Mar 032012

This is the second time a tornado hit this area in less than one year.

Henryville,Alabama Tornado Destruction and Extra coverage

KDR Media:

Fireman walk by storm damage at Henryville High School in Henryville, Ind., after powerful storms stretching from the U.S. Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes in the north wrecked two small towns and killed at least eight people Friday, March 2, 2012, as the system tore roofs off schools and homes and damaged a maximum security prison. It was the second deadly tornado outbreak this week. – Associated Press

~ Looked like at least an EF4…
A KDR Media chaser caught the tornado that hit the high school on Henryville, IN.

Walkthrough Henryville Indiana minutes after a tornado

Tornado as it approached Henryville, IN Kory Hartman:

This is the tornado in Northern Harrison County IN. Facing north toward Pekin and Henryville IN.

This video and pictures were taken in Northern Harrison County IN, East of Palmyra facing north toward Pekin and Henryville.


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