Apr 052012

ACTIVE WEATHER DAY: A tornado watch is in effect for much of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi until 9:00 this morning, as strong to severe storms have formed in that region ahead of the upper low, which is near the Oklahoma/Arkansas border. Light rain showers have moved into parts of West Alabama.

SPC has defined their standard “slight risk” of severe weather for all 67 Alabama counties today, as well as parts of the adjacent states. The primary threat for our state will come from hail and gusty winds; unidirectional wind profiles should keep the tornado threat very low. The rain could come at any time, but the stronger storms will be during the midday, afternoon, and evening hours. Rain amounts of about 1/2 inch look likely, but some spots will get more where the stronger storms develop.

The main window for stringers forms in Alabama will come from about 12:00 noon until 9:00 p.m. But, again, showers are possible this morning, mainly over West Alabama.

The storms will end tonight, and cooler air invades after midnight.

James Spann


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