May 112012

If they did not put our troops, our citizens and our country at risk, the Left’s fantastic lies about terror and terrorists would be hilarious. The Left’s self-righteous nonsense in this sphere has no grounding in empirical or historical reality, but, then, reality has long been a greater threat to the Left than Islamist fanatics (the last thing any Leftie wants to do is to face the vast human wastage generated by the addictive, enervating and morally debilitating hook-the-poor social programs of the last five decades).

So, when it comes to addressing the real and deadly terrorist threat, the American left responds in the best Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Chavista and community-organizer traditions: When the facts aren’t palatable, make up new “facts.” And political correctness has worked its poisonous tentacles so deeply into the American body politic that not even our generals challenge the ludicrous claims the Left hurls at us in its neo-Bolshevik bullying mode of shouting down every last unwelcome truth.

Of course, the left’s lies are countless, but the hard left has mastered the art of reducing the most complex human challenges to bumper-sticker slogans as nonsensical as they are reassuring to the herd (the wildly counter-factual prize probably goes to a leftie favorite, “War never changes anything.” On the contrary, war has always changed a great deal, which is why we have wars). These happy-face mantras never rise above intellectual flatulence, but the massed sheep on the Left enjoy the aroma (“Yes, we can!”).

The problem, of course, is that many of our national leaders have been brainwashed with the same slogans. The Left has mastered another technique dictators forged long ago: Repeat a lie often enough and it will be taken as truth. And, of course, our media play along.

So let’s give the slogan-hucksters a brief time-out and dissect just seven of their favorite lines:

These are snippets, see full story for details…

* One: Killing terrorists only turns them into martyrs.

Nope. Killing terrorists turns them into dead terrorists. Killing terrorists doesn’t create problems. It eliminates specific problems and reduces others. What creates problems is capturing terrorists. That’s when they become martyrs, inspiring kidnappings and other attacks to free them, and leading Leftists to champion them as “prisoners of conscience” and victims of vile American oppression.

* Two: We can’t kill our way out of this.

Actually, we’ve been killing our way out of “this” with great success. In fact, killing terrorists has been the only thing that has worked. And one thing Obama-terrified of a terror attack on his watch-has gotten right has been to increase the number of lethal attacks on terrorists and to favor killing them over capturing them (Obama did learn the real lesson of Guantanamo-kill, don’t capture–although he isn’t going to inform his base).

* Three: Terrorists have rights.

Sorry, that isn’t true, either. Legally, an insurgent who does not wear a distinguishing uniform, emblem or badge is an “unlawful combatant” under the much-cited, but rarely read, Laws of Land Warfare, including the Geneva and Hague Conventions. An unlawful combatant may be executed on the spot or, if you want to put a coat of wax on the paint job, after a quick tribunal in the field. We have invented rights for terrorists.

* Four: Formal trials will show them the superiority of our system of justice.

You are a no-go at this station, as the drill sergeants used to say. Take yet another look at the Gitmo fiasco: You think those prisoners respect our system of justice? They’re gaming it brilliantly, turning it into an international mockery. Or are we to think that our judicial system, military or civilian, will so impress other terrorists that they’ll abandon their zealotry and head for the nearest Burger King?

And did I mention the tens of millions of taxpayer dollars devoted to incarcerating these mass-murderers every year? We’re not a shining example of justice. We’re a laughingstock.

* Five: The only path to peace is negotiations.

I was bewildered, yet again, when our president, in his recent re-election-campaign speech at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan said, first, that we would never allow the return of the Taliban to power, then, minutes later, that we secretly have been negotiating with the Taliban to bring them into the Afghan government. Even in Vietnam, we displayed more decency than that.

Negotiations are the opium of the diplomats. Again, in 2,000 years of factual history of religion-fueled insurgencies, not one has been quelled through negotiations.

* Which brings us to:

Six: It’s not about religion.

This is one of the biggest hoots of all time. Our enemies are jumping up and down, telling us that their every action is done in the name of their god, and our response is “Oh, they don’t really mean that!” Even our military is so pathetically cowed by the politically correct atmosphere in Washington that the generals play along while the troops pay the price.

This is not a religious war for us, but that’s one more factor that makes the struggle asymmetrical. We’re fighting for our values and to protect ourselves. Our enemies believe they’re on a mission from their god to punish us for our sins, heresies and international hamburger promotions.

One of the funniest jokes-within-the-joke on this subject has been Western, post-Christian commentators claiming that what al Qaeda does isn’t really jihad. News flash: We don’t get to determine what is or isn’t jihad. Muslims do.

* Seven: It’s about us.

This claim arises from the perverse narcissism of the Left that revels in the notion that all of the world’s ills are the fault of America, capitalism and those of us who actually pay taxes.

Historically, our country’s behavior has not been flawless. But only God is perfect. And, taken as a whole, our influence on history and humankind has been overwhelmingly positive. But the American Left, the global Left and Islamist terrorists have one thing in common: They cannot tolerate or endure our success.

Humiliated by their own massive failure, Islamist fanatics take refuge in a vision of a Muslim golden age that never really existed. Among left-wing fellow travelers in our own country, the terrorists’ benign counterparts are the vortex-visiting, crystal-clutching, part-time-barista believers that Atlantis will rise again and all wrongs shall be righted (and practitioners of Tantric Yoga will live in rent-free condos).

Or course, facts, evidence and logic don’t really matter to the Left. The fundamental draw of the Left is that it promises an escape from reality (and from hard work). But even if we succeed in demolishing each one of the myths listed above, the Left would still have an eighth, indestructible, all-purpose myth to fall back on:



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  1. Good write-up. I worked counter-terror for the US Army the past 15 years (just retired after 24 year of service).

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