May 312012

“We Don’t Want Any Press Coverage” – Clinton Adviser Vernon Jordan on Bilderberg

Wowsers! An admission of attendance since 1969! “Thats JUST Bull****” – Ole Vernon

Former NY Governor Pataki Lies About Attending Bilderberg with Rockefeller

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan Confronted on Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove

CNN Founder Ted Turner Supports Population Reduction To 2 Billion

* Population levels to be maintained at around 500 million:

(~ JP Fascinating Piece) American Stonehenge: Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

* {JP’s review} Brad Meltzer’s Decoded : Apocalypse in Georgia

CNN’s Paula Zahn Completely Ignorant Of Bilderberg Group

May 312012

Tony Blair Lied To Parliament About Bilderberg

Lord Jacob Rothschild Confronted

“I don’t want to talk about Bilderberg” – Former World Bank President James Wolfensohn

Henry Kissinger

NY Times Editor-in-Chief Jill Abramson Runs From Bilderberg Question

Priceless, my favorite so far!

PBS’s Charlie Rose Runs Away From Bilderberg Questions

Luke is relentless and great!

May 312012

Mark give you a great comic look ‘at spreding the word of Bilderberg :)

Protesters expose the bilderbergs in mass:

Tell it like it is AJ!

The real alternative media is in mass exposing the real power structure…

CHANTILLY, Va. – The Bilderbergers, the global leaders of finance and government who convene in secret, were chauffeured through a gauntlet of protesters here today as the annual meetings of the elite group got under way.

Each time a staid sedan with tinted windows carrying an unidentified participant gathered speed for a dash through the gate leading to the Westfields Marriott Convention Center, protesters started chanting and booing.

Fresh: Tinted glass, chauffeurs and lockdown: Bilderbergers meet Protesters boo as members of elite international cabal gather

May 312012

Shepard, Jason, and Alex of IntelHub bring you for the first look at Bilderberg 2012 BEFORE the lockdown

Inside Bilderberg: Security Says Stop Filming As Lockdown Begins

We arrived at the Westfield Marriot around 7:00 am and this is what we found BEFORE the security lockdown.

~ Amazing to me that when it beneficial for this administration to protect the free speech of ‘anarchists’ but not some of the very same Occupy folks doing what is needed to be exposed. Hmmm…

Bilderberg 8:00 am – Full Lockdown In Motion – Intel Hub Kicked Out

OathKeepers on the scene!

One Bilderberger Spotted Update at 9:15 am

Bilderberg 2012 High Noon – Bilderberg Arriving – Violation of Logan Act

Police officer idiots protect Bilderberg

Give it to them fellas!

May 312012

‘I am Absolutely ONE HUNDRED Percent behind American National Sovereignty.Period!’ – Lou Dobbs

Alex Jones:

May 31 is the arrival day of the globalist rogues gallery at Bilderberg. Prison editor and journalist Paul Joseph Watson mans the command center as Alex and crew take to the street outside the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, where the Bilderbergers are holding their confab.

As for this year’s election, rumours are already circulating about Bilderberg and presidential running mates, sparked off by a Washington Post report back in April on the matter of Republican senator Marco Rubio’s speech at the Summit of the Americas:

“[John] Edwards gave a speech in June 2004 at the Bilderberg conference that was widely credited as one reason John Kerry chose him.”

Patriot Update: Bilderberg 2012: Technocrats Are Rising

Washington Times:

Chantilly’s Westfields Marriott hotel is the site of an “unprecedented” security crackdown as the world’s richest and most powerful arrive for the annual Bilderberg conference.

Hundreds of demonstrators are expected to protest the highly secretive gathering, which kicks off Thursday and lasts through the weekend. The off-the-record meeting, well known in conspiracy lore but typically given little to no media attention each year, once again will bring together heads of state, billionaire bankers, leading businessmen and other international movers and shakers.

Informative article: Security tighter than ever at Bilderberg conference ~ Secretive meeting only invites curiosity

…inside the hotel before they kick everyone out on thursday at noon

Bilderberg bar

May 312012

5/4 3:30pm

To Family, Friends and all those who have been Praying for Misha! FINALLY good news after TWO very long weeks. She is off the ventilator & I got to talk to her! Praise God! Her voice was hoarse, but I got to talk to her! Could barely understand her, but I got to talk to her. God is good!

11am 6/3

We need continued prayers for our girl. Surgery was Thursday. Now the struggle is weaning her off ventilator. I was told baby steps and as sick as she was slow progress is encouraging. Hopefully she will be breathing on her own in a few days. They began reducing the amounts yesterday. Please pray for that. All of you and your prayers have brought her & her children through this. The kids have not seen their Mom for nearly two weeks now. The youngest do not understand what is going on and her littlest is having night terrors. I pray God’s comfort find them and the angels support them.

~ JP

7:30pm 5/31

It has been a very, very, long day. She went into surgery at 9am. Knowing complications that could have arisen with this lung surgery, well the day was hard. About noon they began to sew her up, which was encouraging. But we waited endlessly for doctors prognosis while he went from operating room to operating room. About 1 pm she made it to recovery. Another encouraging sign. But she was there a few hours & the no news is good news wasn’t reassuring at the time :) Then ICU had to endlessly prep her in her room. So our youngest didn’t get to see her until 5pm. That is when we got our update.

Praise God! They got all the mucus that was stopping up the tubing for 9 days. No complications. Vitals good. Heavily sedated, as my daughter said so she wouldn’t wake up and attempt to pull out the ventilator. They tried to take her off it in recovery but that usually doesn’t happen so quickly. So she will be on that till tomorrow. I have no doubt she is getting the best care any ICU could give. I bothered them several times a day :)

The best msg I got is from our youngest daughter who was there: She LOOKS good. Finally since being admitted, resting well. Looks peaceful and not in pain for first time since being admitted.

Sent out on FB/Twitter:

Two words to my Family and Friends, and all those who have prayed endlessly since the 22nd. PRAISE GOD! JUST got the news a short time ago she came through with flying colors. NO Complications! NO issues. Vitals Good. In ICU until she is off ventilator. I shall go cry and exhale now. You are all so Dear to me and you will never know! She had prayer chains from California to Florida, hundred of people if not thousands praying for her. She is in the number one trauma unit in Illinois with an amaaaazing surgeon.

As of this posting at 7:40pm my daughter texted me to say:

She wrote a note to her…

She wrote asking if I could change the tv channel.

She was asked do you know who the president is and replied Obama and I don’t like him.

Yeppers, all is well in my heart…May God’s blessing have this affect in your family as it has in mine. HE is there, do not forget that! He NEVER fails! Find your strength in that knowing.

~ JP

Noon 5/29

Well, we need your prayers more then before. The tube has not drained her lung the way they need it to after a week. She is scheduled for surgery to do that. So I plea for your prayers, that she comes through it like a trooper and there are no complications. Thursday will be the hardest day for me since she was admitted to ICU. Because I am so very far away. Pray for her children to be strong until Mommy comes home. We need her to come home.

~ JP

1:15pm cst 5/26

Happy Birthday to our angel in heaven Auntie Helen…

Been waiting, holding breath for five days. Exhale. Today it’s all good news! The ‘draining’ we have been praying for is happening after new tube was inserted. Enough where her oxygen was able to be cut 10 %! They occasionally ask questions for mental clairty & they asked her who the president was. I told nurse if she said Obama, but wishes he was not, she is turning the corner. Well friends and Prayer Warriors, that is EXACTLY what she told him :)

They are awaiting an open room that is a smaller intermediary unit, to open. So leaving ICU will be a great thing. She has a long road ahead but so long as she continues to drain that gunk, she is on the road to recovery. Goodness, I never thought I’d be praying so hard for mucus to go way. Her pain level is also more manageable today.

Please continue prayers for her recovery. They are working and she needs them! And pray for her four children to have the strength to deal with their Mom’s absence and not being able to talk to her or see her. I know how very, very tough that is firsthand.

~ JP

I have been getting a beautiful response here, email and social media. We are approaching the crucial 72 hour mark and after some setbacks it seems she is coming around today. They are finally having success expelling the bacterial pneumonia from her right lung. She has a long road ahead. Friends, the one thing I want/need to impart to you, is for whatever reason many wait too long to seek medical attention for illness. My brother did. He did shortly after being ‘carried’ into ER. He was young.

Please , please don’t wait. You ‘know’ your body better then anyone. Seek medical help. I know many of us do not have medical insurance but don’t let that take your life. Pride has NO plave in seeking social services in these situations. You are not misusing the ‘entitlement’ process to save your very life or that of a loved one. Don’t be stubborn! My daughter was & now she and her children are paying a high price.

Please continue to pray for my daughter and her children. Due to the Grace of God all your prayers are working & I am humbly indebted for them.

~ JP

~ I JUST got word about 2 hours ago that my firstborn is in ICU with pnemonia. She is not the healthiest girl and I ask fervent prayers that she has the strength to get through this. She has 3 young children that have only her to take care of them. I am several hundred miles away. Their father much further. As she lies in bed her entire worry is having to be hospitalized with her children at home. The youngest being three. Pray for my child. Please pray for her babies to be good and strong knowing their mother will be fine.

So please put the word out to your prayer chain and churches and I know God will see her through this while I cannot. Thank you

~ JP

May 302012

Bilderberg Building Security Fence Around Westfield – Police Everywhere

Bilderberg is building a major security fence around the westfield marriot!

Westfield Marriott Kicks Out ALL Guests

Hours after the Westfields Marriott called Alex Jones to cancel his reservation and inform him that he would not be allowed to stay in the hotel 2 days befor Bilderberg, we confirmed that ALL guests had been kicked out of the hotel, and offered one night’s accommodation at the Residence Inn in Chantilly (also Marriott owned).

Crew member Aaron Dykes attempted to check into his room at the Westfields Marriott, but was told the location was “overbooked” at the front desk (despite the fact that the hotel was notably vacant, as was the parking lot).

voucher letter issued by management

The only residents at Westfields for the night of May 29 belonged to a conference unrelated to Bilderberg ending the same day. Staff members seemed on edge, and offered different explanations for the unavailability of the hotel– some claiming it was overbooked, while others claimed ‘reconstruction’ was underway. Both explanations were phony, as Bilderberg obviously panicked at mounting protests and cleared all remaining guests from the rosters.

Four years ago during the Bilderberg conference of 2008, ordinary guests were allowed to stay until the morning that the conference began (including Alex Jones & crew). This time around was quite different indeed.

Streaming video by Ustream

* @MarkDice

Hmmm. Someone stuck some stickers on this plane that say Bilderberg 2012 in some interesting places. I’ll post video of it later. Hahaha

Mark Dice Twitter

May 302012

Isaac Brown:

After this little guy the rest paled…Bet he’s viral

Svet, the Hip-Hop Violinist:

Short but sweet…

Jake Wesley Rogers:

Not what you expect…

Clark Academy of Irish Dance:

Look at the cute lil peanut…

There were a few danger acts and the rest were silly

May 302012

On May 29th the TVN team documented this insane supercell just northwest of Oklahoma City. This storm produced hail up to 6 inches in diameter and a rain-wrapped tornado as it entered the northern suburbs, which we captured in the last part of the video. Luckily, several storms merged as the main supercell neared town which caused it to weaken and produce less hail.

May 302012

Take a good look at that nasty critter, it could be why you are sick! We touched on the issue of illegals entering the United States and bringing this parasite with them back in July of last year.

What if a deadly epidemic was burgeoning and almost nobody noticed?

In the latest issue of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, a distinguished group of virologists, epidemiologists and infectious-disease specialists say that’s not a hypothetical question. They argue that Chagas disease, a parasitic infection transmitted by blood-sucking insects, has become so widespread and serious — while remaining largely unrecognized — that it deserves to be considered a public health emergency. Extending the metaphor, they liken Chagas’ stealth spread to the early days of AIDS:

Both diseases are health disparities, disproportionately affecting people living in poverty. Both are chronic conditions requiring prolonged treatment courses… As with patients in the first two decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, most patients with Chagas disease do not have access to health care facilities. Both diseases are also highly stigmatizing, a feature that for Chagas disease further complicates access to … essential medicines, as well as access to serodiagnosis and medical counseling.

That sounds like rhetoric — after all, what disease expert doesn’t think his or her disease is vitally important — but the numbers the experts bring to the argument are stunning. Overall, there are believed to be 10 million people living with Chagas infection; most of them are in Central and South America, but there are an estimated 1 million in the United States. Up to one-third of those infected, 3 million, are at risk of Chagas’ worst complications, enlarged heart and heart failure. And wherever blood donations are not tested for the protozoan, the blood supply — as well as organ transplants — are at risk.

~ Way back in 2007 it was in the news the Blood Bank of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties does not test donors for chagas disease. Hospitals who use their blood put patient lives at risk. As I am sure is the case in every hospital. Personally, I know how you can get a disEASE from a transfusion with so-called ‘safe’ blood. If you do a general search or on YouTube you will see Chagas mostly in Spanish and foreign countries.

Chagas transmission is squick-making. The disease originates with the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, harbored in the guts of long-beaked Triatoma bugs such as the one above. The insects live in wall crevices and thatched roofs; at night, they crawl out and drop onto people sleeping below. They prefer to bite at the lip margin, which earned them the name “kissing bugs.” After they ingest blood, they defecate, pooping out copies of the parasite at the same time. The person wakes up, feels the itch where they were bitten, scratches or rubs the bite, and rubs the parasite-containing feces into the wound. Voila, Chagas infection.

The bugs that transmit Chagas are tropical, and the poor housing conditions that allow them access to victims are pretty much limited to poverty. Combine those two, and you’d think that Chagas’ home range would be fairly limited. But immigration has brought people who are unknowingly infected with Chagas into areas where doctors are unfamiliar with the disease. A separate editorial on Chagas, published last year in the same journal, notes:

Immigration from endemic regions is widespread; for example, there are Brazilian immigrants in Portugal and Bolivian immigrants in Spain, and currently, there are an estimated 100,000 or more Latin American immigrants living in France… Chagasic heart disease has been reported in Brazilian immigrants of Japanese origin in Japan, and the seroprevalence of Chagas disease among Bolivian women in Barcelona has been determined to be 3.4 percent.

Please finish the read @ Wired