May 202012

Police warn protesters it’s time to leave 5:10 p.m.

Police and protesters clash at the end of the rally near McCormick Place

Protesters who wanted to escape the friction at Michigan and Cermak linked arms and pushed their way out of the crowd.

Many other protesters, including some in black, milled about in large groups and showed no interesting in leaving.

A rally organizer told protesters that they had a street permit, but it ended 20 minutes ago, and now it’s time to go.

~ Can you imagine the cost of this entire debacle because of anarchists?!

“The police are going to move us off the street. We’ve been telling you this would happen,” the organizer said to the crowd.

Police made announcements in both Spanish and English warning they might use water or sound or other anti-riot measures to disperse the crowd.

“You are hearby ordered to disperse. If you fail to comply you may be arrested or be subjected to other police action.”

Storm rolling toward downtown Chicago 5:13 p.m. Bad weather may help solve the problem of dispersing protesters. City emergency officials just e-mailed out a National Weather Service warning. Strong thunderstorms and possible hail with winds up to 40-50 mph is heading toward the Loop within the next half hour.

Police, protesters scuffle 4:59 p.m.

Riot police are trying to keep protesters from moving east toward McCormick Place and a scrum has developed with demonstrators.

There’s a lot of pushing and yelling.

Protesters are chanting, “This is a peaceful protest,” as some throw plastic bottles at police.

One protester has blood pouring from the side of his head.

Activist Andy Thayer is shouting through a bull horn trying to maintain peace. “We went to a lot of trouble to make sure this march was a safe and peaceful march,” he shouted, imploring protesters to move west.

Protesters are throwing sticks and plastic bottles at a four-deep line of riot police who are moving forward.

They’re trying to push protesters back west on Cermak, trying to get them across Michigan Avenue, and headed west.

Protesters are chanting “The whole world is watching.” That was the chant at the 1968 Democratic National Convention during the height of the Vietnam War. Today, it’s truer than ever, with TV live shots and smart phone live feeds broadcast on the Internet.

~ Do they not get we ARE Watching! We SEE what THEY are doing with forcefulness. They hurt their supposed causes repeatedly! The police are shoved, things thrown at them, spit on and God knows what! YES, We ARE Watching Punks! ~ JP

A uniformed officer is trying to pull one protester out of the crowd, but other protesters are holding onto him.

Behind riot police, a line of officers on horses wait.

See dozens of photos

Protester injured in clash with police 5:34 p.m.

Mayhaps by one of the crowd…

Injured protestor at Cermak and Michigan Avenue. He said the cops did it. (Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune)

* Police don gas masks 5:28 p.m.

Police surrounding the crowd of diehard protesters at Michigan and Cermak are donning gas masks.

So are the members of the mounted patrol, atop horses equipped with face shields.

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We have no fear We will not be intimidated there is nothing that can stop independent media will go live soon stay tuned – @Lukewearechange

Weapons of mass disgustion: several #BlackBloc protesters arrested with containers urine, feces: #chicago police say they planned throwing – @ChuckGoudie of ABC 7 Chicago

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