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I am starting a news series of reports on Fracking. Today I am covering the current news going on in Texas. Being that this is becoming a high topic area. It’s not JUST that they are causing the disturbances in our geological formations, but the idea of ‘why’? It is undoubtedly some type of covert operation across the nation due to the secrecy of these government installments. So again, WHY?! And I am not t’ll pleased with the fact Obama is hosting Canadian Prime Minister Harper, Mexican President Calderon today. Because I tie that into years of research on NAFTA and NAU. Combining that with all the numerous reports on mysterious booms and DUMBs, we here at JUST Piper have the general consensus it somehow all links together. I will be profiling DUMBs at a later date.

Dust permeates the air at a Chesapeake Energy Co. fracking operation at a well site near Carrizo Springs, Texas Thursday May 5, 2011. The site is over the Eagle Ford shale formation where oil and gas is being extracted in the area. Fracking is also known as hydraulic fracturing. JOHN DAVENPORT/jdavenport@express-news.net (SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS) From the Houston Chronicle.

And friends, Chesapeake Energy is doing a whole lot of fracking:

* The Barnett Shale in north central Texas

~ Jun 10, 2010 Water contaminated shortly after hydraulic fracture:

NOTE: DISH is located in the epicenter of the Barnett Shale gas play and is home to a megacomplex of compressor stations, as well as pipelines, metering stations, gathering lines and gas wells. The town of DISH spent nearly 15% of its annual budget on a comprehensive air study after months of complaints to the state regulatory agencies and the operators of the compressor sites, gave the citizens no relief.

Shortly after a natural gas well was fractured using the controversial technique of hydraulic fracturing, a private water well within a thousand feet of the natural gas well site began showing sedimentation. DISH resident Amber Smith says shortly after the well was fractured a fine sand like sediment was present in the water from their private water well.

The water well owned by the Smith family shows levels of arsenic at 7.5 times the acceptable level for drinking water. The water also contained lead at levels that were 21 times above the acceptable levels, and chromium at more that double the allowable limits. Independent testing shows elevated levels of butanone, acetone, carbon disulfide, strontium, as well as heavy metals, all above safe drinking water standards.

* Haynesville Shale, located in northwestern Louisiana and East Texas

Dec 16, 2008



* Marcellus Shale Play, which spans from West Virginia to southern New York

* Is a top leaseholder in the Powder River and DJ basins, Chesapeake is fueling America’s move to energy independence in Colorado and Wyoming

* The leading leaseholder in eastern Ohio’s Utica Shale

So, as you can see there is a whole boatload of ‘booming’ going on! And this is JUST ONE corporation.

Chesapeake Energy hydraulic fracturing method

In order to maximize the production potential for a natural gas well, the shale formation must be hydraulically fractured…

Texas Water-Pollution Suit Dropped; Third Recent Setback on Drilling for Agency:

The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its claim that an energy company contaminated drinking water in Texas, the third time in recent months that the agency has backtracked on high-profile local allegations linking natural-gas drilling and water pollution.

On Friday, the agency told a federal judge it withdrew an administrative order that alleged Range Resources Corp. had polluted water wells in a rural Texas county west of Fort Worth. Under an agreement filed in U.S. court in Dallas, the EPA will also drop the lawsuit it filed in January 2011 against Range

And here…

(Reuters) – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in another retreat in its oversight of hydraulic fracturing, dropped allegations that Range Resources Corp polluted drinking water in Texas while drilling for natural gas.

West Texas well fracking:

~ WHY is the Obama EPA Backpedaling? Well…Fracking chemicals disclosures set off few alarms:

CARRIZO SPRINGS — Energy companies have disclosed some of the chemicals pumped into the ground to extract oil and gas at more than 1,700 locations across Texas in the first two months since the state began requiring the site-specific information.

Jacob Garza, of Chesapeake Energy, pours a chemical mixture used in the hydraulic fracturing process at the Eagle Ford shale

Yet the early returns have brought a collective shrug in the Eagle Ford play in South Texas, where almost every oil and gas well is hydraulically fractured – or fracked – with a brew of water, sand and chemicals.

Oil and gas drilling has expanded rapidly in the past few years because of hydraulic fracturing. The increased activity has led to calls to disclose the cocktails used to break tightly packed rock containing oil and gas.

The reports show that drillers employ dozens of chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid and methanol, to help free oil and gas deposits in the shale rock. Chemicals, however, are a small part of the overall mix, which is mostly water and sand.

Reports online:

Texas is one of at least nine states to require energy companies to disclose most of their chemicals in an attempt to resolve concerns about the safety of drilling. The reports can be found on FracFocus, an industry-supported website operated by two groups representing regulators.

Even before the Texas rule took effect Feb. 1, companies voluntarily posted their fracturing fluids at 4,200 Texas sites on the registry. As of Friday, Texas had 5,932 oil and gas wells listed at FracFocus, by far the most of any state.

The last issue are these two images, that let you know there is yet another problem facing towns being fracked:

* Housing for oilfield workers has become an issue for small towns like Asherton, in South Texas…

* Traffic piles up in Carrizo Springs, in the South Texas Eagle Ford Shale area. (Photo JERRY LARA, San Antonio Express News SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS)…

And remember to watch the so-called earthquake reports. Here is a photo from Karnes City, TX. As I was searching my email a shaker report came up from 10/20/2011. A 4.6 26 km (16 miles) WSW (249 degrees) of Karnes City, TX. Welding crews lay pipelines east of Karnes City to get oil and gas extracted from the Eagle Ford shale formation to market. So BOLO for shakers here & elsewhere fracking is happening.

We will profile cities. We will profile the energy corporations. In closing, you need, we need, to know exactly what these corporations are up to. We need to know this administrations culpabilities. We will not let this issue go. Make sure you share this knowledge. ~ JP


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