Apr 262012

FOX Chicago News Chicago

The mayor of New Lenox said Thursday that his call for a boycott of the city’s gas stations has helped drive down prices.

Mayor Tim Baldermann told the board Monday that the only way to get skyrocketing gas prices back down is to fill up somewhere else.

And on Thursday on FOX Chicago News, Baldermann said that prices at some gas stations have dropped by a dime or more in the past couple days.

That’s a big contrast to the past couple weeks, when gas prices in New Lenox had been averaging far higher than they had in neighboring towns:

New Lenox: $4.15 to $4.21
Frankfort: $4.09 to $4.13
Manhattan: $3.90
Joliet: $4.10

Baldermann said that he contacted the gas companies and learned they only compete with other stations within the same municipal limits.

He says that stations just five minutes away are as much as 20 cents cheaper. The station at Route 30 and Wolf Road has been 12 cents lower.

New Lenox Mayor Says Gas Station Boycott is Working: MyFoxCHICAGO.com


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