May 132012

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The women that touched me the most were not even in the program book. Or announced on the E-Women’s website.

The first little girl looks like a carbon copy of my firstborn grandgirl. Moriah Peters of Chino, California. She was so full of life and so extremely lovely. Her smile alone lit the stage and audience up.

“I Choose Jesus” is Moriah Peters’ lead radio single

Moriah Peters – “I Choose Jesus” acoustic (live)

Fall in love with her as we did!

JUST listen to her voice, she is an angel…

Before she was signed to a Christian Record Label, Moriah Peters audition for American Idol:

An incredible role model for young girls and young women. She has her first boyfriend, which when she told us about it, she JUST glowed. She has not kissed him :) Holding true to her above video. But she blushed when she related on they do hold hands :) IMHO way too good for American Idol.

A song she sang for us, she is too adorable!

Moriah Peters performs her new music for the staff of SPIRIT 105.3 in Seattle! Know Us By Your Love:

The next singer was Tony and Grammy Award Winner Heather Headley. She was born and spent most of her childhood on the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad. The daughter of a pastor, she started singing and playing the piano in the church at a very young age. She was the spokesperson for the March of Dimes and led their “I Want My 9 Months” campaign, and also serves on the board of Directors for the Catalyst Charter Schools in Chicago.

The Bodyguard, A New Musical starring Heather Headley (a behind the scenes look)

A video teaser from “The Bodyguard, A New Musical” starring Heather Headley opening in London Fall 2012:

To give you an idea the gift of voice from God:

The Pray By Andrea Bocelli Duet With Heather Headley At Vive in Tuscany

Smokie Norful & Heather Headley ministering the song “Jesus Is Love”

One of the songs we were blessed to hear from Heather…

Here I Am to Worship:

Heather’s Website


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