Jun 052012

Jun 052012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to become first governor in US history to survive recall election, Fox News projects, ending months of bitter acrimony that started when Walker and the state scaled back union rights.

Wisconsin GOP Gov. Scott Walker survived his recall election Tuesday, capping months of acrimony in the state that began when the first-term governor and Republicans in the state Legislature rolled back what they considered excesses in the collective bargaining agreements of public-employee unions.

The Republicans argued the move was a necessary part of their efforts to cut Wisconsin’s estimated $3.6 billion budget shortfall. Democrats and union leaders accused them of overreaching.

On Tuesday, an overwhelming majority of Wisconsin voters concluded that the complaints against Walker were not enough reason to oust him midterm.

Walker was leading Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 58 percent to 41 percent with 65 percent of the 3,424 precincts reporting, according to the Associated Press.

The outcome Tuesday is also a blow to the labor movement, which poured considerable resources into the failed effort to ouste Walker.

Of the three recall elections of governors in U.S. history, only Walker has survived.

Walker’s lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, also was projected to survive her recall election.

Jun 052012

Tim Poe is an Iraq War veteran who suffered an injury that left him with a stutter, except when he sings beautiful country songs.

~ Tears and Celebration…

David ‘The Bullet’ Smith

The Bandbaz Brothers from Iran

Ganbaatar Contortion Sisters

Sebastian El Charro

Edon Pinchot

Joe Castillo

~ A Patriot!

Jun 052012

Teachers at Milwaukee GOTV Rally

Jun 052012

The effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is heating up and anti-walker protesters are sensing victory slipping away from them. In front of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, a popular field trip destination for school children, one protester got pretty upset when MRCTV asked him about his sign. The school children watching this man were a bit shaken up by his behavior.


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Jun 052012

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) goes on Fox News to discuss House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform deadline for Attorney General Eric Holder’s cooperation in the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious.

Jun 052012

An 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy got a final burst of energy to finish a school race, thanks in part to many cheers and encouragement from his classmates and gym teacher. The incredibly inspirational video, recorded by the boy’s mother, hit the Internet and immediately went viral.

Today, the young runner Matt Woodrum, his mother, Anne Curran, and his coach John Blaine shared this amazing story:

During the field day race, Coach Blaine knew that Matt faced a bit of an uphill battle during one section of the race that would produce some pain in his legs, so he walked beside him during that stretch. Blaine didn’t doubt Matt’s will to finish, saying, “I know Matt well, and there’s no stopping him.”

Woodrum said, “It was really hard to run, but [Coach Blaine] walked with me and so did everyone else, that helped me get through the rest of the race.” He described to Brian Kilmeade how surprised and happy he was when his classmates gathered behind him to cheer him on as he finished.