Apr 102012

Katherine Jenkins

My Number one pick for the night despite her injury she ROCKS!

Donald Driver is looking more and more like a lead contender:

Maria Menounos

I like her too.

Gavin DeGraw

Surprisingly I truly enjoyed this.

Roshon Fegan

Now I don’t care for this kid but this performance was GREAT!

Performance Recap: Apr 9, 2012

IMO Gladys or Jaleel will be leaving…Although Melissa got hurt, she did very well.

Apr 102012

Juliet Simms: “Roxanne”

Different, not sur in a good way?

James Massone: “Don’t Know Why”

Love, LOVE this boy! He did struggle a tad.

Tony Vincent: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

Best of the night.

Pip: “When We Were Young”

Very seasoned, professional.

Katrina Parker: “Tonight Tonight”

Love her also! So unique. Sounds and looks like Adele more and more.

Jamar Rogers: “Are You Gonna Go My Way”

NOT Lenny Kravitz.

~ Stay tuned for the Results show tonight. Does it not suck it has the same exact time slot as DWTS?

Apr 102012

Team Adam’s Kim Yarbrough pushes her limits with “Rolling in the Deep.”

eh~ shrug

Karla sings her heart out on “Airplanes.”

She does?

Mathai delivers her best take on “Ordinary People.” Still one of my favorites.

Still love her sound

Erin Martin brings her best as she sings “Walk Like an Egyptian.”


Cheesa: “Don’t Leave Me This Way”

I like this powerhouse but nothing special in this performance.

Tony Lucca: “In Your Eyes”

Sooo good…

Apr 102012

Rick Santorum will drop out of the GOP race today at Gettysburg.

After several initially conflicting reports, Fox News confirmed it.

Santorum is suspending his campaign after a raucus primary season in which he came from nowhere to beat Romney (barely) in the Iowa caucuses.

Despite Newt Gingrich’s win in South Carolina, Santorum became the “anti-Romney” in the race, an alternative candidate for conservatives who could not abide the front-runner.

- source

Apr 102012

Ynetnews reported in their article, “US operated deep in Iran, trained assassins,” that, “the New Yorker reported over the weekend that the US trained members of the Iranian opposition group Mujahideen-e-Khalq. According to previous reports, Israel has been cooperating with the group, which allegedly carried out hits on Iranian nuclear scientists.” Ynetnews also reported that US officials doubt Iran is or will be developing nuclear weapons, as has been claimed to justify years of sanctions, covert subversion, terrorism, and unprovoked attacks by the West against Iran.

It appears that not only Israel, but the US in tandem with Mossad have been training, arming, financing, harboring, and directing the US State Department-listed foreign terror organization (#29) Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) since as early as 2005 where MEK terrorists were brought to Las Vegas, Nevada to train. The April 2012 New Yorker article, “Our Men in Iran?” by Seymour Hersh, elaborates in detail how the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) trained a listed terrorist organization on US soil before sending them back to Iran with weapons and money to carry out “anti-regime terrorist activities.” MEK is suspected to be behind a rash of assassinations targeting Iranian scientists, as well as handling patsies in a string of international bombings US and Israeli officials attempted to pin on Iran.

And while MEK’s representatives, including a growing lobby in Washington D.C. consisting of some of the most disingenuous supporters of the “War on Terror,” including Rudy Giuliani, former US Marine Commandant General James Jones, Tom Ridge, and Lee Hamilton, claim MEK has renounced “terror,” the entire purpose of training them, funding them, and getting them removed from the US State Department “Foreign Terrorist Organization” list is to allow them to carry out a wider campaign of violence against the Iranian people with even greater US support. In essence – to support terror on an unprecedented scale.

This is stated in US policy think-tank Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” report published in 2009 which stated (emphasis added):

“Perhaps the most prominent (and certainly the most controversial) opposition group that has attracted attention as a potential U.S. proxy is the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), the political movement established by the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq). Critics believe the group to be undemocratic and unpopular, and indeed anti-American.

Continue Reading on landdestroyer.blogspot.com

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Apr 102012

Republicans accuse administration of blocking key witness…

Apr 102012

See the Videos

Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa goes on the record with Greta Van Susteren about the $823,000 taxpayer funded GSA Vegas convention and the upcoming Oversight hearing on April 16.

Apr 102012

TVN witnessed at least four tornadoes on April 9th in northwest Oklahoma by the town of Woodward. One of the tornadoes was a multiple vortex that completely changed directions and came back across a field to within 50 yards of the chasers.

Apr 102012

American hacker, who goes by alias of ‘The Raptor’ and claims to be a grandfather and retired military man, takes credit for temporarily shutting down forums frequented by jihadists and Al Qaeda sympathizers.

Calling himself a patriot acting on behalf of U.S. troops serving overseas, The Raptor claims to be behind last month’s attack on Al Qaeda’s main online forum, Shamukh Islamic Network, and a handful of other sites and forums, including Ansar al-Mujahideen, where jihadists gather online to issue threats and exhort one another to acts of terror. The sites went down on March 22, and most remained dark for nearly two weeks. As the websites stayed offline, The Raptor taunted his targets on Twitter, daring them to “bring it.”

“Bow. Wave. Exit Stage Right. Curtains. Applause,” he tweeted after Shamukh, the main site used to blast out Al Qaeda content, was taken out of commission, only to return days later with a message blaming the outage on “Enemies of Allah.”

In the online world, where posters and hackers alike take on false personas and play a virtual game of cat and mouse, it is difficult to know if The Raptor is who he says he is, someone simply claiming credit, or if the hack attacks are part of some larger, government-related operation.

“Who is taking it down is an interesting question, but does it matter?” asked Jeff Bardin, cyberterror expert and former Air Force Arabic linguist who is now a principal at the private intelligence firm Treadstone 71.

If experts can’t be sure who is taking the jihadist sites down, it is unlikely the extremists who run them and post on them can, either. But it is all but certain they’ve been stung by the taunts of someone calling himself The Raptor, or as his Twitter handle is spelled, “the3raptor.”

“Just another infidel defending cyberspace for God and country,” The Raptor describes himself on Twitter.

A man who FoxNews.com contacted through The Raptor’s Twitter page reluctantly described himself as a grandfather and retired military man with a child serving active duty. These details could not be confirmed independently by FoxNews.com, and he declined to provide any other details about his identity.

While The Raptor is cagey about his true identity, he makes no effort to hide his agenda. He tweets frequently, and maintains a blog. Recently, he corresponded at length with FoxNews.com via Twitter direct messaging.

“Our kids keep getting killed because jihadists make better bombs than they do cupcakes,” The Raptor said. “Anything I can do to disrupt and demoralize the enemy is worthwhile and on the table.

“Some say I and others like me are Crusaders; that we hate Islam or desire to offend Allah,” he continued. “That is absolutely and fundamentally wrong. Some of my best friends are Muslims, and I love them. They don’t wish me harm, and I would give my life to defend them. This has only to do with violent criminals who cloak themselves in the wool of a good and peaceful religion to bring death and destruction to the world.”

“If the law can do nothing, we must take the risk ourselves. I am not the law but I represent justice.” – Sherlock Holmes
Defending the cyber landscape for God and country

“When the blood stops flowing, the historians can make of it what they wish,” he said. “I’ll just smile and play with my grandkids.” – th3raptor