Apr 292012

Taylor Hicks put on a free concert for people in Pratt City. Many people say the event boosted spirits and gave hope to those ready to see their neighborhood back to normal again.

Taylor Hicks performs Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” with Deicra Gaddis @ Pratt City 4/27 celebration

People dancing, laughing and having fun in the streets of Pratt City. Freddie Tramele “That’s what we needed, something to brighten it up.” A celebration of sorts, keeping spirits up following a tough year.

“Everybody has a smile on their face and it’s really good to see.” American Idol winner and fellow Alabamian, Taylor Hicks, wanted to bring some happiest back to a place that has endured a lot. He grabbed his guitar and harmonica to put on a festive show with a great band. “I was here four days after tornadoes hit and it’s astonishing what a community can do if they come together and obviously from the looks at everything, the community has come together.”

Mayor William Bell says many positive things are planned for this community. Some new homes are up. More than 20 will be built soon. The Mayor says they’re going to add more green space to encourage people to get out in the community. “We want to do things we should have done a long time ago for the community and set an example for the rest of the city.” And people who visit and live in Pratt City say they’re ready to move forward. Marguerese Harris goes to church here. “I feel like Pratt City is gonna come back, just like they say, stronger and better than it was before.

A better future, for a place where revitalization is starting to shine. Deborah Suratt says “I continue to pray for the people and I’m glad of the support Birmingham has given to the people here.”

ABC 33/40

A bit on Taylor:

* He bought his first harmonica when he was 16, for $2 at a flea market in Bessemer, Alabama, and taught himself to play blues harp. He discovered that he possessed absolute pitch when he was able to recognize the pitches of ordinary noises and mimic them on the harmonica. Hicks was 18 when he wrote his first song, “In Your Time”, and he taught himself to play electric guitar when he was 19.

* Taylor Hicks was born in Birmingham, Alabama, on October 7, 1976,[5] to Bradley Hicks and Pamela Dickinson. His hair started turning gray by the time he was 14.

* He and his family had moved to suburban Hoover, Alabama when he was eight years old.

* Taylor Hicks would follow his father to the office where he worked as a dentist ( In Jasper ) and offer to sing and dance for anyone who would listen.

* He graduated from University of Alabama at Birmingham

* His middle name is Reuben. He is the second American Idol winner from Birmingham, Ruben Studdard being the first.





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