May 232012

The White House has apparently undermined the secrecy that protects U.S. anti-jihadi operations because it wants to aid Hollywood’s quick production of a movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden, according to a statement from Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

E-mails released May 22 show “a damning story of extremely close, unprecedented, and potentially dangerous collaboration with top officials at the CIA, the [Department of Defense] and the White House and a top Democratic lobbying firm,” King said.

King is pressing administration officials to explain their unprecedented cooperation with producer Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal, whose movie, titled “Zero Dark Thirty,” is slated for release later this year.

Bigelow and Boal apparently used a Democratic lobbying firm, the Glover Park Group, to help them get access to officials and soldiers involved in the successful killing.

~ Snippet:

“The use of classified facilities at the Pentagon and CIA for the purposes of making a movie, which was originally due for release before the election,” he noted, “is the outright use of highly secretive national security resources for political campaigning.”

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~ Thanks to Judicial Watch

May 232012

May 232012

by publiusforum

Another union thug acting out her desire for violence. Here we have Donna Dewitt, the President of the South Carolina AFL-CIO (a grand title or a chief thug, eh?), using a baseball bat to smack a pinata with the face of S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley on it.

Now, imagine, folks, if these were Republicans using a ball bat on an effigy of a Democrat Gov. — and a female one at that. This story would be all over the news for weeks at a time. We’d never hear the end of it from the Old Media.

Democrats do it… and crickets.

In fact, if these were Republicans doing such a thing, their actions would be extended all the way to the GOP candidate for president. He;d be forced to apologize for such violent-styled actions.

Again. Democrats do it…. and crickets.

“This Is Typical of Union Thugs” -Gov. Nicki Haley

May 232012

~I do not understand WHY this story isn’t Breaking news & although I heard it over an hour ago, this was JUST printed 30 min ago…

KITTERY, Maine — Multiple firefighters were injured while battling a fire aboard the USS Miami nuclear-powered attack submarine Wednesday evening at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, according to a shipyard and public safety officials.

Firefighters were initially called to the Shipyard just before 6 p.m. for a report of a fire on a ship in dry dock. Fire crews encountered heavy smoke and fire, and two firefighters were taken from the scene with injuries, the officials said, adding two more firefighters were later taken from the scene for treatment.

Shipyard public affairs specialist Gary Hildreth said the fire is located in the forward compartment of the ship and all nonessential personnel were ordered to evacuate.

The submarine’s reactor was not operating at the time the fire started and was not affected by the blaze, shipyard spokeswoman Bridget Church said.

Church said state, local and federal authorities have been alerted to the situation. She could not say just before 9 p.m. whether the fire was still burning.

firefighters were taken to a local medical facility, and all three were treated and released, officials said.

Kittery Police Chief Paul Callaghan said the Police Department has not received any requests from the shipyard to evacuate residents living in the area. He said the fire aboard the USS Miami is not posing a danger to the general public.

Callaghan said Kittery firefighters are on standby at the shipyard’s fire station.

The USS Miami (SSN 755) and her crew of 13 officers and 120 enlisted personnel arrived at the Navy Yard on March 1 to undergo maintenance work and system upgrades.

It is the third vessel named for the city of Miami and the fifth so-called improved Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarine, according to the Navy. The Miami was commissioned June 30, 1990, and its home port is Groton, Conn.

The submarine’s commanding officer is Commander Roger E. Meyer, who assumed command on Sept. 20, 2010. The Miami’s host community is Sanford.

As of 7:30 p.m., black smoke visible from Prescott Park in Portsmouth, N.H., continued to billow from the dry dock. A Portsmouth fire truck was on standby at Peirce Island.

- source

featured image: Elizabeth Dinan photo

May 232012

Intricate & Beautiful: Crazeehorse…

JUST unique! EXCELLENT John Pizzi:

Tickles me how Sharon loves dogs & Drag Queens :) She/He is good:All Beef Patty…When we were kids my Dad took us on a family night out to see a Drag Queen show. It was the ‘Italian’ entertainment thing to do. Me and my Mom LOVED it.

Funny with Impeccable Timing: Tom Cotter…

Week 3, Night 1 Preview:

May 232012

I filter through so you don’t have to see the stoopid auditions…

NEXT Big Thing to ‘Pants on the Ground.I DARE you not to be singing this after you hear! Whatcha gonna do? We predicted it would go viral. Overnite it has about 50K combined. Watch how the crowd changes towards Burt :)

Burton Crane, the Grandfather (77) of Rap:

Eat it! ROFL!

This is GREAT : The Olate Dogs…

Impressive & Incredible: Jason Cordero…

Dizzy & Amazing: Max the Acrobat…

Slam Dunk performance: The Flyte Crew…

Traditional with a Modern Twist: The New York Irish Dance Company…

Cute kids Rock Hip-Hop Fusion: Wordspit The Illest…

~ I’m not posting this one but I thought, hmmm, some may have a perverted sense of funny like PF, so HERE is Link. Name says it all: King of the Nut Shots

May 232012

h/t pamm

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: The pop-up window, used for person-to-person chat, pops up with a message from a ‘friend’ which links to an innnocent looking website

~ WHY do his eyes look so evil/alien?!

*Fake link directs users to download infected software

* Overrides protective software

* Deletes anti-virus software instantly

A new computer virus is spreading via the chat window on Facebook.

The pop-up window, used for person-to-person chat, pops up with a message from a ‘friend’ which links to an innnocent looking website.

Clicking the link instantly infects your PC with the virus, labelled Steckt.Evl by discoverers Trend Micro.

The virus instantly disables and removes anti-virus software, then spreads itself by opening chat windows on the Facebook friends of the user.

‘The worm propagates via instant messaging applications and social networking sites,’ says security experts Trend Micro which uncovered the new threat.

‘The instant message it sends is a link that downloads a copy of itself.’

MUST Finish the read.

May 232012

Despite President Obama’s attempts to distract from his failed record, the American people remember. These are stories from the Obama economy:

May 232012

The Obama campaign spent the better part of the day of attempting to recover from Newark Mayor Cory Booker‘s near-scuttling of a major component of their reelection effort, Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, coming very close with President Obama‘s strong double-down at a press conference this afternoon. Then, Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt took to Anderson Cooper 360 to undo as much of that as he could.

One criticism of the Bain attack has been the notion that it’s hypocritical for the President to attack Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital, yet raise money from private equity donors like Blackstone Group president Tony James, and top Obama bundler Jonathan Lavine, currently a managing director at Bain. It’s an obvious line of attack that’s been kicking around for a week now, and was the subject of Anderson Cooper‘s first question to Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt on tonight’s AC360.

“How can President Obama attack Mitt Romney on his time at Bain, highlighting only times when Bain cost companies jobs, and at the same time hold high priced fund raisers with the head of another private equity firm that’s done work with Bain, the Blackstone Group, there are people who have worked at other private equity firms in his own administration?”

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May 232012

You can tell the Supreme Court is getting closer to its historic ObamaCare ruling because the left is making one last attempt to intimidate the Justices. The latest effort includes taunting Chief Justice John Roberts that if the Court overturns any of the law, he’ll forever be defined as a partisan “activist.”

Senate Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy recently took the extraordinary step of publicly lobbying the Chief Justice after oral argument but before its ruling. “I trust that he will be a Chief Justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch,” the Democrat declared on the Senate floor. “The conservative activism of recent years has not been good for the Court.”

He added that, “Given the ideological challenge to the Affordable Care Act and the extensive, supportive precedent, it would be extraordinary for the Supreme Court not to defer to Congress in this matter that so clearly affects interstate commerce.”

The elite liberal press has followed with pointed warnings that Mr. Roberts has a choice—either uphold ObamaCare, or be portrayed a radical who wants to repeal the New Deal and a century of precedent. This attack is itself clearly partisan, but it’s worth rehearsing the arguments to show how truly flawed they are.

The first fallacy is defining judicial activism as overturning a Congressional law. Since Marbury v. Madison established judicial review in 1803, the High Court has overturned hundreds of laws in part or whole. The real measure of activism is whether the Court’s reasoning is rooted in Constitutional principle. If it is, the Court is not activist but is adhering to the highest legal principles.

Must continue the read…