Jun 112012

Thanks to Warner, my fellow Chicagoan for the following videos…

You may recall Rep. Bost as the guy that went nuts when Democrats in the Ill. House of Reps. tried to shove a “reform” bill on officials at the last second giving them no time to read the bill before trying to force a vote on it:

Herman Cain came to speak at the first CPAC Chicago event and appeared in the media room for a 15 minute Q & A before he went up to give his address. I was there and here Is what I recorded.

Dissent was loud and vocal from the floor of the Illinois GOP convention this year. Here is one small example of that.

After each and every announcement of the various decisions by Friday’s committees, the floor of the Illinois Republican Convention erupted in loud dissenting voices. After it had already happened a few times, Party Chairman Pat Brady just had to say something. Like him or not, Brady did a an effective job addressing the issue and quieting those voices here.


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