Apr 262012

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office said Mobile police have made an arrest in the beating of Matthew Owens.

Authorities said the suspect is 44-year-old Terry Rawls. They said he is charged with first degree assault.

Rawls had nothing to say when asked about what happened last Saturday night. That’s when Matthew Owens was severely beaten by an unknown amount of people. Cpl. Chris Levy with Mobile police said this wasn’t the first run-in between the two.

At last check, Owens was in fair condition at USA Medical Center. ~ Thank God!

Arrest made in Matthew Owens case: fox10tv.com

~ REVERSE Racism Going On:

A racially charged beating of a white Alabama man by a throng of African-Americans is not being investigated as a hate crime, despite one witness’ claim that she heard an assailant exclaim: “Now that’s justice for Trayvon.”

Matthew Owens, of Mobile, Ala., was assaulted with baseball bats, paint cans and other weapons at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday after telling a group of children to stop playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive, according to Ashley Rains, public information officer for the Mobile Police Department.

Mobile police expect to make arrests today. Owens is in critical condition at USA Medical Center, three days after police say he was beaten by “multiple people” armed with chairs, pipes and paint cans .

Matthew Owens lying in the ICU at USA Medical Center.

UPDATE: Tuesday 3:10 p.m.

Mayor Sam Jones is urging the public not to jump to conclusions and to wait until the investigation is finished.

“Police will certainly explore a racial motive if the evidence supports it,” said Jones. “This type of mob violence will not be tolerated. If people think we are going to tolerate that to bring attention to some national event, they are sorely mistaken. They will be arrested and prosecuted for assault or whatever the appropriate charge may be,” he said.

News 5’s Lauren Vargas spoke with a neighbor who also heard a member of the mob that beat Matthew Owens say “Now thats justice for Trayvon.”

That backs up what Owens’ sister, who witnessed the attack from her house across the street, told News 5. Ashey Parker calls it “the scariest thing I have ever witnessed.”

Owens’ brother, who does not want to be named because he fears for his safety, told News 5 the mob showed up in 3-4 cars full of people.

~ WTH does this have to do with another crime?! Looking for an excuse! Basketball? Taking a page from Meta World Dog.

Police canvassed the area, but did not find any suspects. They’re asking anyone with information to call them at 251-208-7211, Crime Stoppers at 251-208-7000, or text a tip to 274637 and include the keyword CRIME 411.


A 40-year-old man was in critical condition today after being severely beaten Saturday night by a group of men in the 1000 block of Delmar Drive, Mobile police said.

Delmar Drive runs south off Pleasant Valley Road and runs parallel to Interstate 65, two blocks to the east.

Apr 262012

Simple and easy to sign up for. I got the PDF in 5 minutes.

For decades, liberals have been stealing conservative values and beliefs about topics as varied as education, healthcare, poverty, racism, war, and protecting the environment. In campaign after campaign against conservatives, liberals claim to be the political party of “compassion.” And since the media is largely controlled by liberal-leaning editors and journalists, conservatives are expected to defend unpopular positions such as “corporate greed,” “religious intolerance,” “war-mongering,” and a host of other non-topics.

Ironically, liberal “solutions” aren’t anything of the sort. For example, liberals are only “generous” in their endless social and political programs with other peoples’ hard-earned money. Their policies ultimately further financial slavery by keeping people neck-deep in debt and welfare entitlements. As a result, wasteful spending plagues the American economy and federal and state governments are bloated with unnecessary bureaucracy.

The time has come to the set the record straight. Conservatives have the only real and lasting solutions to the 10 major problems facing our nation. These solutions are clearly and persuasively explained in the all-new “Right-Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left!”

The time has come to the set the record straight. Conservatives have the only real and lasting solutions to the 10 major problems facing our nation. These solutions are clearly and persuasively explained in the all-new “Right-Wing Handbook: Demolishing Ten Lies of the Left!”

This conservative field guide will help you understand and defend conservative positions on:

* How to Reduce Poverty & Homelessness without Taxes!

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Black Liberation Theology’s Origin and History

Is President Obama actually carrying out the work of his theology in the White House? Do we have a President who is living out his theology in his political agenda? In this segment, the Right Wing Reverend briefly explains the origin and history of black theology that is behind President Obama’s black liberation theological views.

Right Wing Reverend

Apr 262012

Thanks to Dr. Gina and Producer Jason, we will be attending:

Extraordinary Women exists to help draw women closer to the heart of God… everyday. Extraordinary Women is not just a Christian women’s event… it’s a lifestyle. We are excited that women attend our conferences, but we want more than just a few days with you. We want to be a part of your life!

“It is our desire, our prayer, that through the Extraordinary Women Association we can keep in touch throughout the year and minister to your spiritual needs and help you draw closer to God and those you hold dearest,” says Julie Clinton, President, Extraordinary Women Association.

Our Core Values…

The transforming power of the grace of God to restore lives
Walking in freedom and extraordinary faith
Bringing the message of hope and healing through our speakers and music
Modeling the love of Christ to His people

Honoring our extraordinary God in all we do

Friday, April 27th

6:00pm: Doors Open

7:00 – 10:00pm: Conference

Saturday, April 28th

7:30am: Doors Open

8:30am – 12:00pm: then lunch, Conference resumes until 4:30pm


Conference Host: Julie Clinton

Special Guest: Sarah Palin

Candace Cameron Bure

Angela Thomas

Lysa TerKeurst

Joe White

Kim and Krickitt Carpenter

Michael O’Brien and MercyMe will be performing


See schedule to see where they will be next

The good Lord willing I will be reporting on this Sunday ~ JP

Apr 262012

The Top 6 perform a medley of “Fat Bottomed Girls,” “Another One Bites The Dust” and “We Are The Champions” by Queen with the band’s legendary members Roger Taylor and Brian May:

Without a doubt Elise Testone was the Top performer of the night:

“Bold As Love” by Jimi Hendrix

and…“I Want It All” by Queen:

Then I’d say this performance by Joshua Ledet was next:

“Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen

and of course Phillip Phillips…

“Fat Bottomed Girls” by Queen

IMO these are the three I would like to see for the final three but Jessica Sanchez is the ‘chosen’ golden child. Which again is why AI has lost SO many viewers. The fix is in again? Once again I certainly hope not. ~ JP

Apr 262012

FOX Chicago News Chicago

The mayor of New Lenox said Thursday that his call for a boycott of the city’s gas stations has helped drive down prices.

Mayor Tim Baldermann told the board Monday that the only way to get skyrocketing gas prices back down is to fill up somewhere else.

And on Thursday on FOX Chicago News, Baldermann said that prices at some gas stations have dropped by a dime or more in the past couple days.

That’s a big contrast to the past couple weeks, when gas prices in New Lenox had been averaging far higher than they had in neighboring towns:

New Lenox: $4.15 to $4.21
Frankfort: $4.09 to $4.13
Manhattan: $3.90
Joliet: $4.10

Baldermann said that he contacted the gas companies and learned they only compete with other stations within the same municipal limits.

He says that stations just five minutes away are as much as 20 cents cheaper. The station at Route 30 and Wolf Road has been 12 cents lower.

New Lenox Mayor Says Gas Station Boycott is Working: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

Apr 262012

by Joel B. Pollak

Barack Obama’s association with radical Critical Race Theory professor Derrick Bell did not end after Harvard Law School–and certainly not at the April 24, 1990 rally at which Obama embraced Bell, literally and figuratively. Breitbart News has discovered a letter sent by Obama to Bell in February 1995 in which Obama asks Bell to review–and to blurb–an early version of Obama’s autobiography, then entitled Dreams of My Father.

The letter is preserved in the archives of New York University, to which Bell donated his papers. The archives–which are open to the public–include Bell’s papers from decades of research, writing, teaching, and speaking. The website for the archives lists some of Bell’s notable correspondents, but omits Obama. Though the archives do not permit full publication without permission of the copyright holder, some excerpts can be provided.

The letter, dated February 3, 1995, is on a letterhead from Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Galland, the civil rights law firm that hired Obama. Over two pages, Obama brings Bell up to date on his career in Chicago, mentions that he is using Bell’s textbook with his own students, and asks him for help in reviewing, and promoting, Dreams:

As for me, I’m keeping busy in Chicago. I’m currently working at Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland here in Chicago, a small firm specializing in employment discrimination and voting rights/civil rights cases. I’m also teaching a seminar on race and the law at the University of Chicago law school — your casebook has been an invaluable reference guide for that.

The main reason I’m writing to you, though, has to do with a book that I’ve been writing, on again, off again, for the past two years. Originally, the book (called Dreams of My Father) was going to be a series of essays on issues of race and class, but as it has evolved it’s become a memoir of my family and my experiences as an organizer in Chicago…

Your name came to mind as somebody whose insight I’ve always appreciated, so I’ve enclosed an advanced reader’s edition of the book. If you have time to read it and think it’s worth of a plug, I’d be thrilled…

If you own a copy of Dreams from My Father, you will not find a blurb from Bell on the back cover. That is because when Obama ascended to the national stage in 2004, and the book was reprinted, the publishers chose not to include it. But Bell did provide a blurb for the book’s first edition, which is a rare collectible today. The blurb reads:

Dreams from My Father is a beautifully written chronicle of a gifted young man marked and molded by a family whose love for him was as deep as its diversity was daunting. We hear in Barack Obama’s soaring book that survival demands resilience in the face of frustrated expectations, and that one’s committed opposition to the destructive tides of America’s obsession with color cultivates a vision of life that is nourished by struggle. – Derrick Bell, author of Faces at the Bottom of the Well

By the time Obama reached out to him, Bell’s radicalism was well and widely known. He had just blurbed Louis Farrakhan’s book on black self-reliance, A Torchlight for America, and praised the Nation of Islam’s community education programs.

Clearly, Obama’s link to Bell was more than just a “hug,” but part of a sustained effort to align himself with the radical left–and to be seen by others as a legitimate radical–in the early stages of his public life.


Apr 262012

New evidence photos recently turned over to Congress show a stash of grenade parts, fuse assemblies and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Evidence photos just turned over to Congress under subpoena show a frightening stash of grenade parts, fuse assemblies and more than 2,000 rounds of ammunition. It was all hidden in a spare tire of an SUV crossing from the US to Mexico in 2010. The accused smuggler, an alleged drug cartel arms dealer named Jean Baptise Kingery, was questioned by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) but released.

Documents handed over to Congress by the Justice Department shed new light on missteps in the grenades case, and how ATF tracked the suspect for years.

ATF started watching Kingery in “2004 related to AK47 purchases,” according to an internal email, “it is believed that he is trafficking them to Mexico.” A full five years later in late 2009, ATF also learned Kingery was dealing in grenades: he’d ordered 120 grenade bodies on the Internet.

Grenades are weapons of choice for Mexico’s killer drug cartels. An attack on a casino in Mexico last year killed 53 people.

Documents show ATF secretly intercepted the grenade bodies Kingery had ordered, marked them, and delivered them to him on Jan. 26, 2010. Their plan was to follow Kingery to his weapons factory in Mexico, with help from Mexican authorities Immigration and Customs (ICE).

The Justice Department Inspector General is investigating the Kingery case along with ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious, which allowed thousands of assault rifles and other weapons to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels in a failed attempt to take down a major cartel.

There are some similarities between the Kingery grenade case and Fast and Furious. The chief suspect in Fast and Furious, Manuel Celis-Acosta was stopped by law enforcement three times but released — while allegedly trafficking firearms for cartels. It wasn’t until weapons linked to him turned up at the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry that ATF finally charged Acosta.

The Kingery case and Fast and Furious were both supervised out of ATF’s Phoenix office by Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell. It was Newell who wrote an email and delivered the bad news about Kingery to Washington DC headquarters: Mexican officials “lost Kingery” even though “they had plenty of notice and descriptive info.”

The Justice Department and ATF had no immediate comment.


h/t FOX Nation

Apr 262012


Apr 262012

After four years of a celebrity president, is your life any better?…

featured image: FOX Nation