Mar 282012

Rep. Rush: A hoodie is just clothing

He gave this interview to CNN Today wearing his hoodie, looking JUST like the true thug he is! This is the kind of ‘crap’ going on under this administration in the once hallowed halls of congress! O M G!

Representative Bobby Rush went onto the floor of the House of Representatives this morning, and while he was speaking, he took off his jacket, and pulled the hood of his hoodie over his head.

He began quoting the Bible as the acting Speaker banged the gavel and instructed him to be taken off the floor.

That is against the rules of decorum in the House. You’re not allowed to wear a hat. He was escorted out still offering words of solidarity and blessing to Trayvon Martin and his family.

Bobby Rush (congress critter) is livid over this. The SAME Bobby Rush who co-founded the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers in 1968 and was made its “defense minister”. His son, Huey, was named after Panther leader Huey Newton. Rush was present when fellow Black Panther Fred Hampton was killed in a police raid And the people of my hometown were dumb enough to put him in Congress!

SEE: You Won’t Believe ‘Where’ the term ‘Day of Rage’ comes from…

This is an interview featuring Fred Hampton Senior and Bobby Rush explaining how the Panthers fought fascist capitalism being used to destroy the Black Community with progressive organized Socialism!

Fred Hampton Sr and Bobby Rush Interview:

~ Thanks to FR for image (AP Photo/EK, File)

** FILE ** Bobby Rush, deputy defense minister of the Illinois Black Panther party, reads a statement June 4, 1969, during a news conference following an early morning raid on the Chicago Panther headquarters by FBI agents, who arrested eight persons. Rush called the raid “…a trick attack the party.” At left, Cha Cha Jimienez, chairman of the Young Lord, a Chicago-area Puerto Rican group. (AP Photo/EK, File)

~ By Putting the Hoodie on Bobby showed his roots are deep and his TRUE ‘Colors’.

~ All the while Holder Let’s Black Panthers Skate… AGAIN

J. Christian Adams, a former Justice Department Attorney, talked to Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends this morning about why he felt the New Black Panther party were being ignored by Attorney General Eric Holder, despite their illegal threat to ‘capture’ Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman.

Adams argues that the Justice Department needs to focus on them because “You cannot solicit kidnapping in the State of Florida, it’s a felony.”

“The new Black Panthers think they are above the law” and Adams attributes this thinking to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

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  1. […] This hate ‘whitey’ thing is reaching even the smaller towns. in Peoria, Illinois , where the theme is ‘kill all the white people’. We have an Ex- Black Panther, who I saw firsthand the damage he and his thugs did in Chicago. This punk is dissing the floor of Congress and defying the rules by donning his hoodie for Trayvon. […]

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