May 092012

:) This young woman has some fight in her! Aimee came into today with fresh energy and vitality. Last night she moved her arms while sleeping. Today her lungs have moved from being totally dependent upon the respirator to being 40% self-respiration. She opened her eyes upon her mother’s command. And, signs of her personality have surfaces, as she looked a bit bothered that she was being constrained in a hospital bed. -3:55pm, Wednesday May9th

“Love Aimee” Vigil: Thursday, May 10th, 5:15pm. University of West Georgia, Melson Hall. The campus has open parking after 5pm unless otherwise noted.


Today Aimee’s condition has worsened. Her temperature is up to 102 and the progress she made yesterday was lost overnight. Her breathing is labored and she is once again relying on the respirator for support. We are reminded of the tenuous nature of her condition. The doctor was careful to set expectations this morning: Aimee’s survival chances are “slim to none”. She continues to experience a major shutdown of all five major organs. The rate of survival when three organs shutdown is very poor. Bad news never feels good, but I refuse to let it get me down.
-Andy Copeland, Aimee’s father

Recently you may have seen the term MRSA in the news and have wondered what it is. MRSA is an acronym for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, (AKA Flesh Eating Bacteria),a strain of common bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics. Methicillin, an antibiotic of the penicillin class, was formerly used to treat staph infections but is now only used in laboratories to identify antibiotic-resistant strains of staph infection.

Staphylococcus aureus is found in healthy people, typically on the skin or in nasal passages. Approximately 25 percent to 30 percent of people have some staph bacteria in the nose. For the most part, staph bacteria cause no problems. But about one in 50 people carries MRSA, a strain of staph that is antibiotic-resistant. If such staph bacteria enters a cut, sore, or an area that has been chaffed, such as the entry for a catheter, it can cause infection. And the infection can be serious or even fatal.

Hospitals tend to have the highest concentrations of MRSA than anywhere else. This is because infected people go to hospitals for treatment, many people are crowded into hospitals, the buildings tend to be warm, there are many invasive procedures, body fluids are commonly spilled, and infection is rapid. Those who visit people in hospitals are at risk since MRSA is easy to catch. But other people who do not visit hospitals can also get MRSA, including those who share items of personal hygiene, such as razors, wash cloths and towels, those who receive tattoos, and members of the military, who often live in close quarters with one another.

When MRSA infects skin, a swollen, red area develops, and it is usually painful. MRSA skin infections may develop pus or weep other fluids. If left untreated, a MRSA skin infection can go progressively deeper into the body, infecting blood and organs. Symptoms of MRSA infection can include chills, cough, chest pain, fever, fatigue, muscle aches, rashes, shortness of breath and a general feeling of malaise. The worst and final symptom of progressed MRSA infection is death.

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~ Which brings us to today’s story: Woman contracts flesh-eating bacteria after zip lining accident…

It was a zip lining accident that went from bad to much, much worse.

Just one week ago, Aimee Copeland, 24, was enjoying a trip kayaking down a creek with some of her friends in Carrollton, Ga. But when Copeland stopped to ride on a homemade zip line along the water, the line snapped and cut a large gash in her left calf.

Now the University of West Georgia graduate psychology student is in critical condition after a flesh-eating bacterium entered her body through the wound in her calf, causing her leg to be amputated Friday night, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Facebook page, “Believe and pray for a miracle to happen for Aimee Copeland” has been set up for people to stay updated on Copeland’s progress. According to a post on the page by her father, Andy Copeland, the doctors have said her chances for survival are “slim to none.” “Today Aimee’s condition has worsened,” her father wrote in an update. “Her temperature is up to 102 and the progress she made yesterday was lost overnight.”

Initially, Copeland had gone to the emergency room at the Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton on Tuesday after she had received the gash. She thought the ordeal was over after the doctors stapled her leg up with 22 staples and told her to take pain medication, according to her father.

But Copeland returned to the hospital Wednesday after she continued to complain of severe pain in her leg. She was prescribed pain killers and sent home yet again.

The pain still did not subside, so a friend drove a “pale and weak” Copeland to Tanner Medical again Friday morning. When she arrived, an ER doctor diagnosed her with “necrotizing fasciitis” – a flesh-eating disease of the deep layers of the skin – in her damaged leg.

Initially, Copeland had gone to the emergency room at the Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton on Tuesday after she had received the gash. She thought the ordeal was over after the doctors stapled her leg up with 22 staples and told her to take pain medication, according to her father.

But Copeland returned to the hospital Wednesday after she continued to complain of severe pain in her leg. She was prescribed pain killers and sent home yet again.

The pain still did not subside, so a friend drove a “pale and weak” Copeland to Tanner Medical again Friday morning. When she arrived, an ER doctor diagnosed her with “necrotizing fasciitis” – a flesh-eating disease of the deep layers of the skin – in her damaged leg.

Since the surgery, Copeland has made progress, but her condition may be getting worse as her five major organs have started to shut down. Copeland’s friends have set up a website where people can donate blood and money to help save their friend’s life.

NOTE: That the website is down right now. I pray that it is not a bad omen, will follow updates.

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See AJC Video Report: Gwinnett, GA. woman fights for life against flesh-eating disease

May 092012

Will Cling to ‘Their God and Their Guns’ — ‘We Might Have To, Too’ – New Black Panther party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz

According to New Black Panther party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz:

* ‘As we go into this election the New Black Panther Party is going to play a great role’

* The white man cannot stop black people in this hour, even thought they have made them n****rs.

“Yes, the white man has made us into n****ers, yes, he treats us unfairly, yes, he’s robbed us of a knowledge of self. But I’m here to tell you that the white man cannot stop us in this hour.”

* ‘That black man that is on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’ proves that ‘a black man can accomplish what he will.’

“Even that black man that is on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue– he represents a sign that a black man can accomplish what he will.”

* ‘The white man of America does not have one leader that they can put up against Barack Obama’ and ‘that is a heavy blow to the white ego.’

“The white man of America does not have one leader that they can put up against Barack Obama. They have not one white man in America that they can get a majority of Americans to agree with, that is more qualified than this black man. They cannot get one white man to surpass him– and that is a heavy blow to the white ego.”

* Obama will win the ‘black, brown, minority, gay’ and the white ‘MSNBC vote’

* ‘White males, conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party and gun-toters …don‘t believe that they should be ruled over by black people’

* Michelle Obama ‘just crushes these white women’ with her superior beauty

* ‘George Zimmermans are going to be on the rise’.

What am I predicting? That acts of racism and violence and hatred towards black people are going to be on the rise, because white people fear that their influence is slipping and that their wall is slipping and that their country is being taken from them”

* People who hate Obama will ’cling to their God and their guns. We might have to, too. We gotta get ready fast’

We gotta get ready fast, sisters and brothers. We have the summer to get ready, because we don’t know what’s coming down the pipes. And so we gotta get strong, and we gotta get there fast.”

“As we go into this election and the election path, and the New Black Panther Party is going to play a great role. Y’all move out fast and get ready quick, fast, in a hurry.”

“Despite the white man‘s education system and everything he’s done negatively to us, I’m here to tell every black person on this line that the white man cannot stop you. Cannot stop us.”


This from April 9th: Malik Zulu Shabazz Building an Army ‘to Kill’

The former White House insider seemed to take great pleasure in announcing that his opponents should be more worried about him now that he has been inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and is back out on the streets. To quote Mr. Jones:

Subtle hint, (unintelligible) Don‘t ever let somebody like me in the White House and then insist that I come back out here with y’all… Because now, we can make this thing work.

After Jones finished his speech, a credentialed member of the press asked for further clarification. Van Jones refused to answer and the reporter was escorted from the event and had his press pass pulled.

The veiled warning from Jones was a concern to Glenn Beck, and during his nightly television show seen on GBTV, Beck showed Jones’ somewhat cryptic threat. Mr. Beck also responded and delivered a special message of his own to the 9/11 Truther:

Van, I know exactly who you are. I know what you are capable of. I have studied you as much as you have studied me…

Beck also told to Jones (and the GBTV audience) that Beck, too, was now free to accomplish the things he knows “need to be done.”

In fact, last night Beck announced a special block of four television shows that will lay out his action plan for the immediate future. The special shows will kick off June 4th and, according to Mr. Beck, will be bold, inspiring, and frightening. The plans include more details on this summer’s 7.28 “Restoring Love” event and programs leading up to (and through) the November elections. And they will incorporate the all elements of Beck’s E4 program (Enlightenment, Education, Empowerment, & Entrepreneurship).

NOTE: Dallas Cowboys Stadium, July 26-28, 2012 {Inspiration was Poland)

GBTV, the response to Jones was part of a segment about Communists and Marxists inside the Obama administration. The entire segment is worth watching, but Beck’s direct message to Jones starts about the 5:00 mark.

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May 092012

Kirk was elected to the Senate in 2010, winning the seat formerly held by President Obama.

He had previously agreed to sit with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia this year for the president’s State of the Union Tuesday night. Last year, he crossed the aisle to sit with Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., the No. 2 in the Senate.

January 23,2012:

Sen. Mark Kirk suffered a stroke and underwent surgery on Monday, after which doctors indicated his prognosis is good for recovery though he will need rehabilitation and likely the use of his left arm “will be very difficult.”

The 52-year-old Kirk checked himself into Lake Forest Hospital in Illinois on Saturday. He was transferred on Sunday to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where tests showed that he had suffered an ischemic stroke.

“Early this morning the senator underwent surgery to relieve swelling around his brain stemming from the stroke,” a spokesperson from his office said. “The surgery was successful. Due to his young age, good health and the nature of the stroke, doctors are very confident in the senator’s recovery over the weeks ahead.”

Dr. Richard Fessler, a neurosurgeon who performed the surgery, told reporters that Kirk was having “dizziness and perhaps a headache,” but he wasn’t at the hospital where Kirk first checked in so doesn’t know the exact symptoms Kirk presented when he first arrived for help.

At some point, however, Fessler said Kirk began to “deteriorate neurologically.” He said Kirk’s condition evolved rapidly and “he was becoming less responsive.” Fessler said he doesn’t think the medical team could have done anything to stop the rapid progression.

Kirk is sedated and in intensive care, where he will spend several days. Fessler said they were removing a piece of skull approximately four inches by eight inches to allow the brain to swell, and when the swelling goes down, they will put back the bone shell.

Fessler said Kirk’s artery was completely blocked, which mean surgery was necessary despite the fact there was no bleeding.

The stroke occurred on the right side of brain is where stroke took place, which is good Fessler said, because cognitive function is primarily on the left side. He said prospects for a full mental recovery were “very good,” but a full physical recovery on his left side were “not very good”

“I believe his left side of the brain will be fine,” Fessler said, adding that he is hopeful Kirk will be able to use his left leg.

“He’s got a pretty good chance of living a very vibrant life,” he said, adding that recovery time is “impossible to predict” but “it’s not going to be days.”


featured image: Dec. 16, 2010, file photo, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., talks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington. Kirk is blocking President Barack Obama’s nominee for ambassador to Russia over concerns that the U.S. might provide Moscow with sensitive missile defense information. (AP)

May 092012

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Rep. Scott Desjarlais (R-TN) go on Ralph Bristol’s morning radio show in Nashville, TN to discuss the contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the failed program Operation Fast and Furious.

May 092012


The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee suggested Tuesday that the Obama administration may have misled the public in keeping the lid on the latest Al Qaeda-affiliate bomb plot, and called for a review into the way the government handles top-secret information.

“I think we have to find a better way in the future to see or at least do (a review on) how we can tell the public, what we should tell the public,” Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News. King described the challenge as walking a “fine line,” but said that if officials are trying to keep a secret, they should “do it in a way not to mislead the public.”

Law enforcement sources also told Fox News that the credibility of the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI has been undercut by this — because in the run-up to the anniversary of Usama bin Laden’s death they issued a bulletin saying there was no plot, when the administration, in fact, knew an explosive device was being tracked and intercepted.

The Obama administration, after prodding from reporters across Washington, ultimately confirmed late Monday what for weeks had been a highly classified operation. U.S. authorities had confiscated a sophisticated bomb that apparently was part of a plot by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to bring down a U.S.-bound airliner — something the Al Qaeda affiliate failed to do in the attempted 2009 Christmas Day bombing plot.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed Tuesday that President Obama was made aware of the operation in early April.

Yet in late April, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security sent out an intelligence bulletin claiming there was no specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland in the run-up to the one-year anniversary of Usama bin Laden’s death. The bulletin noted that terror groups would see an attack on the anniversary as a “symbolic victory,” and warned about the danger of “lone-wolf” attacks around that time.

At the time, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also said “we have no specific or credible information about anything pinned to the anniversary.”

And around the same time, a senior counterterrorism official was asked by Fox News during a formal briefing to mark the bin Laden death anniversary whether any explosive package had been recently picked up or intercepted. “Not that I know of, no,” the official said.

Napolitano on Tuesday defended the administration’s statements, calling them “accurate.”

But King told Fox News that even though there’s no “specific evidence” to show the plot was tied to the anniversary, Al Qaeda “does have respect for anniversaries.”

“I would make the operating assumption (that) certainly the anniversary was a factor in choosing this time and place,” King said.

He said determining how to discuss an ongoing operation like this in public is “always a challenge.” The government, he said, wants to make the public aware without giving up the mission.

“Maybe they could have found a better way to express it — and that there was a plot against the U.S. but no threat since we felt we had everything under control,” King said.

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OH, They KNEW Alright!:

Thwarted Al Qaeda ‘bomber’ was CIA informant

Fox News Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge’s bestselling book “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits” was published by Crown on June 21. It draws on her reporting for Fox News into al-Awlaki and his new generation of recruits — Al Qaeda 2.0. It is the first book to fully investigate al-Awlaki’s American life, his connections to the hijackers, and how the cleric double-crossed the FBI after Sept. 11.

Catherine Herridge and Greg Palkot: ‘The American Terrorist’

* Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., wrote a letter to FBI direct Robert Mueller where he raised “troubling” issues about the handling of the investigation into terror suspect Anwar Awlaki and called to bring back the 9/11 Commission to review purported flaws in national security.

Also See: Wily bomb maker fast in race with technology

May 092012

I did not get to post this yesterday on Entertainment Tuesday so here tis…But first…

I’m glad to see Melissa went home and surprised Roshon did not leave sooner…

My favorite performance from Monday night:

I LOVED, loved this: Donald Driver…reminds me of my older brother & sister… Gosh, was it GREAT watching them practice in our living room!

The Tango…

That boy has a great chance of winning!

JUST because she is a beautiful dancer & I think her & Derrick are in love, which made this dance most real…

Now this dance was widely criticized by Len, but he needs to get real & come into the 21st Century…I enjoyed it so much excuse me while you pause a moment so I can watch it again :) So much fun:

OK I’m back…

Another of my most fav music, how divine is he?

Reminds me of how much I loved this movie and dance:

Blast from the past – Night Club Dance Scene…

WowWee, my favorite dance in a threesome…Cheryl ‘ I will steal your man and have ‘ Burke…

This was cute & the three of them adorkable…

May 092012

U.S. intelligence agencies are closely monitoring North Korea for signs the Kim Jong-un regime is set to conduct a new military provocation that could trigger another conflict on the Asian peninsula, according to U.S. officials.

Intelligence agencies recently stepped up intelligence gathering of the isolated communist state following an unusual threat issued by North Korea to conduct “special actions.” The threat was viewed as a likely signal that some form of provocative action by the North Korean military is coming soon.

Additional worrisome signs include recent electronic jamming by North Korea of aircraft and ships near the border and maritime dividing line between North and South, as well as the movement of missile batteries.

South Korean government authorities said 252 commercial flights from Incheon and Gimpo airports west of Seoul reported navigation systems were disrupted by GPS jamming thought to emanate from nearby North Korea. The activity began in late April.

South Korea’s Coast Guard reported on Monday that 122 ships suffered GPS disruptions due to jamming produced by electronic signals from the north.

The jamming is believed to be the work of North Korean military electronic warfare units operating in or near the demilitarized zone separating the two countries.

Satellite imagery revealed last month that North Korea’s military had moved coastal anti-ship missile batteries and other missile launchers—an unusual activity that analysts say could be linked to the latest Pyongyang threat.

Army Gen. James D. Thurman, commander of U.S. forces in Korea, told Congress recently that a new military provocation from North Korea poses a major threat and could trigger a larger conflict in the region.

“Currently, the greatest threat remains instability in North Korea or a provocation that culminates in a broader conflict which could, in its extreme, result in the use of weapons of mass destruction,” Thurman said.

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May 092012

A “monster sunspot” (cluster of FOUR sunspots) more than 60,000 miles wide could send some powerful solar flares toward Earth on Wednesday, NASA says.

An enormous sunspot group has taken shape on the surface of the sun, hinting that our star may soon start spouting off some powerful storms.

(Warning: Never look at the sun directly with telescopes or the unaided eye. Special filters are required for safe solar viewing to avoid serious eye damage.)

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Oxymoron laugh of the day: Sign up for Magnetic storm alerts: text, phone

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