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San Diego, CA – “The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, citing serious concerns about equipment failures at the San Onofre nuclear plant, on Tuesday prohibited plant operator Southern California Edison from restarting the plant until the problems are thoroughly understood and fixed.”

by Alexander Higgins

The troubled San Onofre nuclear reactors are currently closed due to serious problems which threatens the lives of over 8 million people.

Apr 2, 2012 – A new television ad targeting Southern California Edison calls on residents to let the utility know that their families come first — and that it must not restart the troubled San Onofre nuclear reactors, which are currently closed due to serious safety problems.

The San Onofre nuclear power plant in California is currently shutdown due to serious problems the extent of which are being covered up.

The lives of over 8 million people in California are in real and immediate danger after radiation leaked from the tubes at the plan.t

As the plant’s operator, Southern California Edison, moves forward with plants to reopen the plant after assuring regulators the plant is safe to operator one of the nation’s top nuclear engineers issued a report last week revealing serious outstanding safety issues.

The report claims the operator is not being truthful issues at plant and concludes that the operator must be covering up more problems at the plant.

The report also says Southern California Edison has misled regulators changes made to the aging nuclear power plant and by failing to cite the differences about old and new steam reactors that could seriously compromise the safety of the reactors

In an attempt to raise awareness about the issues activists are spreading the word online and a coalition of concerned organizations are running a public service ad to alert the public to the seriousness of the issue.

The plan is to get people to tell their friends and family members and get them involved in raising awareness about the issue so they can combat the power and influence the nuclear industry has over our regulators.

This needs to reach critical mass so the public can demand in a voice of solidarity that the issues is properly addressed before the people in the Los Angeles and San Diego area find themselves living in the same level of radioactive nuclear fallout that the 20 million people in the Tokyo metropolitan area are living in now.

Enformable reports:

The ad parallels the threat from San Onofre’s troubled reactors with the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan — and notes that eight million Americans live within 50 miles of San Onofre, the distance the U.S. government advised should be evacuated in the Japan disaster. The ad urges residents to let the utility know that their families come first and that it must keep the reactors closed.

A report released last week by one of the nation’s leading independent nuclear engineers revealed serious unresolved safety problems with the steam generators at San Onofre’s two aging nuclear reactors and warned the problems could lead to accidents and significant radiation releases if the reactors are allowed to restart.

The paper also documented that Edison misled the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission about changes made to the reactors, failing to disclose differences between old and new steam generators that could seriously compromise the safety of the reactors.

“The Nuclear Regulatory Commission knows these reactors need to stay offline, and Southern California families know it too,” said Damon Moglen, climate and energy project director at Friends of the Earth.

“But Southern California Edison is pushing ahead. That’s unacceptable, especially after it was its deception that led to this dangerous situation.

People deserve better than to have their power company racing to restart dangerous nuclear reactors after one sprang a radioactive leak and when both threaten much worse.”



The Following is in depth data from Char:

From Orange County Register:

As workers began inspecting a leaky tube in one of the San Onofre nuclear plant’s reactors Thursday, federal regulators said more than 800 tubes in a second, offline reactor showed wear and thinning, although they are less than two years old.

~ San Onofre is not the only reactor in trouble. Illinois Emergency Mgmt. Agency testing air around Byron nuke plant, (near the Wisconsin border). So I wondered if it was a stretch that this is somehow connected to booms in Clintonville, WI. The distance between Roscoe, IL (near the border) and Sheboygan Falls, WI is 134 miles. Makes me wonder if the government is trying to stave off some damage from the Byron Plant. Dutch did mention a nuke reactor @ appox. 4:00 as a hypothesis in his Clintonville report.

For all of you near this location or any other, Char supplies these maps:

Last Reviewed/Updated Thursday, March 29, 2012

NRC List of Power Reactor Units

You can use the Locater for Operating Nuclear Power Reactors

(by Location or Name)

Facilities (by NRC Region or State)

Complete Methodology: Most Vulnerable Power Plants

~ and for safe keeping it doesn’t hurt to have this on hand: Potassium Iodide KI tablets

A huge thanks to Char for providing all this invalauable information! ~ JP


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  1. Split wood, not atoms!

    Great reporting!

    Look up Dr.Helen Caldicott on You Tube. She is a truth teller. She exposes all the lies, coverups, and dangers of nuclear power. She has said that we have several reactors in the U. S. constructed just like those reactors at Fukushima. I think some of them are using MOX fuel too.

  2. Good job!! Keep it up!

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