May 202012

Black Bloc being questioned near Grant Park one man to be arrested for carrying a concealed weapon: a nail pry bar — Source: Craig R. Wall, Fox Chicago News | 05.20.2012

Black Bloc Defined

Police arrest seven protesters with rocks, urine-filled bottles 1:52 p.m.

Chicago police arrested seven men and women, all wearing black, at about 1 p.m. in Grant Park near Michigan Avenue and Harrison Street.

A police sergeant said the protesters were carrying about 20 rocks, cans of spray paint, pry bars, urine-filled bottles and other “dangerous weapons.”

The group was detained in the shade while they were taken one-by-one to be cuffed, searched and placed in a Cook County sheriff’s police bus.

Several of those arrested said they did not know why they were being charged and that they were in the park to protest the NATO summit.

One woman refused to say why the group was wearing black clothes.


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