May 012012

Protesters break windows on downtown businesses including American Apparel and NikeTown during a May Day rally on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 in downtown Seattle. About two dozen of the hundreds of protesters that participated in the march shattered windows and caused mayhem in Seattle. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo)

A protester smashes a window at a Wells Fargo branch during a May Day rally on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 in downtown Seattle. Mayor Mike McGinn says he’s making an emergency declaration allowing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons following violent May Day protests that left storefronts and car windows shattered. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo)

Pedestrians photograph a shattered window at am American Apparel store, Tuesday, May 1, 2012, after after it was damaged during May Day protests in downtown Seattle. Hundreds of activists across the U.S. joined the worldwide May Day protests on Tuesday, with Occupy Wall Street members in several cities leading demonstrations and in some cases clashing with police. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

SEATTLE – Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he’s making an emergency declaration allowing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons following violent May Day protests that left storefronts and car windows shattered.

Police said officers made at least three arrests after hundreds of people marched through downtown Tuesday afternoon. A 23-year-old man was arrested for vandalism and a 19-year-old man with a knife was also arrested.

Protestors dressed in black clothing smashed windows of retail stores and banks, and spray-painted parked cars, reported Q13 FOX News. NikeTown, American Apparel, HSBC, and Wells Fargo were among the businesses protesters vandalized.

Protesters break windows at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Seattle during a May Day rally on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn says he’s making an emergency declaration allowing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons following violent May Day protests that left storefronts and car windows shattered. (AP Photo/, Joshua Trujillo)

McGinn said protesters were using items that looked like flagpoles as weapons. He said his order would enable police to take those items away from people before they are used to cause damage. McGinn said his action would help protect public safety as protests continued into Tuesday evening.


Police arrested eight demonstrators throughout the day.

“Officers have seized homemade incendiary devices and bags of feces in downtown Seattle and made several arrests, after a group of men and women dressed all in black — known as a ‘Black Bloc’ — used sticks, smoke bombs and improvised incendiary devices, rocks, paint, hammers, and tire irons to damage vehicles and businesses Tuesday afternoon,” the Seattle Police Department said in a statement.

Windows were broken at four banks — HSBC, Wells Fargo, US Bank, Home Street Bank — and at a few retail stores, including Niketown and American Apparel. A window was also broken at a federal courthouse. And multiple parked cars were spray-painted or had their tires slashed.

Wells Fargo Bank issued the following statement: “We’re a bank. We accept deposits and make loans. It’s unfortunate that groups that are passionate about certain causes are making us out to be something we’re not in order to further a political or social agenda. The fact remains Wells Fargo plays no role in advocating a policy view on immigration or on the operation of private prisons.”

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May 012012

Video of tennis ball to baseball size hail and funnel clouds from intense supercell in the Texas Panhandle on April 30, 2012.

May 012012

* Wyoming (4.5)

Location with respect to nearby cities:
19 km (12 miles) SE (143 degrees) of Sleepy Hollow, WY
20 km (13 miles) SE (135 degrees) of Antelope Valley-Crestview, WY
27 km (17 miles) SE (139 degrees) of Gillette, WY


Location with respect to nearby cities:
82 km (51 miles) W (260 degrees) of Suchiate, Chiapas, Mexico
91 km (57 miles) SW (234 degrees) of Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico
97 km (60 miles) SW (214 degrees) of Huixtla, Chiapas, Mexico
265 km (165 miles) W (265 degrees) of GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala

* (5.5) Sulawesi, Indonesia

* (5.6) BANDA SEA

* (5.5) Location with respect to nearby cities:
7 km (4 miles) S (185 degrees) of Huetamo, Michoacán, Mexico
33 km (21 miles) NW (312 degrees) of Altamirano, Guerrero, Mexico
70 km (44 miles) WNW (293 degrees) of Arcelia, Guerrero, Mexico
133 km (83 miles) S (169 degrees) of Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico

Our LIVE Earthquake map

The ‘fracking’ earthquake Dutch spoke of:

May 012012

Maria Menounos

Paso is my most favorite dance. Vampires Rule! Best of the night…

Donald Driver

My second fav of the night:

My 3rd favorite…

Katherine Jenkins

She is a vision!

I preferred Team Tango and that hurts because Team Paso ya know :)

Team Paso Doble

I think Melissa ruined what would have been a perfect dance…She can go home tonight! Pffft!

Performance Recap: Apr 30

May 012012

WND found some of the men participated in Occupy events and that one suspect was described by news media in March as an Occupy member.

The FBI criminal complaint seems to go to great lengths to not mention Occupy. Instead, the 21-page document – reviewed by WND – refers a number of times to “events” attended by the suspects. The “events” were Occupy protests.

Douglas L. Wright, 26; Brandon L. Baxter, 20; and Anthony Hayne, 35; were arrested yesterday by members of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force on charges of conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage property affecting interstate commerce.

Also arrested were Connor C. Stevens, 20; and Joshua S. Stafford, 23. Charges are pending against them.

The FBI said it had a source and an undercover agent who infiltrated the anarchy ring, which plotted to detonate the explosives last night on Ohio’s Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge.

The bridge carries a four-lane highway over part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the Brecksville area, about 15 miles south of downtown Cleveland, the FBI said.

Occupy members

Multiple news media outlets today quoted sources in the Cleveland-area Occupy as recognizing the suspects.

Johnny Peskar, an Occupy leader, told that Occupy organizers had seen a few in the plot hanging around earlier events, but their actions were “autonomous,” he said.

“We don’t need any implications in this nonsense,” Peskar said.

Occupy Cleveland canceled today’s May Day protests upon news of the arrests.

The London Daily Mail also quoted an Occupy Cleveland member as saying at least some of the suspects had attended the group’s events.

WND found Baxter was described in March as an “Occupy member” by Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper.

Five people described as anarchists were arrested Monday in a Cleveland-area park for trying to blow up a bridge, sources tell Fox News.

Brecksville – Northfield Bridge ( Historic American Engineering Record, National Park Service, Department of the Interior / May 1, 2012)

The public was never in danger from the explosive devices, which were inoperable and controlled by an undercover FBI employee, according to sources close to the investigation.

A criminal complaint was filed Tuesday morning in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, according to an FBI press release.

Court documents say three of the suspects are self-proclaimed anarchists who formed a small group and considered a series of plots over several months.

According to the complaint, the suspects initially planned to use smoke grenades to distract law enforcement so that they could topple financial institution signs atop high rise buildings in Cleveland. However, the plot later called for the use of C-4 explosives, authorities said. The final plan allegedly named the Route 82 Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge, which crosses from Brecksville to Sagamore Hills, as the target.

The FBI and the federal Joint Terrorism Task Force are involved in the investigation.

“The safety of the citizens of the Northern District of Ohio is and continues to be our primary focus,” Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the Cleveland Division of the FBI, said in a statement Tuesday.

“The individuals charged in this plot were intent on using violence to express their ideological views. The Joint Terrorism Task Force will continue to be vigilant in its efforts to detect and disrupt any terrorism threat, domestic or international,” Anthony said.

It is unknown if the bridge incident was connected to Occupy Wall Street’s plans for nationwide protests Tuesday.

FBI held a press conference at 10 a.m.


May 012012

MAY 1, 305 AD, the most powerful man in the world, Emperor Diocletian, stepped down from ruling the Roman Empire.

A Quick Overview of Diocletian’s Tetrarchy – The Roman “Rule by Four”

The term Tetrarchy describes any system of government where power is divided among four individuals, but usually refers to the tetrarchy instituted by Roman Emperor Diocletian in 293, marking the end of the Crisis of the Third Century and the recovery of the Roman Empire. This Tetrarchy lasted until c.313, when internecine conflict eliminated most of the claimants to power, leaving Constantine in the West and Licinius in the East.

He had required all the military to worship pagan Roman gods, thus forcing Christians out of the military.

With Christians out, he used the military to persecute Christians with extreme severity, going province by province arresting church leaders, cutting out tongues, boiling some alive, decapitating others, burning scriptures, forbidding worship and demanding pagan sacrifices.

From Europe to North Africa, thousands were martyred, and the faithful cried out in prayer.

Suddenly, Diocletian was struck with a painful intestinal disease and resigned.

Eight years later Emperor Constantine ended the persecution of Christians.

Address to the National Association of Evangelicals at Sheraton Twin Towers Hotel, Orlando, FL on 3/8/83:

President Reagan commented in 1984 on how Christianity influenced Rome:

“In the fourth century, a monk (Telemachus) thought he heard God telling him to go to Rome…He followed a crowd into the Coliseum and saw the gladiators.

He realized they were going to fight to the death.

He cried out, ‘In the Name of Christ, stop!’…made his way through the crowd and climbed the wall into the arena…

As he was pleading with the gladiators…one of them plunged his sword into his body…his last words were, ‘In the Name of Christ, stop!’

Suddenly the gladiators stood looking at this tiny form…

In dead silence, everyone left.”

Reagan continued:

“That was the last battle in the Coliseum. One tiny voice…’In the Name of Christ, stop!’ We could be saying that today.”

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May 012012

by rightscoop

Companion of New questions about president’s take on Romney & Killing UBL

May 012012

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.

Many Communist and radical publications and entities throughout the 19th and 20th centuries had the name “Forward!” or its foreign cognates. Wikipedia has an entire section called “Forward (generic name of socialist publications).”

“The name Forward carries a special meaning in socialist political terminology. It has been frequently used as a name for socialist, communist and other left-wing newspapers and publications,” the online encyclopedia explains.

The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

The Obama campaign released its new campaign slogan Monday in a 7-minute video. The title card has simply the word “Forward” with the “O” having the familiar Obama logo from 2008. It will be played at rallies this weekend that mark the Obama re-election campaign’s official beginning.

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Op-ed criticizes president for ‘constant campaigning’…

May 012012

Moments ago, Mitt Romney made a visit to New York City Fire Department’s Engine 24 Ladder 5 with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani to deliver remarks to New York’s finest on the anniversary of Usama bin Laden’s death. He expressed his appreciation for the men and women that served as first responders on September 11, 2001.

While answering questions from the press, a protester began shouting and screaming, “Mitt Romney, you’re a racist.”

Mitt handled this with Grace ignoring her & kept right on. It was all about Obama/Osama…

New questions about president’s take on Romney & Killing UBL

Were comments taken out of context in campaign ad?

That in response to this:

Obama challenges Romney on bin Laden at White House presser

Former U.S. Ambassador John Bolton reacts…