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USGS scientists have been investigating the recent increase in the number of magnitude 3 and greater earthquakes in the midcontinent of the United States. Beginning in 2001, the average number of earthquakes occurring per year of magnitude 3 or greater increased significantly, culminating in a six-fold increase in 2011 over 20th century levels.

An increase in earthquakes such as this prompts an important question: are they natural, or man-made? To address this question, a team of USGS scientists analyzed changes in the rate of earthquake occurrence in the midcontinent using large USGS databases of earthquakes recorded since 1970.

~ It’s ‘FRACKING’ Stupid.

Preliminary Findings

USGS’s studies do not suggest that hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as “fracking,” causes the increased rate of earthquakes. USGS’s scientists have found, however, that at some locations the increase in seismicity coincides with the injection of wastewater in deep disposal wells.

The very next line contradicts:

In preliminary findings, our scientists cite a series of examples for which an uptick in seismic activity is observed in areas where the disposal of wastewater through deep-well injection increased significantly. These areas tend to be in the middle of the country – mostly in Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Ohio.

A bit further down:

We also have previously reported that the production of oil and gas (extraction) can potentially cause earthquakes when changes in the underground stresses created by the removal of large volumes of oil, gas or water are large enough.

Our scientists then took a closer look at earthquake rates in regions where energy production activities have changed in recent years. To learn more about their findings, please visit Deputy Secretary of the (DOI) Department of the Interior David Hayes’ blog post here.

Call Fluid Injection WTH it truly means! FRACKING!

To learn more about the link between deepwell fluid injection, a method of the disposal of wastewaters from practices like hydraulic fracturing, and triggered earthquakes, See:

Earthquakes Induced by Fluid Injection

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So we have the USGS admission and the VP:

You can environmentally do that well or you can environmentally do it poorly. If you do it poorly you use up the water aquifer, you create in some cases, the argument is, earthquakes, a whole lot of things. – Right Scoop

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