Apr 092012

Watch comments cut together from all three of Wright’s speeches, below:

Rev. Wright Unleashed: ‘White Supremacy’ Drives ‘World Policy,’ Allah & Yahweh Are the ‘Same’…and Clarence Thomas Is Worshipping ‘Some Other God’

* Rev. Jeremiah Wright delivered three fiery sermons about faith, race and politics at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Charleston, West Virginia

* Wright said Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas worships “some other God” outside of “Allah and Yahweh” (who are the “same” he says)

* Obama’s former pastor called Thomas Jefferson “a pedophile”

* He sees “white supremacy” driving “world policy”

* Wright condemned the U.S. military, saying, “fighting for peace is like raping for virginity”

Last week, Wright spoke at Metropolitan Baptist Church in Charleston, West Virginia, as part of a week-long revival event. His controversial words took aim at Thomas Jefferson, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the media and plenty of other targets.

“I’m not divisive, the media is divisive,” he said, going on to lament the soundbites he claims were unfairly used to disparage him during the 2008 campaign.

~ Snippets…

* The controversial preacher also showed no love for Justice Thomas, as he told his audience that, though Thomas “looks like” them, he is “worshipping some other God.” He also made an intriguing comparison about the God of the Hebrew Bible and the Lord depicted in the Quran.

“The god of racists is not the God of righteousness. The god of the greedy is not the God of grace. The god of Wall Street is not the God of Main Street,” Wright proclaimed. “Those are two different gods and I ain’t talking about Allah and Yahweh. Those are the same names for the same God.”

He continued, taking a jab at Thomas and his Christian faith.

“And I’m not talking about black and white…some of ya‘ll think I’m talking about white folk,” he said. “There’s a whole lot of folk who look like you who are worshipping some other God — somebody shout Clarence Thomas. Hallelujah!”

~ Creating a ‘Race War’ not in reality. What about THIS Hate mongering?! Coming from the Black ‘ Radicals ‘ like Sharpton, Jackson and Wright!

Interesting Comment:

The MSM their panties all in a wad everytime anyone on the right questions Obama’s “christianity”.

This is what Obama comes from. He sat under the instruction of this so called reverand for 20 years. Rev Wright is not preaching Biblical Christianity, he is preaching black liberation theology. You will notice his ties to communist, socialist, and even the likes of Bill Ayers. Ayers is an atheist. Now why would an atheist have ties to a reverand. It is becaue Wright has nothing to do with Christianity, and neither does Obama.

You will notice that the Humanist crowd did not get up in arms over Obama claiming christianity. They no fake when they see it, and they know a lie when they see it.

– rangerp

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