May 132012

Prayer Warriors Needed

I thought this would be a difficult day for Donna, but she’s handling it well. Her sister Deirdra took the trouble to buy a gift and a couple of cards for me to give Donna from Paige and Aimee. My plan was to get up early, retrieve the cards and have them and the gift set out for Donna when she came in for her coffee.

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Saturday, May 12, 10:30pm

“Hospital time is much slower than “mind” time, so updates will always feel incomplete. We will let you know when a major change in her condition occurs. We are dropping the daily updates about Aimee’s physical condition. Aimee will suffer the loss of her fingers, however physicians have hope of bringing life back to the palms of her hands, which could allow her the muscle control to use helpful prosthetics. They are awaiting a safe time before embarking on surgery for this.”

Read more from Andy as he shares his inspiring story from his heart here: Aimee Copeland’s story .

Andy’s Facebook page

11am, Friday May 11th

“Aimee is alert and trying to mouth questions. Her breathing tube has been reoriented to increase her comfort and allow them to try to read her lips. She said: “I can’t talk!” We told her it was because of the tube, and we explained the need for it. “Take it out!” She also asked “what happened?” and “where am I?” I thought it would be better when she became alert, but it is actually harder for us.”
-Andy Copeland (father)

~ Please keep praying and sharing this with your Prayer Warriors. Take it to your church Sunday. Prayer for her family for God to hold them up.

1pm, Thursday May 10th

Today Aimee is very responsive and coherent. She is responding to specific commands, and even selected the music that she wanted to listen to. The neurologist says that there is no indication of any brain damage. The cardiopulmonologist says that her lungs are slowly healing. Unfortunately, her blood vessels in her hands and in her remaining foot have died, and thus they will have to be amputated too.

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