Apr 192012

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In a particularly revealing statement, made in the context of Congressman Lieutenant Colonel Allen West calling the Progressive Caucus communists, Congressman Keith Ellison shows why his views, and the views of his entire caucus, are all about the “Me! Me! Me!” stance of democrat voters. Read this quote and make up your own mind about the truth of his statement:

“The bottom line is the progressive caucus budget has things in it that Americans really, really want,” Ellison said. “Like, we front load jobs. We have the Buffett rule. We allow the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans to expire. We put money in to a youth corps, a parks corps — so we can get young people back on a job. We do the things Americans want to be done. We begin to get ourselves out of Cold War weaponry like this nuclear arsenal. Part of the bill contains the SANE Act, which is Ed Markey’s version of getting us out of the nuclear business since there is no more Soviet Union.” Ellison added that it is imperative to show voters that West and his ideological brethren are “standing in the way of their good fortune.”

I know that the American people understand that this is the last ditch of the democrat defense of their corrupt rule – “Vote for us, ’cause we give you all the free stuff.”

PolitiChicks ‘The RIGHT kind of PC’

Keith Ellison responds to Allen West’s ‘communist’ claim: ‘Sir, have you no decency?’

This coming from an avowed muslim…

Daily Caller

Apr 192012

India on Thursday carried out the inaugural trial launch of its longest-range nuclear-ready ballistic missile, a weapon that could hit major metropolitan centers in neighboring China and parts of Eastern Europe, Reuters reported (see GSN, April 18).

India’s defense chief proclaimed the maiden flight of the Agni 5 from Wheeler Island was “immaculate” and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heralded the launch as “another milestone in our quest to add to the credibility of our security and preparedness.”

The three-stage, solid-fueled Agni 5 has a top flight distance of about 3,100 miles and was developed almost completely in India. The missile has near-ICBM capabilities and is aimed largely at deterring an attack from China, rather than India’s longtime rival Pakistan, according to Reuters. New Delhi said it will be a minimum of two years before the missile is ready for induction into the military.

The only other nations to possess longer-range missiles are nuclear powers China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. In a landmark 2008 atomic cooperation deal with Washington, India gained tacit acceptance of its possession of nuclear weapons outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Unlike last Friday’s unsuccessful long-range rocket firing by pariah state North Korea, the international community expressed little concern about the Indian launch, which had been in the works for some time.

India vs. North Korea missile tests

Difference in global response to launches

Read more…

– featured image Photo By Indian Ministry of Defense AP

Apr 192012

Allen West’s comments that there are nearly 80 Communists in the House (See for yourself!) just won’t go away. And CNN is making sure of that.

~ SSSoledadSSS

CNN anchor {abrasive and ignorant) Not her first time: Soledad O’Brien, for example, had a testy exchange with West on Thursday morning, confronting him on the remarks and demanding he “name names.”

From the beginning, O’Brien was combative, vehemently disagreeing with Allen West regarding Ted Nugent’s controversial recent comments. Then they turned to West’s own remarks. After playing the clip, O’Brien asked him about it, and West said that Communists have “renamed themselves progressive” but the ideology has stayed the same. Mediaite picks it up from there with a transcript:

“So name names for me,” O’Brien said. “Start naming the 78 to 81…”

“Oh, we don’t have to…” West countered.

“Oh, we do! I’m dying to know,” O’Brien pressed. “Which are the members of the…”

“You can go look up the “progressive caucus…” interrupted West.

“I got ‘em right here!” O’Brien interjected — and seemingly out of thin air pulled out a list of the members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Then you’ve got the names,” West said.

“So Keith Ellison is a communist?” asked O’Brien.(Ellison, who was recently elected co-chair of the Progressive caucus in the House,) voted against the compromise.”>

“Raúl Grijalva is a communist?”

See JUST how true this is!: The Progressive Caucus The Socialists In The United States Congress

Co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

~ Boy, this MadLibs get angry when ‘TRUTH’ comes out don’t they?

“Well, look, I’m just talking about the fact that the ideology and principles — you can call it whatever you want…”

“Tammy Baldwin is a communist? Judy Chu is a communist?” O’Brien continued.

On our little ‘Red’ Tammy Baldwin:


Fifty-four House members are defying AIPAC and calling on President Obama to lift the deadly blockade of Gaza.

… In short, the courageous 54 want the blockade lifted.

Please take a look at the list of these legislators who will, no doubt, catch hell from powerful AIPAC types in their districts and, more significanyly, among their donor base.

Also note this. The fact that your favorite liberal is not among the 54 does not mean he or she disagrees with their braver colleagues. It only means that they are not ready to stand up and be counted.

The 54 deserve our thanks as does J Street and Americans for Peace Now which supported the House effort that was led by three Minnesotans: Keith Ellison, James Oberstar, and Betty McCollum. And Tammy Baldwin’s name IS on this list.


Q: How many of the DSA members sit on the Judiciary Committee?

A: Eleven: John Conyers [Chairman of the Judiciary Committee], Tammy Baldwin, Jerrold Nadler, Luis Gutierrez,

Melvin Watt, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson, Steve Cohen, Barbara Lee, Robert Wexler, Linda Sanchez [there are 23 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee of which eleven, almost half, are now members of the DSA].

* A letter written to a Health & Human Services advisory committee considering the policy this week was signed by openly gay representatives Barney Frank of Massachusetts and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin but not Polis.

* Hon. Tammy Baldwin (WI-02) Listed on AMERICAN SOCIALIST VOTER

* DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA: List of Current Co-Sponsors of H.Con.Res.450

* The U.S. Congress is very close to passing a trifecta of gay-friendly bills, according to openly gay U.S. Reps. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and Jared Polis (D-CO), according to a new report by the AP.

* Opposed ACORN Investigation into Child Sex Slavery, Human Trafficking, Tax Evasion, Mortgage Fraud Charges

Judy Chu is a communist?” – Soledad

Welll, YOU decide:

* Ask SEIU: SEIU Member-Endorsed Judy Chu Candidate Wins in California Hmmm and she is House Education and Labor Committee

* Many of us are at the bargaining table right now fighting back increases in our health insurance.

We need to fix our broken healthcare system so we can:

– Keep the coverage we have
– Get costs under control so our employers can focus on investing in public services
– Make healthcare less of an issue during contract time, so we can focus on staffing levels and other improvements at our worksites

Health Care Town Hall With Congresswoman Judy Chu

* Chu’s Book on Communist China: Junzi, a Man of Virtue: The Biography of Yuan-li Wu

* Original co-sponsors of the Honest and Open Testimony Act Judy Chu

* She is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. She was part of the Cesar Chavez walk. April 6, 2002 –marking the ninth anniversary of the legendary farm worker and civil rights leader’s death and the 40th anniversary of the United Farm Workers. Again does this not show bias in your position as House Education and Labor Committee?

* According to a Special Convention Discussion: Mexican American Equality, for the Communist Party USA’s 2010, 29th National Convention in New York, Chinese American Judy Chu, over progressive pro-labor Latinos. Organized labor is now a major force for immigration reform and against repression with increased Mexican American participation on all levels in growing numbers of international unions and support for workers centers.

* Presentation to Obama’s sister. The event was organized by State Board of Equalization Chair Judy Chu.

These facts are from KeyWiki

“You can call it whatever you want,” West replied.

“Yeah, but I want to know what you’re calling it,” O’Brien said.

“I’m calling it this,” West clarified. “Communist, progressive, Marxist, statist, another term being used. I’m looking at things they believe in. If you don’t think we have to stand upon truth and be able to identify and clearly contrast the different principles and values and ideologies of governance here in this country, then we’re never going to get to the fact of accepting the true debate happening in America. We don’t need a bureaucratic nanny state. We need to stay a Constitutional Republic. I think a lot of people need to study that and understand what it is.”

CNN hasn’t posted the video, but Mediaite captured it:

So my question to Soledad once again, is why do you like wearing egg on your face for the lack of investigative journalism? I dare you chickee, to show me someone in the Obama administration who is NOT a Socialist-Progressive-Populist-Communist- Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Maoist- ETC. I deserve your paycheck more than you for how I repudiated your asinine behavior to a stellar man like Congressman Allen West! ~ JP


Socialism in America Far Left Democrats Setting the Policy

h/t The Blaze

Apr 192012

…Working at Walmart & McDonald‘s As Bad As ’Selling Drugs’ (Plus – Beck Is a ‘Hater’)

Van Jones remains a lightning rod of controversy since his disgraced departure from the White House.

You might remember a few weeks back in a Blaze story where Jones lashed out at Libertarians:

They ‘Hate’ the ‘Brown Folk, the Gays, the Lesbians’…They‘re ’Anti-Immigrant Bigots’

“They say they’re Patriots but they hate everybody in America who looks like us. They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings, ya know ya’ll.”

Jones has since walked back this statement but this week added new fuel to the fire.

In an interview on April 17th with allhiphop.com, Obama’s Former Green Energy Czar takes vicious stabs at Conservatives and working class people alike.

In discussing his vision of a utopian economy, Jones made sure to note that anyone who works in factories, fast food industry or Walmart were essentially as bad as drug dealers.

“I started to figure out where are the jobs I can respect, because if you’re out in the neighborhood, and you’re causing problems, and then you know we get you a job and you‘re working for a factory that’s polluting everybody, you’re still causing problems! Just cause you’re doing it on the legitimate side doesn’t mean that those kids getting cancer and asthma cause of you are any less sick or dead than the ones you were selling drugs to on the illegitimate side. So, we gotta be consistent.”

Jones continued.

“Green jobs [where we’re putting our people to work] in healthy industries- organic foods, solar panels, weatherizing homes, helping people be healthy. I said I want more work, more wealth, and better health in our communities. The way you get that is not with pollution-based jobs, not having people working at McDonald‘s or Wendy’s selling food that’s not good, not working at Walmart where the people who made those products overseas are being oppressed, but having something that you can say 360 degrees is healthy and positive.”

The Blaze

Apr 192012

So when will Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney meet in person, a step closer to the former rival’s backing the presumptive nominee? Not for at least two to three weeks, Santorum’s longtime adviser and strategist John Brabender said.

Brabender ( OMG, not touching that name with an ounce of me) says he has been talking to Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades and they have been looking at dates in the next two to three weeks for a possible meeting.

“They are going to just sit down and talk about a few things on the agenda,” Brabender said. “One of the things that will be discussed is a potential endorsement.”

But it won’t just be an endorsement Romney and Santorum will discuss.

“The senator takes his endorsement very seriously and he will want to get some assurance that some of the issues that are very important to him will be important in a Romney administration. That’s why I think they need to have a conversation,” Brabender said before adding that the former Pennsylvania wants to stay active in the election.

Santorum stressed Monday on a phone call with supporters that despite his not endorsing yet, there is “no question Barack Obama has to be defeated,” saying he will be helping Republican candidates up and down the ballot and describing himself as being “all in,” as he did during his NRA speech last week.

Brabender repeated that refrain, saying Santorum is focused on making sure Obama is a one-term president and that he is “interested in Romney’s thoughts on how Rick might be helpful in making sure we have a Republican president.”

- source

h/t Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer Admin II of Patriot Action Network

Apr 192012

Anarchists, socialists, communists and union activists staged a counter protest to a Tax Day Rally at the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. All are pushing for the recall of Gov. Scott Walker and the repeal of his education reforms.

Apr 192012

“‘Cloud streets’ are created when convection currents cut low-lying cumulus into long, clean strips.”

Cloud Streets

Chemtrails over Warsaw / Warszawa (18.04.2012, Poland / Polska)

Strange clouds pattern near by Warsaw/Poland 18.04.2012

It looked very bizzare! Stripes of clouds in a linear pattern. For sure not a natural cloud shape! What it can be? Earth electromagnetic field manipulation came to my mind…Any suggestions welcome. (Dziwne kształty chmur 18.04 niedaleko Warszawy. Raczej mało prowdopodobne żeby był to naturalny kształ chmur)

See Today’s featured post in correlation to this one: Angels Don’t Play This HAARP ~ Advances in Tesla Technology

Apr 192012

by Cliff Kincaid

* Links/videos provided by JP

Billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros expanded his U.S.-based empire by using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Newly recently released tax documents, examined and analyzed by Tina Trent of sorosfiles.com, reveal how billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros expanded his U.S.-based empire by using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, also known as the Obama stimulus. Soros and Obama worked hand-in-glove through the stimulus, which has been called the largest single partisan wealth transfer in American history.

Van Jones, former environmental czar for President Barack Obama, launched his Rebuild the Dream 10 city tour in Hawaii. He unites socialist groups in an effort to get the Hawaii legislature to pass a bill to establish a state “clean” bank.

The new report has been released by America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), publisher of the Soros Files website, and posted under the title OBAMA STIMULUS DOLLARS FUNDED SOROS EMPIRE. The release of the report coincides with an Internet advertising campaign on CanadaFreePress.com, a global source of news and information, drawing attention to how the transfers of federal funds to the Soros empire constitute a bigger scandal than ACORN.

In that scandal, the House and Senate voted to cut off funds to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) after undercover videos showed ACORN officials giving advice on how to hide financial misdeeds and tax crimes. “The new and currently unfolding scandal of extravagant spending by the General Services Administration, or GSA, is peanuts compared to how Soros tapped the public till,” ASI President Cliff Kincaid said.

In 2010, tax records show that Soros, a convicted inside trader with extensive knowledge of the American financial system and government policies under Obama, deployed grantees from his Open Society Foundations to lobby for and acquire federal contracts for job training, green energy, and community redevelopment programs. By gaining control over those resources, Soros advanced his agenda for “green economics,” open borders, and increased government handouts.

In short, he grew his empire, which includes much of the “progressive” movement in the U.S., as the federal government itself grew.

In the report, Tina Trent analyzes George Soros’s grants to organizations in 2010. Four powerful organizations and coalitions—The STAR Coalition, The Gamaliel Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, and Green for All – are given detailed scrutiny in this regard, with the involvement of Van Jones getting special mention. Jones is the former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” fired after information about his communist past surfaced through the work of anti-communist blogger Trevor Loudon and then-Fox News personality Glenn Beck.

~ NOTE: Green For All is a national organization working to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty.

Our Mission

Green For All is dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans through a clean energy economy. We work in collaboration with the business, government, labor, and grassroots communities to create and implement programs that increase quality jobs and opportunities in green industry – all while holding the most vulnerable people at the center of our agenda.

* I suggest you clearly read the mission at each of the above links. You will see what Romney referred to.


And it doesn’t end there my friends. It goes so much deeper. Synergy: Soros-Funded Groups Create, then Report Anti-ALEC Campaign:

The campaign against the American Legislative Exchange Council is a case study of the powerful liberal echo chamber at work: left-wing non-profits empower activists to target the organization, media outlets report on those efforts, and “experts” offer quotations to lend those reports additional weight.

The upstart group Color of Change has spearheaded the campaign against ALEC, calling for boycotts by some of the organization’s largest private sector supporters. About 10 companies have dropped their support for ALEC in the face of that opposition.

* NOTE: Color of Change also spearheaded the FEATURED CAMPAIGN Justice for Trayvon Martin.

Color of Change is one of the many left-wing groups which receive money from George Soros’s Open Society Institute. And it’s not the only one involved in the anti-ALEC campaign with that distinction.

On Monday, the Center for Public Integrity, which has received about $1.8 million in funding from the Open Society Institute since 2009, led with a story about ALEC. The organization’s communications director blasted a pitch for a story purporting to expose “the questionable doings of the American Legislative Exchange Council.”

* CPI claims to be about vigilant investigative journalism to uncover the truth

The story, by Center for Public Integrity reporter Paul Abowd, examines support for ALEC by beer and wine distributors, which have reportedly also given money to state legislators that have backed voter ID laws in their various states.

Abowd hints at cronyism by way of ALEC, but he never gets around to saying exactly what interest, if any, the alcoholic beverage industry has in voter ID legislation.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America have both sat on ALEC’s recently-disbanded Public Safety and Elections task force, but their work on the panel aimed “to foster efforts aimed at preventing underage drinking,” according to Abowd. Neither would say how they voted when the task force considered ALEC’s voter ID model legislation. Both the NBWA and the WSWA deny having any interest in the voter ID issue.

Abowd notes that the two trade associations have given money to ALEC member legislators who have backed voter ID bills, but he also notes that both groups are very active politically. Given their extensive political operations, it seems presumptuous (to say the least) to attribute campaign contributions to those legislators’ stances on a single issue, especially when the two organizations deny any stake in that issue.

The only evidence Abowd offers that either of these organizations supports voter ID laws comes from one individual who can’t make the assertion with any authority or certitude:

Not everyone is convinced. Among the skeptics is Edwin Bender, executive director of the National Institute on Money in State Politics. “If you see this happening in several states, that’s some indication that there’s a strategy there, especially if they’re giving money to ALEC members,” said Bender.

The National Institute of Money in State Politics also receives significant funding from the Open Society Institute – more than $2.1 million, according to a 2010 report by the American Justice Partnership.

So the instigators of the campaign against ALEC, the organization reporting on the campaign, and the source of allegations against it are all backed by the same left-wing group.

The Open Society Institute and like-minded groups have helped create a sophisticated apparatus to drive the efforts of fringe activists into the mainstream political conversation. Abowd’s piece on alcohol distributors also appeared in the Huffington Post.

The Center for Public Integrity bills itself as a nonpartisan investigative organization and it often lives up to the label. But its work on ALEC is so devoid of factual reporting that it can only be seen as an extension of this insular, self-referential political attack machine.


Apr 192012

Paul Revere was captured along the way, but William Dawes and Samuel Prescott continued the midnight ride from Boston’s Old North Church to warn the inhabitants of Concord that British troops were coming to seize their guns.

In early dawn, APRIL 19, 1775, American “Minutemen,” as poet Emerson wrote, fired the “shot heard round the world” by confronting the British on Lexington Green and at Concord’s Old North Bridge.

One of the most important events in all world history (not to mention American history) was the American Revolutionary War. Through the battles that were to take place between Great Britain and its American Colonies, the face of the world would be changed forever with the birth of a new nation. The Revolutionary War and the significant events that transpired immediately before and after are essential to understand.

The conflict began that in eight years would end in independence.

New England celebrates this as “Patriots’ Day.”

Also on APRIL 19, in the year 1951, Five-Star General Douglas MacArthur retired from 48 years of patriotic service.

Douglas MacArthur Farewell Speech to Congress

One of the most decorated soldiers in U.S. history, MacArthur served in France in WWI, was Superintendent of West Point and the youngest Army Chief of Staff.

General Douglas MacArthur was Supreme Allied Commander in the Pacific in WWII and received Japan’s surrender.

He commanded UN forces against North Korea, but was dismissed by President Truman for not fighting a limited war.

Douglas MacArthur said:

“Like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away, an old soldier who has tried to do his duty as God gave him the light to see that duty.”

Old soldiers never die…They just fade away – General Douglas Macarthur, savior of the Phillipines, hero of World War 2, and great anti-communist gets canned by Harry S. Truman.

Listen to American Minute

Apr 192012

Lecturer and author Dr. Nick Begich discussed Project HAARP, and whether it’s capable of affecting the climate or causing earthquakes, as well as updates on mind control and brain altering/enhancing technologies. “Mind effects are one of the most fertile grounds for military planners. It is one of the biggest areas of research in terms of trying to figure out, manipulate, mold, shape, and form the mind,” he noted. While DARPA serves as the lead, almost every branch of the US military explores this kind of technology, he continued.

“Electronic telepathy is just a synthetic version of what is the natural radio of human beings, if you will…each of us is a transceiver and a transducer, we’re picking up energy, we’re transferring energy,” and that’s why telepathy, energy medicine, and higher human capacities are all associated with changes in energy states, Begich commented. But, a mental background of fear and anxiety will prevent people from experiencing higher states of consciousness, he pointed out.

HAARP is an array of antennas in Alaska, and by firing radio frequencies through them, a number of effects can be created such as altering the ionosphere. Begich reported that the secretive program is still active, contrary to rumors that it had closed down. It’s possible HAARP technology could be used for manipulation of weather for control of a battlefield, creating what appears to be natural disasters, as well as earthquake generation using a small amount of energy to trigger a much larger reaction, he detailed. The earth-penetrating tomography function of HAARP uses a pulse rate that correlates to the rhythms of the human brain, which suggests that mind control/influence could be done over a large area through the atmosphere, he added.

Also See: JP Think Deep Profile Piece

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP : Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning is a book gaining wide publicity throughout the United States having been featured on hundreds of radio programs, news reports and television programs. This book was named one of the most important books of 1996 by Project Censored : The News that Didn”t Make the News. The book is the subject of talk radio programs six to twelve times a month on both national and regional programs. The book is in its third english printing since being released in September, 1995. Translations were released in Japan and Germany in 1996.

The U.S. Military”s first target is the electrojet: a river of electricity that flows thousands of miles through the sky and down into the polar icecap. The electrojet will become a vibrating artificial antenna for sending electromagnetic radiation raining down on the earth. The U.S. military can then “X-ray” the earth and talk to submarines. But there”s much more they can do with HAARP. This book reveals surprises from secret meetings.

featured image is a HAARP sky

h/t Coast to Coast