Mar 272012

The packed hearing room of the Supreme Court was a who’s who of lawyers and political leaders this morning, all of whom witnessed what was an undeniably bad day for the Obama Administration and its defense of the President’s health care law. Paul Clement and Michael Carvin, attorneys representing those challenging Obamacare, battled Solicitor General Donald Verrelli, who was defending the law, and urged the Supreme Court to find the individual mandate in ObamaCare unconstitutional.

The Heritage Foundation’s Todd Gaziano was at today’s hearing (as he was the day before) and was able to summarize what happened and what we can expect.

We will post a new video each day after the conclusion of arguments to share what happened that day in the Court. And we @ JUST Piper will carry it!


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Mar 272012

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~ Carney is a comedian. NOT! He deflects and never responds to Ed Henry’s query…


This will be about his vision… I wonder if you could clear something up.

Newt Gingrich keeps saying on the campaign trail that the President’s vision comes from Saul Alinsky, the community organizer. I haven’t heard you asked about him but… Is there some kind of portrait of him hanging up in the White House that people look up to or is this BS?


Have I said how much fun I had as a reporter covering Congress from 1996 to 1998? There was a certain bombast to it at the time. Lots of colorful things to cover.

Look, the President’s background as a community organizer is well documented in his own books. His experience in that field contributed to who he is today. But his experience is a broad-based one that also included alot of other areas in his life. So I’ll just leave it at that.

~ Unless there is a denial, it IS a confirmation by Omission IMHO!

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A Repost from January 25th

Mar 272012

~ A TRUE ‘Making it About Obama’

Obama was right on the individual mandate…before he was wrong

All the while even Howard Dean believes Obamacare will collapse!

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Mar 272012

Sharpton said he will lead a protest in Riverhead, L.I., on Jan. 5, most likely at the Suffolk County courthouse where a jury convicted White of manslaughter Saturday night.

“Suffolk County has not done anything about the white mob that went to [John White’s home,]” said Sharpton, dressed in a Santa hat at a dinner in Harlem honoring the memory of singer James Brown.

“How do you tell someone not to defend their own home? I don’t think he should have been charged with manslaughter,” Sharpton said.

White, a 54-year-old African-American father, was convicted of killing the 17-year-old Cicciaro on Aug. 9, 2006.

Cicciaro and other white teens went to White’s Miller Place home to confront his son Aaron, who they believed had threatened a white girl.

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Mar 272012

The Recall Scott Walker crowd showed up to a recent Americans for Prosperity event to protest Israel, Rick Santorum and just abut anything else resembling capitalism and free markets. The teachers unions are showing their true colors by continuing to embrace #Occupy and the radical fringe of society. Look no further than the examples contained herein.

Mar 272012

In an interview at our Brody File studio on Monday, Rick Santorum refused to rule out accepting an invitation to be Mitt Romney’s vice president nominee, saying, “I’ll do whatever is necessary to help our country.”

The full interview will air on this week’s 30-minute Brody File television show.

David Brody: If he for some reason asks you to be the vice presidential candidate on his ticket? I know, after is all said and done. Would you even consider it?

Rick Santorum: Of course. I mean, look. I would do in this race as I always say, this is the most important race in our country’s history. I’m going to do everything I can. I’m doing everything I can. I’m out there. In the last 10 months, I’ve had five days off. Two for Thanksgiving, and three for Christmas.

I’ve been working every single day. My wife and my kids, we’re just busting our tail, because we know their future and all of our children’s future is at stake in this election. And I don’t want to be the guy who has to sit with my granddaughter, 20 years from now, and tell stories about an America where people once were free. I don’t want to have that conversation.

Brody: So, you’re keeping your options open.

Santorum: I’ll do whatever is necessary to help our country.

Watch and see transcript

Mar 272012

Political weight of health care ruling: Potential outcomes of Supreme Court decision:

Swing Justice Anthony Kennedy may hold the final say as to whether or not the individual mandate — the provision in Obama’s health care law requiring Americans to buy health insurance — is constitutional, as the Supreme Court appears to be closely divided after a hearing.

~ This Judge Napolitano report says it all! Be Encouraged Patriots!

At the time I post this Megan Kelly played part of the JUST released audio.

Transcript HERE

Tough day for government at Supreme Court? Justices signal possible trouble of ObamaCare:

Jay Sekulow speaks encouragement…

A thoroughly engaged Supreme Court spent two hours debating the constitutional merits of President Obama’s health care law Tuesday — based on the tenor of the arguments it appears to be closely divided and the case may ultimately come down to the views of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

The man often known as the court’s swing justice asked several key questions about the scope of the controversial law suggesting he might have doubts about its validity.

~ SCOTUS Kennedy posed the ‘key’ question of the day:

“Can you create commerce to regulate it?” Kennedy asked the government’s top lawyer defending the law. That question addressed a key issue in the case about whether Congress exceeded its regulatory authority under the Commerce Clause.

Later Kennedy said the law was unique and felt it was “changing the relationship between the individual and the (federal) government.” He acknowledged the Court normally gives Congress the benefit of the doubt on laws that it passes but in this instance there was a “heavy burden of justification” necessary for supporters of ObamaCare to prove its legal worth.

What’s not clear is if the answers provided by Solicitor General Don Verrilli satisfied Kennedy’s doubts and, of course, how he will ultimately vote in the case.

The comments and questions from the other justices generally suggested that they would fall along familiar ideological divisions.

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~ Snippets…

Conservatives, by persuading a majority of Justices to overturn the individual mandate, could reverse Washington’s relentless push to over regulate individual and business behavior, but they could ultimately instigate their worst nightmare—a single payer system akin to the British system.

* Never before has the Congress required individuals to purchase a product, and this has caused conservatives to cry, what’s next, we must all eat broccoli?

What happens if ObamaCare’s individual mandate is thrown out?

Mar 272012

Last Thursday, CBS News reported that Ecotality, a company that makes chargers for electric cars and received millions from the stimulus bill, is under investigation for insider trading:

The company received a subpoena from the Securities and Exchange Commission in October of 2010.

The president of Ecotality North America Don Karner was sent an additional subpoena in December of 2011, which specifically asks for any and all documentation surrounding the public announcement of the first Department of Energy grant to the company for $99.8 million on August 5, 2009.

The government also wants all communication regarding the federal grant from at least four Ecotality employees and two board members including the company’s CEO Jonathan Read. Karner was required to supply documents to the SEC by early January.

A company spokesperson told CBS News in an email, “We are cooperating fully with the SEC and have no further disclosures or updates that we are able to provide outside of our public filings.”

Ecotality was awarded $99 million in 2009 and an additional $26 million in October 2011. Since the beginning of the grant period in October 2009 the company reported creating 144 jobs according to .

That’s right. Despite receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in federal taxpayer dollars, the company has only created 144 jobs in the more than two and a half years since first receiving stimulus funds. Yet, in his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama praised the company and the head of the company’s subdidary, Don Karner, was First Lady Obama’s guest to the address. At the time of the speech, the company had created fewer than 30 jobs from the funds they had received. However, the Obama administration shows further poor judgment in providing the additional $26 million of funding this past October– when the company was under investigation for insider trading for a year.

~ Interesting Note: When I went to look for this on YouTube, I was not about to post the entire SOTU, I found there is a ‘Farsi’ translation for it…To See The Speech with Farsi translation GoTo PrinceShadow. I JUST have to ask WHY the interest in it?! Went to listen to it and it has conveniently disappeared

To finish this story go to Breitbart

Mar 272012

h/t Tom Tancredo’s via Twitter:

NOTE : I have removed two images because it is being said they were fake and photo shopped:

UPDATES: There are images circulating online that are supposedly other pictures of Trayvon Martin. We saw one on Stormfront a racist message board. It was embedded with another picture purporting to be Trayvon that the Miami News Times points out is NOT Trayvon Martin. One conservative website has already apologized for publishing it. (We originally published the entire image found on Stormfront, which included two photos, but we took the second down after finding out it wasn’t Trayvon Martin). And now there is also question as to whether the other image is of Trayvon. We have now removed both.)

But let’s get real.

No one knows what really happened.

The Trayvon Martin story is just a distressing collection of disconnected facts. The media and social justice activists have told one story with them: of a murder motivated by racism that was covered up by the cops. Now people are pushing back on it.

But we don’t have definitive answers to all the questions.

Everyone could still be wrong.

This is the Trayvon Martin that the media wants you to see… young, innocent, full of life and hope. But that’s not the whole picture, nor is it a CURRENT picture. (* The photo they show of Trayvon is disingenuous, it was several years old. NOT the 17 year old he was at the time of his tragic shooting.) I’m not going to pass judgement, I’m simply going to let the photos speak for themselves… scroll down for the photos the media will never show. Meanwhile, the media and Al Sharpton and even the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES are jumping all over this bandwagon while totally ignoring a more recent story of 10 people gunned down (including a SIX YEAR OLD LITTLE GIRL) by a group of black gang members. Click HERE for that story. Hypocrisy? You decide.

Also not being nationally reported…

This video has statements by a key witness “John” who saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman and who heard Zimmerman screaming “help” contrary to liberal speculation. A Miami-Herald article states that Trayvon was caught with “burglary tools” and women’s jewelry including “12 pieces of jewelry… silver wedding bands and earrings with diamonds” when his backpack was searched at school after he had been seen on surveillance video putting up graffiti at school.

This was taken from the Miami Herald

Thanks to Blogger: Liberals ARE Hypocrites

Also See: * Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

With a single punch, Trayvon Martin decked the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who eventually shot and killed the unarmed 17-year-old, then Trayvon climbed on top of George Zimmerman and slammed his head into the sidewalk, leaving him bloody and battered, law-enforcement authorities told the Orlando Sentinel.

That is the account Zimmerman gave police, and much of it has been corroborated by witnesses, authorities say.

From Citizen Journalist Patterico:

I remember the last time Obama waded into a racially charged public controversy. It turned out that the facts were not quite the way they had been initially portrayed.

He may end looking stupid . . . again.

Maybe one of these days he’ll learn to keep his mouth shut and let the facts in a criminal case come out?

Nah . . .

* Police chief answers Trayvon Martin FAQ

NOTE: As of this posting FNC is reporting a News Conference on this case @ Noon (est?)

Mar 272012

No comments from me for I must also watch this after posting it. DWTS is priority :)

James and WADE battle on “True Colors.”

Mathai vs. Nicolle Galyon: “Love Song”

Naia vs. Jordan: “I’m Yours”

Orlando Napier vs. Karla Davis: “Easy”

Tony Vincent vs. Justin Hopkins: “Faithfully”

A battle who I do have a ‘favorite’ in :) Pulling for you Tony~

Moses vs. the LiNE: “Satisfaction”