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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC)- Hundreds of people across the state are saying they heard a loud boom this afternoon, one reportedly powerful enough to shake walls, windows and entire homes.

The reports are coming in from multiple counties, including Bibb, Coosa, Chilton, Limestone, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Walker and Shelby.

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office says they have received hundreds of calls reporting the boom. Chief Deputy Shane Mayfield told Fox 6 there are no reports of any explosions on the ground.

“Our best guess is it’s a sonic boom of some type,” Mayfield said.

The U.S. Geological Survey has no reports of an earthquake in the state.

Fox 6 meteorologist J-P Dice says the loud sound was likely a sonic boom in the Birmingham Military Operating Area.

People on our MyFoxAl Facebook page are chiming in as well, commenting on where they were when they heard the loud boom.

~ I first started hearing these reports 2 hrs. ago from James Spann on Twitter. And James FB Being we have so much fracking here in Jasper, I wouldn’t know. Also the reports are from counties that a bit away in counties Southeast of us. We are in Walker county but I think those that felt this are in SE Walker County. There is a lot of speculation and I will put updates in comments and follow my retweets.

This JUST in: ‏ @scootweather

@spann The X2 flare is creating havoc with HAM channels and public safety channels


Breaking Space Weather: Strong Solar Eruption; Earth-Directed Coronal Mass Ejection Likely


Images of the X5-class solar flare as it erupted from sunspot 1429.

via @Camilla_SDO

BUT James does not think it’s meteors etc.:


Major solar flare within the past couple of hours, but NOT related to the Alabama booms…

I am going to check my email and will post anything new in comments…Pray there are no injuries


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  1. @spann

    @preacherman1113 Mainly some radio comm. disruption and auroras

  2. ENTIRE SOUTH and MIDWEST ! Steaming Plume event = be alert and aware

    Reported by dutch yesterday…

    Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas…..once again.. in the late afternoon…PLUMES APPEARING on Visible satellite — viewable from space — All erupting from the ground at the same time in the afternoon — yesterday only one or two — and now today we see WELL OVER 50 !!

    view it on the GOES visible satellite (1km or 2km product view)…

    I have already formed my personal opinion on what I think may be causing these plumes — I believe the north american craton is in a state of unrest — that these plumes could EASILY be caused by the plate pressure … magma pressure underneath an already earthquake prone area ( and a long dormant volcanic chain in Arkansas extending into OK, TX, LA, MS, AL… even as far east as Georgia )

    I personally think this is the sign of an imminent geologic event of larger proportions. I HOPE I AM WRONG — but the last time THIS MANY plumes appeared (on the west coast from dormant volcanic sites).. we saw a 6.0M to the north.. and a 6.0M to the south of the area that was showing plume activity.

  3. ‏ @spann

    The one that happened around 4:30 this afternoon remains quite the mystery due to the widespread nature of the reports. #bamabooms


    Seems like the “bamaboom” reports tonight (7:00-8:30) are all related to low flying military jets breaking the sound barrier. “bamabooms

    If not for the above report from Dutch YESTERDAY this would be easier to swallow. But Dutch KNEW and documented something odd the day before this!

  4. Strange Booms in the Sky: Has Alabama Blowed Up Real Good?

    There are reports on Twitter, beginning about an hour ago, of a mysterious explosion or “boom” in Central Alabama. Some tweeters have described it as substantial enough to rattle garage doors and knock over objects in their homes. A few tweets about the event:

    Brad Panovich WCNC @wxbrad

    FB & Twitter lighting up with reports of a loud explosion or tremor over Central Alabama. My guest meteor that was not visible.

    Matt Daniel @athensgaweather

    Reports of a loud explosion and shaking in parts of central Alabama. No one knows exactly what caused it. Not showing a quake there either.

  5. The Weather Channel ‏ @weatherchannel

    This X5 flare also means that a solar radiation storm is now underway. The magnitude of radiation storm is still not clear.

  6. Brad Panovich WCNC ‏ @wxbrad

    Solar Flare no big deal for people, big deal for all your gadgets though. #sun #spaceweather

  7. @Starseed52

    #Mar6 Strong X5 Flare/Earth Facing

    #solar #CME

  8. bud Gabert ‏ @SCWS_SW2

    @spann just started hearing stuff in gulfport ms… Def. Not sonic booms from jets… Idk what it is… But its loud… And annoying…

  9. @jsandford

    If the #bamabooms were, in fact, TVA fusing trans. lines using explosives, this is what it’d sound like:

  10. Brad Panovich WCNC ‏ @wxbrad

    RT @INukeYou: @wxbrad hearing reports of the rumbles in Gulfport, MS too.

  11. ‏ @Starseed52

    If anyone is in AL or that region please tweet if you are hearing any strange, unexplainable sounds. Use hashtag #ALsounds #AL any reports?

    • Here in Titus, AL, 40 miles from Montgomery, AL, and hearing explosions of sort, which wsfa is trying to explain away as fireworks going off in Montgomery. Our entire house shook with the major explosion around 4:30 today… we thought a car left 231 and ran into our home…

      • So is it like anything you can describe? I would love to hear your opinion! Are there any military installations near you? Did you see or hear any super sonic jets before you felt it in Titus?

    • I heard them and felt them…NE Tuscaloosa

      • I’d really be interested in your take on it bead, being you felt it. What is your opinion? What did it feel like? There were many reports from Tuscaloosa!

        • It was around 4:30ish when we heard it. It sounded like a huge explosion. My house is on a foundation with tile and travertine so it was felt. It was not strong enough to rattle doors or pictures etc. We live in north east Tuscaloosa (city) and the sound came from the south east. My first thought was there was a bad explosion near by. It sounded like a double boom, BOOOMboom. My daughter came out of the bathroom and we both said “What was that?” Living on hwy 216 we have lots of mva’s out here and jumped in the car looking for a car accident but there wasn’t one.

    • We have experienced frequent unexplainable booms in Decatur, Alabama. There was a large one around the end of June and there have been many small ones, all causing the floors of our home to vibrate. The most recant one was this evening, August 23.

    • Mobile, AL Loud Boom then rattled the windows of the house. Very freaky.

  12. interesting tweets on this matter!/justpipertoo

  13. Brad Panovich WCNC ‏ @wxbrad

    March 5, 2012 – Solar Flare Compilation – Sunspot 1429 –


    #sun #spacewx

  14. Why would FL. affect us?

    The reason this makes no sense, is the first report was appox 4 hrs ago and last boom report was appox 30 min ago. The link belies this altogether IMO

  15. @Starseed52

    UPDATE #Mar6 9:45 CST multiple reports of unexplained “booms” “Rumblings” Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, AL & Gulfport, MS #AL #MS #sounds

  16. […] (Hundreds of Reports) Loud boom heard in multiple Ala. counties […]

  17. i live in dallas county and heard loud boom and felt house vibrate the other night as well

  18. north of gainesville FL — hearing sonic booms all day — not moving like thunder — booms all coming fom the south of us — same sound level & seems like same location every time.


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  20. I live in Eastern West Virginia and we have felt and heard the Booms that have shook the house it has been going on for a couple of months cant figure out what it could be. We have talked to people over 30 miles away who have heard the boom and felt their house shake like ours. I have a hard time beliving that all of these were sonic booms we have had about 10 “booms and Shakes” in the last two months. Once i started checking on the web it seems like the whole eastern part of the US is hearing the Booms and Feeling the ground shake with no explination to what it is. I really feal this needs to be further investigated to find out what is really going on, it couldnt be good for our homes and structures our windows rattel and the pictures swing on the wall!

    • I promise it’s going on in every state. It’s scary isn’t it? I mean JUST the implications alone. My mother taught me not to emote but research and on that level I’m scared what I’ve learned. Have heard this the four years living in Alabama. Did not worry until this year because coal mining is a given JUST like football you know? But the intensity, proximity and actual rattlings in my home have been cause for alarm for a few months I’m glad this is reaching people. But knowing the Government is digging deep underground cannot bode well :( ~ JP

  21. Loud booms heard lincoln county oklahoma to the east approx. 8 pm

  22. […] But, this afternoon around 4:30… there are no real answers. I had reports of the ground shaking, very loud, explosive type booms, ratting dishes, and shaking windows from about 10 counties across Central Alabama, with the most intense reports from parts of Chilton, Bibb, southern Shelby, and Coosa counties. March Breaking: (Hundreds of Reports) Loud boom heard in multiple Ala. counties […]

  23. Yesterday(Oct 3, 2012), I posted on fb that the doors on my house shook, and joked that it was an earthquake. We live just NW of Mobile, AL. A number of people in my area (within 10 miles) posted that they heard it and felt it, too. I thought it was the m ilitary training center near our home and wasn’t too alarmed until a family member living in Houma, LA posted that she felt it there.

    • We’re in Walker County and have ‘booms’ so often. I still shake from fear every time. Mostly it’s ‘fracking’ but NOT at night!

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