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Occupy Spring Begins:

The Nation magazine is doing its best to reignite The Occupy Movement with a video from leftist hero Frances Fox Piven “It’s been time for another surge from the bottom for quite a while and some of us have been waiting…”

Frances Fox Piven explains why inequality is the default mode of American politics, and nothing will change unless there is trouble from below.

by videonation on Mar 14, 2012


THIS has JUST taken on a whole new meaning:Piven Issues Dark Prediction on OWS: ‘This Spring, We‘ll See Action’ Obama signed the NDRP last night

Twitter is going crazy:

Obama regime is setting up the stage for murder & killings at OWS this spring. This is why this rat signed NDRP order yesterday – @mzagorski

You need to contact your congress person/Senators when you read this! Take the time to read the order, maybe 30 minutes. See for yourself!

Simply see my retweets and/or do #NDRP

According to Frances Fox Piven:

The Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble.”
“We’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”
Different forms of protests that will engage many people.
Occupy was helped by “sympathetic” press coverage.

Leftist professor and activist Frances Fox Piven last week predicted the Occupy Wall Street movement is entering the phase where it “makes trouble” and will soon be taking action against banks and other institutions.

“It may well be that the Occupy movement is now in its second phase, in the phase where it makes trouble, in the phase where it threatens to shut down institutions,” Piven said. “The Occupy movement has moved into the neighborhoods of our cities, it has moved into the schools….This spring, we’ll see action against the banks, against the corporations.”

She added, “It is going to be a spring with lots of protests that take different forms and engage lots of people.”

Piven made her comments during a lecture to a group of students at the University of Connecticut last Friday. She touched on the genesis of the Occupy movement, which she said was particularly a result of the financial crisis, which “exposed those in charge of the economy as illegitimate.”

“The people who were sitting on top of the world, the top-tenth of the top 1 percent, were guilty. They were guilty of thievery, of chicanery,” Piven said.

Calling Occupy Wall Street “a brilliant tactical innovation,” Piven dismissed the notion that local authorities actually worried about the sanitary conditions of the encampments, saying their major concern was how easily the “99 percent” theme caught on — helped by sympathetic press coverage.

“The press began to cover them, and as the press began to cover them, the press became more sympathetic. The slogan, ‘we are the 99 percent, they are the 1 percent,’ is so clear, how can you say they have no demands?” she said. “Then the polls started to show that the message was resonating with a lot of Americans. And as that happened, the local authorities became worried. All of a sudden, it was very dangerous to have people sleeping overnight.”

Taking questions from students, Piven was asked how lawmakers can pass laws for “the 99 percent” without being viewed as socialist.

“Well, we’ll call them democratic, or maybe we’ll call them anarchists,” Piven replied before adding to audience laughter: “No, you can’t call a law an anarchist law.”

She continued, “I know one poll that shows something like half of the youngest age group polled, probably 15 to 25, saw no problems with socialism. I myself am not a socialist, but, you know, who knows what that is? I want to try to reform American capitalism to the extent that it can be reformed, and then we’ll see.”

Questioned about the Tea Party, Piven resurrected one of her old refrains that the movement is racist.

~ JUST as now, the liberals are calling us racist. EVERY little THING is racist to them. When THEY in fact are flaming racists!

“The Tea Party has a chant at its rallies. The chant is ‘Take it back! Take it back! Take it back!’ And you know who they want to take it back from? They want to take it back from African Americans, immigrants. They can’t stand the idea, they’ve popularized the idea that our African American president is a Muslim,” she said.

Piven also espoused her views on the charter school versus public school debate, saying in charter schools, “poorer children…don’t get the same kind of educational services.”

“If we take the funds that are designated to public education and we give them to for-profit entrepreneurs they’re going to behave in an entrepreneurial way,” she said, meaning teachers will “select out the kids who will do best.”

Asked about the “hostile” business environment in the U.S., another student questioned what is stopping businesses from picking up and relocating due to over-regulation.

“You know, these businesses need government, they rely on government,” Piven replied. “There may come a time when this new super structure of international agencies like the IMF, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the European Union is so highly developed they can actually function to provide the safeguards, the credibility, the infrastructure, the legal framework that business requires. They haven’t yet so I would say let’s tame business, fence them in, while it can be tamed.”

Piven gave her talk as part of a University of Connecticut political science forum. Joseph Gasser, president of the University of Connecticut College Republicans, told The Blaze that while Piven has “every right to voice her collectivist opinions,“ he believes it was ”a mistake“ to give a platform to someone with ”a demonstrable misunderstanding of economics and a vicious contempt for those who have made themselves successful.

Student members from both the College Republicans and the University of Connecticut Young Americans for Liberty attended the event.

“Hosting her sends the message to students, faculty and donors to the university that this is an environment where covetousness, envy and ill will are encouraged at the expense of industriousness, hard work and ingenuity,” Gasser said.

Mar 172012

Thanks so much BlackieSM!

Look at the bottom of the sign to see who paid for it.
It would be nice to keep this going until November 2012…
5 miles east of Clovis , NM on Highway 60-70-84.
That’s the Texaco highway for those of you who don’t know.

Mar 172012

Alabama Democrats are scrambling. This Saturday night they have a fundraising event that, at least at one time, featured Bill Maher. Democrats could come to hear Bill Maher spew his brand of comedy for the low, low price of only $100.00 per donor. Now, this has them in a good, old fashioned, southern conundrum. Bill Maher has a reputation for unapologetic misogyny.

Roseanne Barr, who was outraged by Maher’s segment, calling his interviews “elitist” and “classism at its best.”

~ Images thanks to MediaIte

Segment of Maher panel mocking MS. elections

He has called women, public and private citizens, even children names that would make Sandra Fluke blush. But on Super “Deep South” Tuesday, as Alabamians were enjoying their historic opportunity to engage in the National spotlight of the Presidential Primaries, Bill Maher called it “Toothless Tuesday.” Thus establishing himself as not only misogynistic, but also anti-southerner. This does not bode well with wealthy Dixiecrats who usually attend Party related fundraising events, such as the one Maher was to grace Saturday evening.

This left Democrats scratching their heads, scrambling to say the event was off, then on, then scrubbed of Maher but still taking place, then to pointing fingers at Republicans saying that they made the whole event up. But there was the flyer on the Alabama Democratic Party website that proved it was a genuine Democrat funder, at least at one time. And there were those boldly proclaiming that they were proud to stand with Bill Maher.

Then came a cadre of strong-minded southern women (they decided Alabama needed to know the truth). Women from across Alabama joined together, led by American Federated Republican Women and Concerned Women for America to bring a little sunshine to the shadows, as steel magnolias are prone to do. This only confused the Democrat Party more.


* Conservative Women’s Groups Speak Out Against Dem Event with Bill Maher

* { Running Scared } Are Alabama Dems Trying to Scrub Bill Maher Link?

* Original post: An Evening with Bill Maher

Now you can find officials on every side of the issue. Some say he is coming to a reception, others say he simply happens to be in town, but that it has nothing to do with the Democratic Party. Still, others claim he is coming, it is a fundraiser for the Democrat Chairman, and they are proud to use it as an opportunity to find “like-minded” Alabamians.

Republican women sent a message, too. They said they are done with those who like Maher, belittle and insult the south. They said Maher’s hatred of women makes a bold statement about the platform of the Democrat Party. They called on Alabama Democrats to raise a higher standard. Twenty minutes before the Republican Women’s press conference representing 24 conservative womens’ groups was to commence, Democrats released a memo saying that Bill Maher would not appear at their event. Republican women apprehensively applauded the “decision” (which was later rescinded, again).

Libertarians did what they do best and screamed at their conservative counterparts in a resounding round of circular fire. They said Republican women were trying to “squelch free speech, and trample First Amendment rights.” Republican women contended that they had a First Amendment right to say that they find the free speech of Bill Maher unbefitting the glory that the leadership of the Democrat party was granting him. They said they would feel that way about any party.

The Democrats pointed to Limbaugh, who has done funders for members of the GOP, nationally. The Republican ladies said, “Maher hasn’t apologized for even one of his vile comments or insults to Southerners.” They called for a level of civility in public discourse, and pointed to Bill Maher as “Exhibit A” of what is uncivil about politics today. Most women in Alabama seem to agree on one thing: This is not the tone that public leaders should be taking, and it is altogether “unsouthern” to glorify such misogyny and insults to the people of the south.

Something’s awry in Dixie, and that sweet southern charm is due to get a dose of Maher on Saturday night.

One question remains–if Bill Maher comes, will he be tossed to “Toothless Tuesday” by the Ladies of the south? That remains to be seen.

~ I hope so! ~ JP

Dr. Gina’s article today in Townhall

Mar 172012

Cee Lo {or Cee Low as he is being referred to today) Green caused a bit of a mild disturbance when news got out that he would be performing his hit single “F*** You” in front of President Obama for a fundraiser– uncensored. The event occurred last night, and Green did eventually start singing “Forget You” instead, but not before giving the audience the finger while asking, “Can I curse?”

Video of the performance surfaced on last night’s edition of Hannity, and the panel had quite a bit to say on the matter (as did the lower third with a laughing President Obama labeled “MAN OF LEISURE”). “We’ve heard a lot about civility,” [GUY] prefaces the clip, claiming he has no idea who Green is (Mary Walter cops to having him on her iPhone). [GUY] asks, after showing the video, “Am I just impossibly old, or a fuddy-duddy?”

* image from Breitbart

From Breitbart:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to comment on the song earlier today when pressed by reporters aboard Air Force One.

From Daily Caller:

Someone in the crowd appeared to tell Green that, in fact, foul language is generally not welcome when the President of the United States is in the room. He then continued by singing the tamer “Forget You” lyrics while laughing, apparently realizing his mistake.

The Grammy-winning singer wrote on Twitter before the event that Atlanta was “FIRED UP” for the president’s visit.

“It makes you long for the days of Sinatra,” Walter replied, calling the President a “cool dad” that lets the children run amok just to be loved.

The Hannity panel clearly thinks this song about heartbreak and class anxiety is clearly inappropriate in the presence of the President. Do you? Watch Cee Lo’s intro (and their commentary):

~ Needless to say, this story and video are viral today.

From BC Is the really what Obama has reduced the most power position in the world to? Who also is the featured photo credit.


That’s pretty much what Obama’s been saying since he took office.- jtbpnw

~ Now, say this was Kid Rock performing ‘Cowboy’ in front of President Bush, except he would have class and not do it…

Well, I’m packin’ up my game an’ I’m a head out west
Where real women come equipped with scripts an’ fake breasts
Find a nest in the hills, chill like Flint
Buy an old drop top, find a spot to pimp

An’ I’m a Kid Rock it up an’ down your block
With a bottle of scotch an’ watch lots of crotch
Buy yacht with a flag sayin’ ‘Chillin’ the most’
Then rock that bitch up an’ down the coast

I won’t even post all the lyrics :)

OR can you imagine what MSM would do if Kid Rock sang this to Romney who he has JUST endorsed You Never Met A MF Quite Like Me?! We would be slammed by them for YEARS!

Here’s a small sample what MSM would do :The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur said when Mitt Romney got an endorsement from Kid Rock who performed at a rally for the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate outside of Detroit, Michigan before a critical Michigan primary. Conservatives were outraged at President Obama over hip-hop artist Common performing at the White House but will they be equally angry over Kid Rock and some of his controversial lyrics and song titles?

WARNING: Kid Rock song titles profanity…

So Cenk there is a difference of what Kid Rock sang and what Cee Low actually sang in front of the POTUS at this fundraiser. Do not compare Common performing at the White House to Kid Rock’s vulgar songs that he would never be uncouth enough to sing at ANY conservative rally or other event. Albeit you make the point I was making before I found your biased report. You JUST took all the fun out of it for me.

~ JUST Saying

Mar 172012

‘Like tyrants they are, they said, ‘That’s it,’ and ran out the door’

Video of a Georgia county GOP convention this past weekend has presidential candidate Ron Paul supporters incensed, contending they now have proof local Republican leaders have cheated their candidate out of delegates.

The Athens-Clarke County GOP met on Saturday, March 10, to vote – among other things – on delegates to represent the county at district convention, from there to attend the state and national conventions.

But shocking video shows the meeting’s chair pushing through a list of pre-selected delegates over the objections of the convention and promptly declaring the meeting closed, a startling turn of events that took exactly 21 seconds.

Ron Paul backers, who made up a majority of the seated precinct delegates and had hoped to nominate their own choices for district convention, were stunned.

By their count, also captured on video, more than 20 of the 30-some delegates present had voted no to the slate of delegates offered, yet Athens GOP Chairman Matt Brewster first declared, “The ‘ayes’ have it,” then ignored loud calls for a vote count, before quickly concluding, “There is no other business to discuss; the convention is now closed.”

“I’m thoroughly disgusted,” said precinct delegate Shawn Lewis in an interview also recorded on the video. “This is my first time participating in the process, and I feel pretty much just violated.”

“We tried to do this the right way,” precinct delegate and Young Americans for Liberty State Chair Carter Kessler told the Athens Banner-Herald. “Like the little tyrants they are, they said ‘That’s it,’ and ran out the door.”

In the video, the “aye” vs. “nay” count is difficult to discern, but precinct delegates can be heard clearly calling for “division.”

According to Robert’s Rules, which govern such meetings, a call for “division” is a request for recount of a voice vote. The call for division “cannot be debated, or amended, or have any other subsidiary motion applied to it.” The chair is required to take another vote by other than vocal means.

The only exception is for when a minority has been deemed a persistent “annoyance” to a meeting by its members “constantly demanding a division where there is a full vote and no question as to which side is in the majority.”

Kessler assured WND this was not the case.

Brewster told the Banner-Herald, “The only thing I can say is, I followed the rules as best I could for the Georgia GOP and the convention process.”

Brewster did not respond to WND requests for comment.

Georgia is allotted 76 delegates for the Republican National Convention, which ultimately picks the GOP presidential candidate. Those delegates are bound to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum based on the results of the state’s March 6 primary.

But even though Paul won no bound delegates in Georgia, his backers are still trying to win his supporters seats at the convention, Kessler told the Banner-Herald. For if none of the four presidential candidates can win enough delegates to secure the nomination in the RNC’s first two ballots, Georgia’s delegates are then unbound from Gingrich and the other candidates, meaning they could then vote for Paul.

Continue the read for: Paul backers fight back

Mar 172012

Mar 17, 2012…by willTrade4food

There are two videos of here contained in this post. This one is from today showing the prices for items currently on the left coast. I have not purchased any oil recently because of these prices! You should see what I do when cooking. I recently made butter nut squash ravioli. Instead of throwing away the seeds or skins, I utilized them. Baked the seeds, fried the skins. You have to get creative and resourceful these days.

When you follow her videos, you see how fast prices are rising. She can’t take a trip without spending $24.22. Geeze, that’s but one trip people.

~ Nearly a dollar for Morton Salt, holy cow! Vinegar $3 a bottle.
In all my searching I got the key words: Excluding the food and energy components. Well, yahoos then let us report on that! Consumer sentiment is way down because of it. For example I searched for ‘consumer sentiment down food prices’ and all the hits are mostly about gas/energy. Most of the links are dated 2010.

Outside the volatile food and energy category, inflation pressures were generally contained. Core CPI edged up 0.1 percent after gaining 0.2 percent in January. The February increase was below economists’ expectations in a Reuters poll for a 0.2 percent rise.

‘If you take out the ‘volatile’ food component, inflation was basically contained.

Skim over that real quick why dontchya?

Here is the ‘important quick blurb’ @ 0:22

Michael Lipsitz picks out a bag of chips while grocery shopping at the WalMart in Crossville, Tennessee March 21, 2008. Food prices are soaring, a wealthier Asia is demanding better food and farmers can.t keep up. In short, the world is in a food crisis that is in danger of boiling over. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES) (Reuters)

I mean chips are not a necessary food staple, but for example, here in Alabama at our local Walmart, they run between $3.00 for generic, up to nearly FIVE dollars for name brands at Winn Dixie. Meat prices have skyrocketed. and for meat we get ‘pink slime’. Of course YOU, the average consumer knows Milk, Tea and Coffee prices are beyond reach and for many of us have become a luxury. The things that ‘are’ affordable, are the high content sugar products like soda. Not chocolate though. My goodness, we would never get that little treat if not for Dollar Tree! Many of us now go to Dollar Tree for food products and shop @ several stores to find the lowest prices. By lower prices I don’t mean cheap! And people the most basic necessity, toilet paper, is outrageous. We will have to regress to our grandparents and use newspaper. I suggest using any liberal rag for this. PF noted that those in D.C. have lost touch with the common consumer being they do NOT have to buy their food or gas, they get that compliments of US!

This video from Mar 15, 2012 is an update to show some example of where the cost of food prices is at on march 15 2012 in California USA. some basic items were purchased at two different local stores. 10 items cost 16 dollars

Notice how much she paid at a name brand store as opposed to the 99 cent store…

And here is her report from 3/5/12 Austerity Food Crisis Alert! Prices Rising Again!

Another article by FOX Business that skims over the inflated food costs.

I heard this morning a somewhat detailed report on Bulls and Bears. Problem was the guy couldn’t get his data input in, with the guy running amok on no fears of Super Inflation. So I went looking on FOX and FOX Business for videos and searches. This is what was available. FOX has become MSM IMO. I must question why there is so little reporting on such a monumental problem.


Highest jump since 1974…

Varney and Co.

Food Stamps Top the Headlines

This is a great report exposing Obama making us dependent on Food Stamps in order to eat. Not those who abuse this program. Stu Varney equates the food stamps to Obama buying votes for November.

I went through every on air show. Dozens of video reports. There are more videos about ‘beer’ than reporting on the sticker shock we have when we shop for groceries. I did find one on CICI’s Pizza CEO on Managing Food Costs on Cavuto. I mean, I’m glad the gas prices came to the forefront, Obama is forced into addressing and backtracking on that. But week by week, under this administration food prices have gotten simply out of this world. The high cost of health care premiums being increased has been exposed. WHEN is FOX going to address the food prices in depth?!

Enough to where the administration will have to pony up and give us some relief?!

Alex Jones and Gerald Celente (Who Is Running America)

Hyper-Inflation ~ Rising Cost Of Food Gas…back on May 13, 2011

I went to CNN. The reports are also dated to 2009 on Rising food prices. On Clark Howard , whom I thought could be depended upon to report this, I got the High price of food waste in what was at least a few hundred links.

Oh, speaking of 2009, I did find a FOX Business report from Mar 25, 2011 with FBN’s Adam Shapiro with a market update and consumer sentiment dropping to its lowest level since November of 2009. Thing is he does not even mention the word ‘food’ as in the title of the video “Consumer Sentiment Slides on Higher Food, Gas Costs”. He said he’s giving us ” The Power to Prosper”. Prosper this, put food in our bellies by reporting and exposing the escalating cost of food. This administration doesn’t give a hoot on American’s suffering. Not unless it goes mainstream.

I did not have the heart to visit MSNBC. Tomorrow I will look into the other MSM and see if ‘anyone’ is reporting on the sticker shock of food prices.

In the meantime, Please contact your congress critter’s. I know Char and I have been. It is the only way we are going to get some relief. Please share this in social media widely so it gets some sort of media attention. This is JUST another ‘Failure’ for Obama. He’s literally going to starve us to death! Now excuse me, while I go munch on my treasure find at Dollar General, Chocolate cashews. Cost? Two bucks for a 9 oz. can. Because who can afford nuts? Particularly those in Washington.

~ JP

Mar 172012

WASHINGTON – It had to be an embarrassing moment for MSNBC host Rachel Maddow – who didn’t do quite enough homework before interviewing Sen. James Inhofe about his new book about climate change alarmism, “The Greatest Hoax.”

About the book:

Americans are over-regulated and over-taxed. When regulation escalates, the result is an increase in regulators. In other words, bigger government is required to enforce the greater degree of regulation. Bigger government means bigger budgets and higher taxes. “More” simply doesn’t mean “better.”A perfect example is the entire global warming, climate-change issue, which is an effort to dramatically and hugely increase regulation of each of our lives and business, and to raise our cost of living and taxes. In The Greatest Hoax, Senator James Inhofe will reveal the reasons behind those perpetuating the Hoax of global warming, who is benefitting from the general acceptance of the Hoax and why the premise statements are blatantly and categorically false.

During a pre-recorded, 30-minute segment airing last night, Maddow revealed that she doesn’t read guests’ books very carefully – and apparently doesn’t even pay much attention to her own TV show.

Maddow grilled the senator about allegedly taking her words out of context when he cited her Dec. 3, 2009, program in his book.

Referring to a section of “The Greatest Hoax” in which Inhofe takes Maddow to task for having attacked his positions on climate change, Maddow claimed last night that the 2009 show in question was actually about Inhofe’s supposed efforts in support of anti-homosexual policies in Uganda.

However, in her enthusiasm to nail Inhofe over the Uganda segment, which mentioned Inhofe among other officials, Maddow completely neglected a separate, lengthy segment on that same day’s show that attacked Inhofe over his positions on climate change.

That was the segment Inhofe clearly cited in “The Greatest Hoax,” which Maddow claimed to have read, even excerpting the exact dialogue from that night’s show. A video and a transcript of the 2009 show are still available.

Nevertheless, during last night’s interview with Inhofe, Maddow completely neglected the segment in which she criticized Inhofe’s views on climate change and instead returned to her preferred line of attack regarding homosexuality in Africa.

Thus, instead of a discussion – as advertised – on global warming and his new book, viewers were treated to a lengthy digression on proposed sexual-morality legislation in Uganda.

Maddow even suggested that Inhofe might be supportive of executing homosexuals, asking him if he was for or against a “kill-the-gays bill.”

Her mistake probably would have been edited from a taped interview. However, after being bumped from his scheduled appearance last Tuesday, Inhofe secured a promise that his segment would be broadcast unedited and uncut, before he would agree to appear.

As a result, Maddow’s big mistake made it on the air (Part 2).

Watch Rachel Maddow’s interview with Sen. James Inhofe:

Reality is known for its liberal bias.- xTheOxx

Maddow just got owned….arguing Obama has somehow single handedly increased production, despite agreeing that he has also claimed to be halting the practice- SeppLainer

Global Warming is a religious belief.- MrApplewine


Mar 172012

BIRMINGHAM—U.S. District Court Judge L. Scott Coogler today sentenced a former Carbon Hill court clerk to 10 months in prison for embezzling more than $55,000 from the Walker County town, announced U.S. Attorney Joyce White Vance and FBI Special Agent in Charge Patrick J. Maley.

Judge Coogler sentenced POLLY D. HALEY, 53, of Winston County, to the prison term and ordered her to pay $50,927 in restitution to the city of Carbon Hill and to forfeit $50,212 to the U.S. government as proceeds of illegal activity.

Haley pleaded guilty in November to two counts of embezzling from Carbon Hill, where she worked from July 1991 until July 2010. Count one charges Haley with stealing about $45,586 from the city between September 2008 and August 2009. Count two charges her with stealing about $9,626 from the city between September 2009 and May 2010.

“Public employees must be expected to honor the special trust they are handed,” Vance said. “This office keeps a close watch for officials who violate that trust and steal the public’s money,” she said.

The FBI investigated the case. Assistant U.S. Attorney J. Pat Meadows prosecuted the case.

~ Carbon Hill is a small town west of me, with a small population. Something like this can bankrupt and shut down a town so little.


If convicted, Haley could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine on each count.