Apr 152012

A health insurance broker, Glenn Morton, has founded a super PAC called “Occupy Obamacare” and begun producing videos that using horror-movie imagery to attack the Affordable Care Act. This video features Herman Cain Struck by Lightning at Tea Party Rally.

Who is Dr. Obamacare?

“His mouth is full of cursing, and deceit, and fraud; under his tongue is mischief and vanity; He sitteth in the lurking places of the villages, in the secret places doth he murder the innocent” – Psalms 10:7-8

Zombie representation of Obamacare

Brain AND bank account eater

NOT Racist; underneath our skin, all brains taste the same and our money is still GREEN!

Created in a lab by mad political scientists in the early 90’s, when health insurance costs were too high ;)

Unleashed on American citizens by equally mad Democrats in Congress; Republicans said no. They are worth a second look. Signed into law by President Obama, who now enjoys the term “Obamacare”. So do we. Bipartisanship! :o)

Gets power from misstatements, dis-information campaigns, outright falsehoods, and silence…

Only known weaknesses: The TRUTH, and the book “Passing Obamacare,” which not only makes fun of President Obama, Sarah Palin, George Bush, and others, but contains a solution to our healthcare crisis reducing premiums by thousands per family per year, and increases access to care

Click image for Dr. Sinister Obamacare. A vote for me is a vote for your future!…

Obamacare lesson: Obamacare raises insurance costs more than if it never existed. In fact, based on premium increases since Obamacare became law, the average cost of a health insurance policy will double in about 8 years.

This is because Obamacare requires insurance policies to cover more stuff…stuff that some may want, but all do not need. If a single person pays extra to cover children he/she doesn’t have, or a woman pays insurance companies for free birth control pills that can be bought cheaply ($9/mo. at Walmart/Target…look it up. Not kidding), the only thing accomplished is giving insurers and medical providers MORE money, NOT reducing how much people pay who would use those services.

Insurance does not sell healthcare…it sells money. If you see health insurance as kinda like a credit card (an company that charges interest for being between you and your purchase), then you would see how expensive it is in monthly premiums to put small purchases, or unnecessary ones, on an interest-charging financial product i.e. insurance.

Just because politicians SAY you will benefit from their actions doesn’t make it true…

The best way to learn how to reduce premiums and increase access to healthcare is by purchasing the book Passing Obamacare, which is available on Amazon and in all eBook formats. It is a funny, easy read but, at the end (120 pages), you will know a better solution, and why it’s better. Promise :o)

OCCUPY Obamacare


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  1. Wow…thank you very much for helping. This is wonderful.

    • Thank you for doing what YOU are doing. Mine is a small acknowledgment in comparison. I think your video and mission is marvelous and I am honored you stopped in to comment! ~ JP

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