Jun 302012

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) said Thursday that ‘It’s time for the American people to get outraged,” after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act mandate on all Americans to purchase health or pay a tax.

The Texas Republican congressman and former judge also said Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan “may need to be impeached” if she lied about her involvement in the legal defense of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) — otherwise known as Obamacare—when she was Solicitor General in 2010.

“It’s greatly disappointing because obviously the Supreme Court they said by their verdict, by their opinion that when the administration and the president himself and all of those he trusts repeatedly said this is not a tax, the Supreme Court is saying, ‘You people are a bunch of fools,’” Gohmert said on the steps of the Supreme Court just after the ruling was announced.

“‘Of course you should have known they lied when they said what they did to get this bill passed. Of course it’s a tax. Don’t listen to what they say, listen to what we say,’” he said.

“It’s time for the American people to get outraged,” Gohmert added.

“And I think it’s time now especially that this opinion is out to look and see whether Justice Kagan lied in order to get on the Supreme Court,” he said. “If Attorney General [Eric] Holder is refusing to answer questions about her role in this case, in this legislation because she may need to be impeached if she lied to get on the court.”


Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) spoke on the House floor about the Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Obamacare. He noted specific phrases from the opinion and explained the meaning of this historic decision. On Kagan…My Senator Sessions mentioned

If anyone tries to say Justice Roberts wasn’t political, is an embarrassment…

Louie walks us through the Supreme Court opinion:

1. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS delivered the opinion of the Court with respect to Part II, concluding that the Anti-Injunction Act does not bar this suit.

3. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS concluded in Part III–B that the individual mandate must be construed as imposing a tax on those who do not have health insurance, if such a construction is reasonable. (b) Such an analysis suggests that the shared responsibilitypayment may for constitutional purposes be considered a tax. The payment is not so high that there is really no choice but to buy healthinsurance; the payment is not limited to willful violations, as penalties for unlawful acts often are; and the payment is collected solely by the IRS through the normal means of taxation.

* 5. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS, joined by JUSTICE BREYER and JUSTICE KAGAN, concluded in Part IV that the Medicaid expansion violates the Constitution by threatening States with the loss of their existing Medicaid funding if they decline to comply with the expansion. Pp. 45–58.

We do not consider whether the Act embodies sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the Nation’s elected leaders.

The same does not apply to the States, because the Constitution is not the source of their power. The Constitution may restrict state governments—as it does, for example, by forbidding them to deny any person the equal protection of the laws.

Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences oftheir political choices.

“The powers of the legislature are defined and limited; and that those lim- its may not be mistaken, or forgotten, the constitution is written.” Marbury v. Madison

~ I find it alarming that Roberts cited Marbury v. Madison, this is why from April:

The DOJ lawyer, Dana Lydia Kaersvang, answered yes — and mentioned Marbury v. Madison, the landmark case that firmly established the principle of judicial review more than 200 years ago, according to the lawyer in the courtroom.

It seems the ‘intimidation’ worked for Roberts. So we catch more lying on Obama’s part. The same way he expounded THIS is NOT a tax, he did so for Marbury v. Madison. with going on record Opposing Marbury v. Madison.

Liberty requires limits on government, and those limits come primarily from the Constitution. Chief Justice John Marshall explained it this way in Marbury v. Madison: “The powers of the legislature are defined, and limited; and that those limits may not be mistaken, or forgotten, the constitution is written.” Needless to say, a written document matters only if it is read.

The first fallacy is defining judicial activism as overturning a Congressional law. Since Marbury v. Madison established judicial review in 1803, the High Court has overturned hundreds of laws in part or whole. The real measure of activism is whether the Court’s reasoning is rooted in Constitutional principle. If it is, the Court is not activist but is adhering to the highest legal principles.

Well ‘targeting’ Roberts seems to have worked!

Left tries to intimidate the High Court on ObamaCare

FULL SCOTUS Opinions Cite as: 567 U. S. ____ (2012) 1 Opinion of ROBERTS, C. J.”>

Also Read: Americans for Prosperity Responds to SCOTUS Ruling on President’s Health Care Law

Why Justice Roberts’ Opinion Could Set Alarming Precedents Roberts’ opinion sets alarming precedents because it ignores decades of established Court doctrine, which could have massive implications.

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Jun 302012

As Chicago residents face a murder rate that, thus far this year, is worse than U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the Chicago Police Department has assigned at least 100 officers to secure the wedding of White House advisor Valerie Jarrett’s daughter.

The directive for police to cover the Jarrett wedding arrives at a time where Chicago is facing a surge in its homicide rate. The Daily pointed out in a Friday column that more Chicago residents — 228 — have been killed so far this year in the city than the number of U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan – 144 — over the same period.

Chicago’s murder rate is also currently quadruple that of New York and double Los Angeles’ rate.

See video report:- source

But let’s look further into what Mayor ‘ Don’t Let a Good Opportunity go to waste’ is doing:

Reuters Jun 26:

Chicago has entered into an agreement with a crime-fighting group that seeks to interrupt violence before it escalates, the city said on Tuesday, as it battles to reduce a soaring murder rate. Chicago, the third largest U.S. city, has agreed to pay $1 million to CeaseFire to focus on “highest risk” individuals, such as recent victims of violence and those with a history of violence, to stop them from committing crimes.

The agreement with the organization is in response to a murder rate 37 percent higher year-to-date from the same time period last year – at 250 murders compared to 182 in 2011. Chicago’s murder rate has outpaced New York City, which has more than double the population.

The police union has also called for more police manpower and more community support to stem the murders.

Camden declined comment on the CeaseFire agreement.

There are 228 dead: That’s the number of murders this year in Chicago. It’s nearly twice as many as the number of Americans lost on the battlefields of Afghanistan over these last six months. And the number of deaths is up 35 percent over the same period last year.

There was a time it was called “gangland” Chicago and maybe that time has returned.

June 12:- source

I remember when gangs began killing as opposed to knuckle whooping. I lived it at my high school. It became a parental issue for me in the early 80’s when 99 children were killed in the span of a few short months due to gang violence. I put my daughter in a catholic school hoping she was safe. Not the case. Three kids at her school were killed. And this was a predominately Polish school way before the gangs from Humboldt Park infiltrated Logan Square.

Murders in the city peaked first in 1974, with 970 murders when the city’s population was over three million, resulting in a murder rate of around 29 per 100,000, and again in 1992, with 943 murders when the city had fewer than three million people, resulting in a murder rate of 34 per 100,000.

Highlights of the 2008 National Youth Gang Survey

According to Chicago Tribune:

There is a crisis in Chicago and its suburbs and a crisis nationwide. In 1981, according to FBI statistics, there were 864 homicide victims age 14 and under in the United States. In 1991, the last year available, there were 1,075, an increase of 24 percent.

About half of that increase occurred among 10- to 14-year-olds. That rise is directly attributable to gunplay, a word whose whimsicality is both an affront to decency and a perfect description of how casually some use firearms. In 1981, guns killed 107 of the 214 homicide victims in that age group. Ten years later, they killed 209 out of 290.

PF and I were volunteers for the CPD CB Patrol in the 14th and 25th police districts in the late 80’s. We drove through some dangerous gang infested areas very close to where we lived. The gang bangers would literally run after our vehicles to keep us from reporting/documenting what they were doing. The gang problem/killings has been around way too long and Chicago leadership has been inept in dealing with it.

The citizens of Chicago had tried to do the best as volunteers. Daley objected to the Guardian Angels. “The police have never acknowledged the Guardian Angels in the past,“. So then we lost them too.

Personally, so long as so many children are deprived of a two parent home, IMHO this will never stop. This holds true especially in the worse down trodden gang infested areas in Chicago. The results of the 2010 United States Census showed that 27% of children live with one parent, consistent with the emerging trend noted in 2000. Parenting is critical to the prevention of delinquency and youth violence.

According to The National Observer:

Indeed, the very absence of intact families makes gang membership appealing. As Dan Quayle remarked, gang members view the gang as a kind of surrogate family. Many gang members said specifically, “It was like having a family”. “‘Like family’ — unfortunately, that says it all,” said Quayle.

And of course issues in the forefront on the MSM side like Fast and Furious and Chicago’s gang violence is an excuse to control our second amendment rights, as evidenced from Brady Campaign. In a statement issued yesterday, Brady Campaign President Dan Gross ridiculed the vote to hold Holder in contempt of Congress for refusing to provide documents regarding the government’s botched gunrunning operation. Two guns from the operation were at the scene where murdered U.S. border agent Brian Terry was found.

~ And here it is…

Gross calls Republicans’ efforts to obtain documents regarding the gunning operation “ridiculous political theater” and an effort to “do the bidding of the NRA” (emphasis added):

“As House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa and Speaker John Boehner lead the ridiculous political theater of a contempt of Congress vote for the first time against a U.S. attorney general, American and Mexican lives remain at risk because of the out-of-control Mexican gun violence fueled by guns trafficked from American gun shops. As Issa and Boehner do the bidding of the NRA, innocent people are dying, including Americans.”

- source

So don’t for one nano second believe they care about the children dying from gun violence in Obama’s hometown. Children dying from gang violence in Chicago has been going on for decades. Don’t for a minute believe Fast and Furious was not about them using it for gun control. They are stripping us in the ‘Chicago Way’. I lived there for 56 years and I can most certainly guarantee since Jane Byrne was Mayor (CHICAGO, March 19, 1982 The Chicago City Council today approved a ban on the new registration of handguns, with Mayor Jane Byrne calling it the ”first step in a nationwide campaign” for tighter gun controls.) and Al Capone ruled the streets, it is all about your right to own guns! ~ JP

Jun 302012

Stephen Moore, Senior Economics Writer with the Wall Street Journal, told FOX and Friends this morning that nearly 75% of Obamacare costs will fall on the backs of those Americans making less than $120,000 a year.

by jackohoft

Also See: Sensenbrenner Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Health Care Law

Jun 302012

Please if you are in this district in Minnesota, give my ‘Very Conservative’ friend , kindred home schooling parent and fellow staunch Patriot your vote!

What concerns YOU concerns me: JOBS and the ECONOMY, better EDUCATION for our children, TRANSPORTATION and PUBLIC SAFETY, lower TAXES, and SMALLER government. [NOTE: RSS feeds and posts by others do NOT imply endorsement.]


Richard Cushing and his wife, Eileen, have been residents of Brooklyn Center since 1998, but their history in Minnesota and the Twin Cities goes way back. In the late 1960s, Richard came to Minnesota to attend the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology, as a physics major. But, even then, he was no stranger to Minnesota. His mother was born in Minneapolis and he spent frequent summers in his childhood visiting with his grandparents, who then lived in south Minneapolis.

Instead of completing his degree at the University, Richard and Eileen married and started a family—and it was to be a pretty good sized family, at that. In their more than 40 years of marriage, the couple has had nine children now ranging in age from 17 to 42. These children have been raised on a single income while Eileen undertook to home school almost all of the children through high school graduation. The couple’s eighth child has Down syndrome, so they understand the challenges of special needs, as well.

While Richard never served in the military, he and Eileen do have a son who is a combat-decorated veteran, having served more than a decade in Force Recon (elite forces) in the U.S. Marine Corps. Richard also has two brothers and other family members who have served in the military with honor.

Richard was involved in the construction industry for a number of years, and has served as an executive in firms ranging from builder-developers to highway, heavy and utility contractors to specialty contractors. While living in Texas, he served as a state chairman for a committee studying waste management for the Highway, Heavy and Utility (HHU) Division of the Associated General Contractors (AGC). He also served as committee chairs for the local CSI (Construction Specifications Institute) and ASA (American Subcontractors Association) chapters.

After the introduction of the PC (personal computer) in the early 1980s, Richard’s focus shifted from construction to helping small businesses leverage the increasingly available technologies for greater profit and growth in the small-to-mid-sized business enterprises. He is still engaged in the technology industry today, working as a senior solution architect from his home in Brooklyn Center for RKL eSolutions, LLC, headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Richard and Eileen’s home schooling experience has led them to involvement with home schoolers in a broader way over the years. Richard has been president of two different home school associations in the past and, today, Eileen and Richard remain involved with a national association that seeks to serve families facing home school challenges with special needs children.

His understanding of education needs through the intimacy of home schooling, Richard’s deep background in construction, and his more than 25 years of hands-on experience helping small businesses grow and become more profitable by leveraging what they know and expanding technologies all give him the knowledge and skills he needs to grasp the problems of infrastructure, education and how to grow the economy and produce more and better-paying jobs in a time when these skills are very much needed in government.

Richard’s Facebook

Our Campaigns.com

Jun 302012

Knowing how hard it is to elect a Conservative on the Left Coast, I hope this reaches people in the district!

Donna Lowe

Jun 302012

h/t Franklin Center

TAMPA— Honoring years of legal precedence, a federal judge has ruled that maintaining fair and legitimate voter registration rolls is probably a good idea, especially in the vote-challenged state of Florida.

Bucking the demands of the Department of Justice, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle, of the Northern District Court in Tallahasse, ruled on Wednesday that the state of Florida is well within its right to remove ineligible and deceased voters from its voter rolls.

WHY is THIS not being reported by MSM? They sure knew how to blast it for voter suppression! MSNBC vilified Gov. Scott.

From the Orlando Sentinel :

Gov. Rick Scott’s effort to purge the state’s voter rolls of noncitizens has been bogged down in the quicksand of dueling court battles, generated intense blowback from Democrats, and proven once again — if we needed a reminder — that Florida is the most contested state in the presidential election.

Remember how easy it was to vote as Eric Holder?!

No, you sure won’t hear our victory on MSM. What you will here and see is:

* Rick Scott gives the finger to Washington

* Rick Scott Still Disenfranchising Voters, Suing Homeland Security to Save Face

* Eric Holder Should Prosecute Rick Scott Over Voter Purge

* Will Rick Scott Go To Prison For Voter Purges?

* Rachel Maddow BLASTS Florida Voter Purge led by Rick Scott and on and on

It will be interesting to see how long they will be silent on our victory. While they were sleeping, what will happen when they wake up?

~ JP

Bucking the demands of the Department of Justice, U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle, of the Northern District Court in Tallahasse, ruled on Wednesday that the state of Florida is well within its right to remove ineligible and deceased voters from its voter rolls.

But, alas, what does this positive ruling mean for the nearly 11 million registered voters in the Sunshine State?

It means that the state can continue with making every one of those 11 million votes count. It means that the perilous fate of rigged elections that doom third-world nations and help sustain autocratic dictatorships won’t see the light of day in our great state.

It means that the Great-Grandmother Jones won’t achieve that coveted milestone of voting in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, decades after her passing.

It means that dedicated fraudsters won’t be busing in hoards of individuals to vote under names they are assigned as the bus pulls up to the polling place.

It means that, at least this time around, Florida can be a model of a perfect and fair election, free of the irregularities and costly mistakes that have doomed our name in the past.

We should all cheer the return to sanity in our state.

By Yaël Ossowski

Jun 302012

An Arizona millionaire who died minutes after he was convicted of arson appeared to have put something in his mouth while in the court room, sparking an investigation into whether the convicted arsonist had poisoned himself.

“As you watch the video it does look like he is putting something into his mouth. Unfortunately we didn’t find any evidence he left behind,” Sprong said. “We are steering toward the fact he did ingest something. However, we’re going to have to wait for toxicology results in two to three weeks.”

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Michael Marin, 53, was convicted on Thursday of purposefully burning down his $2.55 million mansion in the tony Biltmore Estates neighborhood of Phoenix after he was unable to keep up with mortgage payments and a plan to raffle his house through a charity fundraiser failed. He faced up to 16 years in prison.

After the guilty verdict on one count of arson was read, a seemingly distraught Marin buried his face into his hands and appeared to place something in his mouth.

His face began to turn red. Minutes later, he took a sip of a liquid from a plastic sports bottle, turned to get a tissue, experienced convulsions and collapsed.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital, said Jeff Sprong, spokesperson for the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, which is investigating the death.


Jun 302012

NEW YORK, NY—Minh Quang Pham has been indicted in Manhattan federal court on charges of providing material support to, and receiving military training from, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), a designated foreign terrorist organization, as well as possessing and using firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence, and other violations.

This case is being handled by the Terrorism and International Narcotics Unit of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Stephen B. Ritchin, Benjamin Naftalis, Anna M. Skotko, and Sean S. Buckley are in charge of the prosecution.

U.S. Attorney Bharara said: “The international law enforcement cooperation that lead to today’s arrest of Minh Quang Pham, an alleged associate of a terrorist organization committed to killing Americans both here and abroad, underscores our joint commitment to identifying, prosecuting, and punishing those who would do harm to our country and our people.”

D.C. FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge McJunkin said: “Today, an indictment was unsealed charging Minh Quang Pham with providing material support to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and receiving military-style training while he was in Yemen. Together with our law enforcement partners, the FBI will continue to work both here and abroad to protect the United States and its citizens from terrorism.”

NY FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge Fedarcyk said: “The defendant not only allegedly pledged an oath to al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and received military training from AQAP, he also helped design and disseminate its propaganda. The investigation that led to this indictment is the result of the kind of cooperation and coordination, domestically and internationally, that is essential in the effort to prevent acts of terrorism.”

NYPD Commissioner Kelly said: “These charges point to the ongoing threat posed by al Qaeda affiliates like AQAP, and the importance of law enforcement collaboration internationally in thwarting them.”

According to the indictment unsealed today in Manhattan federal court:

In December 2010, Pham traveled from the United Kingdom to Yemen, the principal base of operations for AQAP. While in Yemen, Pham took an oath of allegiance to AQAP; carried an automatic assault rifle; obtained training from and on behalf of AQAP; helped AQAP to prepare online propaganda; and worked alongside two U.S. citizens.

Pham returned to the United Kingdom from Yemen in 2011. He was arrested today based on the indictment described above. Prior to his arrest, Pham was held by British authorities in immigration custody.

The indictment charges Pham, 29, with five counts. Counts one and two of the indictment charge Pham with conspiracy to provide and providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. Count three charges Pham with conspiracy to receive military-type training from a foreign terrorist organization. Count four charges him with receipt of military-type training from a foreign terrorist organization and count five charges him with use, carrying and possession of firearms (machine guns) in furtherance of crimes of violence.

If convicted on all counts, Pham would face a maximum sentence of life in prison, with a mandatory minimum sentence of 40 years in prison.


Jun 302012

The health care issue was supposed to be televised.

But the people have gotten wise and Obama has realized that he can’t socialize with the eyes of the people on ‘em.

You’ve been duped and cut from the loop.
Health care reform will not be televised.


Jun 292012