Jun 112012

Authorities search for suspect in Arizona

See Background: A Serial ‘ Flashlight’ Bomber in Phoenix

Jun 112012

Representative Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, said that the President was using the leaks to ‘build up his reputation’ before the election and come off ‘like George Patton or John Wayne’.

Rep. King accuses Obama of using leaks to build image

Jun 112012

DEVELOPING: A Coast Guard rescue effort is under way after a reported explosion on a yacht off the coast of New Jersey injured 7 and forced all 21 people onboard to abandon ship.

The explosion on the vessel, “Blind Date,” occurred 17.5 miles east of Sandy Hook, N.J., Petty Officer Coast Guard Spokesman Erik Swanson told Fox News.

All the passengers are in life rafts, he added, while a Coast Guard boat is on scene performing a search of the surrounding area.

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Jun 112012

Thanks to Warner, my fellow Chicagoan for the following videos…

You may recall Rep. Bost as the guy that went nuts when Democrats in the Ill. House of Reps. tried to shove a “reform” bill on officials at the last second giving them no time to read the bill before trying to force a vote on it:

Herman Cain came to speak at the first CPAC Chicago event and appeared in the media room for a 15 minute Q & A before he went up to give his address. I was there and here Is what I recorded.

Dissent was loud and vocal from the floor of the Illinois GOP convention this year. Here is one small example of that.

After each and every announcement of the various decisions by Friday’s committees, the floor of the Illinois Republican Convention erupted in loud dissenting voices. After it had already happened a few times, Party Chairman Pat Brady just had to say something. Like him or not, Brady did a an effective job addressing the issue and quieting those voices here.

Jun 112012

~ It’s about Time!

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has scheduled a vote for next week to consider ‘Holding’ Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over the controversial Fast and Furious gun-tracking operation.

Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., released a 64-page memo in early May outlining the case for holding the attorney general in contempt. The chairman based his argument around Holder’s failure to respond to an October 2011 subpoena for internal Justice Department documents on the operation.

The committee’s vote for contempt is scheduled for June 20.

“The Obama administration has not asserted Executive Privilege or any other valid privilege over these materials, and it is unacceptable that the Department of Justice refuses to produce them,” Issa said in a statement Monday, accusing Holder of having “failed to meet his legal obligations.”

He said the Justice Department has “obstructed the investigation,” adding that the department “can still stop the process of contempt” by delivering key documents.

In a separate statement, House Speaker John Boehner said the department is “out of excuses.”


Issa grilled Holder in a particularly heated exchange where he accused the attorney general of failing to answer questions about the investigation.

Holder would join only one other attorney general, Janet Reno in 1998, to be held in contempt by the Oversight Committee.

The last time the House voted to find an executive branch official in contempt was in 2008 over the U.S. attorney firings controversy. It passed a resolution against White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten and former White House counsel Harriet Miers for failing to provide internal documents. Miers also refused to comply with a subpoena to appear at a hearing. The House Judiciary Committee also found White House adviser Karl Rove in contempt later that year over the same issue.

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MUST SEE: Fast & Furious Amnesia hits AG Eric Holder during House testimony

Jun 112012

WASHINGTON – One of the nation’s largest unions and a Democratic super PAC supporting President Obama launched a joint $4 million Spanish-language advertising campaign on Monday, targeting Hispanic voters.

The ads, sponsored by the Service Employees International Union and Priorities USA Action, argue that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s policies would benefit the wealthiest Americans at the expense of Hispanics and other working families.

Priorities USA Action, founded by two former Obama White House aides, has struggled in fundraising compared with Republican-leaning super PACs like American Crossroads and its nonprofit arm, Crossroads GPS. But the super PAC’s partnerships with SEIU and other organizations, including the League of Conservation Voters and the United Auto Workers, help the group compete with the better funded GOP-leaning political action committees.

The political wing of SEIU has given a combined $1 million to Priorities USA Action during the current election cycle.

The Priorities USA advertising partnerships with SEIU have focused primary on Hispanic voters, a key election-year constituency for Obama. The ads released Monday use past statements made by Romney, including his assertion that the very poor were not his focus, to try to make the case that the presumptive GOP nominee would be harmful to Hispanics.

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Jun 112012

“They want Romney and Mitch Daniels, who will run together as moderate rightists.” Governor Daniels of Indiana was on the official list.

Jun 112012

The setup for wet weather stays in place today for most of the Southeast U.S. We will forecast occasional showers and a few thunderstorms through tonight; like recent days the heaviest rain will be down south, where it pouring again this morning over Mobile and Baldwin Counties. The NAM is printing and additional 0.86″ for Birmingham… while the GFS is at 0.97″.

TO THE NORTHWEST: An MCS (mesoscale convective system) is forecast to form over Arkansas and some of the adjacent states late today and tonight, where SPC has defined a “slight risk” of severe weather. These storms, if they hold together, could move into North Alabama late tonight or early tomorrow morning. We will keep an eye on it, although the storms should be weakening as they move in here and severe weather issues are not expected.

James Spann

From ABC 33/40 Alabama Coast:

Jun 112012

The United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, graduated its first class on JUNE 10, 1854.

The Academy was established under George Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy under President James K. Polk, 1845-46. Bancroft also established the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., and is the namesake of the Naval Academy’s “Bancroft Hall.”

This is the Silent Drill Team of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A. in practice at Tecumseh Court, with Bancroft Hall in the background

George Bancroft published a ten-volume History of the United States, which was the first comprehensive history of America. George Bancroft wrote in “The Progress of Mankind,” published in Literary and Historical Miscellanies:

“For the regeneration of the world it was requisite that the Divine Being should enter the…hearts of men and dwell there…that He should be known, not as a distant Providence of boundless power and uncertain and inactive will, but as God present in the flesh…

The consciousness of an incarnate God carried peace into the bosom of humanity…This doctrine once communicated to man, was not to be eradicated…The idea of GOD WITH US…dwells…in every soul that sighs for redemption.”

Describing the Puritans, who founded Annapolis, Maryland, George Bancroft wrote in volume one of History of the United States:

“Puritanism had exalted the laity….For him the wonderful counsels of the Almighty had appointed a Saviour; for him the laws of nature had been compelled and consulted, the heavens had opened, the earth had quaked, the Sun had veiled his face, and Christ had died and risen again.”

Secretary of Navy George Bancroft received Order 27 from President James K. Polk, June 16, 1845:

“The President…with heartfelt sorrow announces to the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps the death of Andrew Jackson…He resigned his spirit to his Heavenly Father…He believed the liberties of his country imperishable and…departed from this life in a full hope of a blessed immortality through the merits and atonement of the Redeemer.

Officers of the Army, the Navy, and the Marine Corps will wear crape on the left arm and on their swords, and the colors of the several regiments will be put in mourning for the period of six months.”

The U.S. Naval Academy has a large stained glass window picturing Irish Saint Brendan of Clonfert (c.484-c.577), called “the Navigator” or “the Voyager” for his seven year voyage across the Atlantic to the “The Land of the Promised Saints which God will give us on the last day,” also called “The Isle of the Blessed,” making his band of monks possibly the first Europeans to reach America.

The U.S. Naval Academy has the oldest military monument in the United States – the Tripoli Monument, dedicated to the heroes who fought the Muslim Barbary pirates during the First Barbary War. One of those heroes was Edward Preble, for whom the Naval Academy’s “Preble Hall” was named.

The U.S. Naval Academy Chapel has John Paul Jones buried under the crypt. After the Revolution, Jefferson arranged for John Paul Jones to fight Muslim Turks on the Black Sea for Catherine the Great of Russia, as he wrote to General Washington, 1788:

“The war between the Russians and the Turks has made an opening for our Commodore Paul Jones. The Empress has invited him into her service.”

The U.S. Naval Academy’s “Maury Hall” is named for Matthew Fontaine Maury, the first superintendent of the U.S. Naval Observatory. Known as the “Pathfinder of the Seas” for pioneering the charting sea and wind currents, Matthew Fontaine Maury wrote in Physical Geography of the Sea, 1855:

“I have always found in my scientific studies, that, when I could get the Bible to say anything on the subject it afforded me a firm platform to stand upon, and a round in the ladder by which I could safely ascend. As our knowledge of nature and her laws has increased, so has our knowledge of many passages of the Bible improved.

The Bible called the earth ‘the round world,’ yet for ages it was the most damnable heresy for Christian men to say that the world is round; and, finally, sailors circumnavigated the globe, and proved the Bible to be right, and saved Christian men of science from the stake.

And as for the general system of circulation which I have been so long endeavoring to describe, the Bible tells it all in a single sentence: ‘The wind goeth toward the South and returneth again to his circuits.'”

Maury’s tombstone at the U.S. Naval Academy has engraved the Bible verse, Psalm 8:8, which had inspired him, “Whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas.”

In front of Maury Hall is a Japanese Bell, commemorating Commodore Matthew Perry opening trade with Japan in 1855. Matthew Perry stated:

“I have just finished the Bible; I make it a point to read it through every cruise. It is certainly a wonderful Book-a most wonderful Book…From boyhood I have taken a deep interest in Christianizing the heathen, and in imparting a knowledge of God’s revealed truth everywhere.”

On a Sunday in 1853, on his way to Japan, Commodore Perry set his Bible on the capstan, read Psalm 100, then sang: “Before Jehovah’s awful throne, Ye nations bow with sacred joy.”

Civil War hero, Admiral David Dixon Porter, became superintendent of U.S. Naval Academy. He wrote:

“When one sees how much has been done for the world by the disciples of Christ and those professing the Christian religion, he must be astonished to find anyone who hesitates to believe in the Divine origin of Jesus and the wonderful works He performed, all of which are so beautifully portrayed by the author of the work under consideration;

and no man or woman of real intelligence would hesitate to believe that it is only through Christ that sinners can be saved, unless their vanity is so great that they are capable of saving themselves without an intermediary.”

The U.S. Naval Academy’s “Luce Hall” was named after Rear Admiral Stephen Bleecker Luce, who was a hero of the Civil War and founder of the U.S. Naval War College at Newport, Rhode Island. When asked to write a comment in Stephen A. Northrop’s book “A Cloud of Witnesses” in 1884, Stephen Bleecker Luce wrote:

“Surely seamen are worthy to appear in your ‘Cloud of Witnesses.’ Not only did our Saviour consort with the seamen of Galilee, but there are many examples in history of noted naval heroes who exhibited the highest Christian virtues. I wish to be counted among this great company of believers in the divinity of Christ, and in the inspiration of all Scripture.”

The U.S. Naval Academy’s “Mahan Hall” is named after Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan, whose books on naval strategy influenced President Theodore Roosevelt to increase U.S. Naval strength. Alfred Thayer Mahan stated:

“Upon the Bible my life rests for whatsoever is good and strong. Convinced that Christ is the Son of God, in the deepest sense attributed to those words, I not only find in this belief all the power of my life, but, in the account of His personality, an intellectual satisfaction that surpasses any other in its inexhaustible freshness, daily renewing my strength, and throwing an ever-increasing light upon the problems and difficulties of life.

It is this intellectual satisfaction that most impresses me; that the teachings of Jesus Christ contains a philosophy of life in fullest accord with experience, and also inexhaustible, in that its revelation is continuous.

While the faith in His teachings thus meet all my mental exigencies, I in no way derogate from its supernatural sanctions. He is to me one who speaks with authority no less than Divine, to whom I submit where I do not understand.”

President Calvin Coolidge addressed the graduating class of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, June 3, 1925:

“Not long ago I heard a Navy chaplain refer to the sage advice of the Apostle to put first things first…If we are to heed the admonition to put first things first…one of the main essentials which lies at the very beginning of civilization is that of security.

It is only when people can feel that their lives and the property which their industry has produced today will continue to be safe…that there can be…stability of value and…economic progress…

Unless we lay our course in accordance with this principle, the great power for good in the world with which we have been intrusted by a Divine Providence will be turned to a power for evil.”

American Minute