Apr 272012

A generational event with 63 tornadoes, and a death toll of 252. Countless others were injured.

Between April 25 and 28, a historic tornado outbreak popularly known as the 2011 Super Outbreak took place across much of the Southern United States as well as parts of the Midwest and Northeast. With over 300 confirmed tornadoes and 322 tornadic fatalities, the outbreak ranks as one of the worst in United States history. More than three dozen tornadoes were confirmed each day of the event, with 46 on April 25, 55 on April 26, a record 206 in 24 hours on April 27 and 51 on April 28.

Over 200 tornadoes were reported during the SPC’s reporting day of 1200Z April 27 to 1200Z April 28.[47] 322 deaths were reported as a result of the outbreak, {{{with as many as 235 in Alabama alone.}}} The overall death toll also includes 33 deaths in Tennessee, 31 in Mississippi, 14 in Georgia, 5 in Arkansas, and 4 in Virginia, according to state officials.

On April 27, a large tornado struck Tuscaloosa, Alabama, killing 44 people.[46] The Tuscaloosa mayor called the damage “catastrophic.” The same tornado hit the northern suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, shortly thereafter, killing 20 more people. Television reporters in Birmingham, filming the tornado, reported that even from miles away, the funnel was so wide that they could not zoom their cameras out far enough to get the entire funnel into the frame at once.

- source

Tuscaloosa tornado face 2 face Can you see the face of the tornado?

RAW, terrifying firsthand video…

This is a view of the tornado that destroyed my city. Look how close it was!!! This video was uploaded from an Android phone. This may sound weird but…Can you see the face in the tornado?

Tornado in Tuscaloosa

A shot of the tornado that caused so much damage in Tuscaloosa from window in Rose Towers…

Tuscaloosa Tornado 4.27.11 — ORIGINAL AUDIO

Amazes me the risk people take to film. This was right on top of them! Shot from houndstooth condos on 15th street across from central high school by Burns Brown. You can hear the tornado roaring…

Tuscaloosa Tornado Documentary

Here is a short documentary we made about the devastating tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27th. Shot on-the-fly with a crew of 2, we were lucky enough to meet and interview some of the locals who were there when disaster struck. Thanks to Jace Everett for contributing original music. Additional music by Explosions in the Sky and Tim Hecker.

Faces of Tuscaloosa – Tornado Response – Samaritan’s Purse

Apr 20, 2012…

One year after a massive EF4 tornado swept through Tuscaloosa, AL, Samaritan’s Purse continues to assist the community in rebuilding and recovering from this terrible disaster.

Heroes At DCH Regional Medical Center

Hundreds and hundreds of people were treated at DCH the night of April 27 with no water or commercial power. The men and women who worked in the emergency department that night were heroes.

You can look in our weather category or type in keyword tornado to see/read dozens and dozens of reports from this day. If you want to see what happened in a specific town JUST keyword that town with tornado.


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