their lawyers say that a local cop can’t determine the legal status of a suspect validly in their custody. – Artur Davis



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  1. […] Artur Davis, knows these politics and ran from them, ran all the way to the GOP and moved out of state. His mother went to Alabama State with Joe. She was secretary in the SGA, Joe was President. Arturo has known Joe since he was a child. But that doesn’t mean they stayed friends. […]

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