Mar 082012

by Ben Shapiro

Derrick Bell’s Faces at the Bottom of the Well is a fascinating take on racial politics. But he saves his most flattering words for an anti-Semite who called Judaism a “gutter religion,” believes that H1N1 flu vaccine was created to depopulate the earth, supported racist monster Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and received backing from Moammar Gadhafi: Louis Farrakhan.

Here’s what Bell wrote about Farrakhan in his book:

Smart and superarticulate, Minister Farrakhan is perhaps the best living example of a black man ready, willing and able to ‘tell it like it is’ regarding who is responsible for racism in this country …. every black person important enough to be interviewed is asked to condemn Minister Farrakhan–or any other truly outspoken black leader.

No wonder black Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy blasted Bell for “an egregious toleration of bigotry.” Even Henry Louis “Skip” Gates – a favored ally of President Obama, as we learned during the beer summit – denounced Bell for this, stating, “How can you call yourself an intellectual and not find anti-Semitism nauseating?”


Mar 082012

Back when Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he assigned Derrick Bell’s readings in class. Here’s what’s in those readings.

by Ben Shapiro…

Back when Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he assigned Derrick Bell’s readings in class. ( ~ JP here, is this link blacked out for you? Or is it JUST me?) In particular, he assigned the introduction to Bell’s book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well. Bell’s book was highly controversial, and for good reason: it contains some of the most inflammatory racial material in the critical race theory canon. And the introduction is chock-full of it. Open your hearts and minds to the words of Derrick Bell:

Slavery is, as an example of what white America has done, a constant reminder of what white America might do.

Or this:

Black people will never gain full equality in this country. Even those herculean efforts we hail as successful will produce no more than temporary “peaks of progress,” short-lived victories that slide into irrelevance as racial patterns adapt in ways that maintain white dominance. This is a hard-to-accept fact that all history verifies.

Or this:

In similar fashion, African Americans must confront must confront and conquer the otherwise deadening reality of our permanent subordinate status.

Why would Barack Obama assign this inflammatory racial nonsense to his students? Will anyone in the mainstream media ask him about it? Will anyone in the White House press corps ask Obama about his association with Derrick Bell? Don’t count on it.

H/T Aaron Klein.

POTUS Buddy Bell Using the term “White Boys” … acceptable rhetoric and discourse?
July 31, 1993

Ms. Guinier, Senator Wellstone and Mr. Bell spoke to an audience attending the chair luncheon during the meeting of the National Political Congress of Black Women. The speakers discussed civil rights issues such as educational empowerment, the nomination of black women to positions in the Clinton administration, and the recent defeat in the Senate of an amendment involving a federal patent for a symbol with the Confederate national flag.

From Fire Andrea Mitchell:

Obama’s racist, anti-semitic pal Derrick A. Bell – Harvard gives “White Boys” tenure…

In 1993, Obama’s radical, huggable racist, anti-Semite professor and mentor Derrick Bell talked about tenured faculty at Harvard University and the tenure candidacy of Lani Guinier. Bell whined about how “White Boys” are “given” tenure by Harvard.

Mar 082012 has revealed that while at Harvard Law School, Barack Obama embraced the racially charged cause of professor Derrick Bell.

~ What gets me here is Obama not only abandoned the fact he is half-white, yes I personally know you are still considered ‘black’ which btw I fought. But he treats his communist mother like she was nothing but a ‘vessel’ to him IMO!

Both Obama and Bell demanded that Harvard hire professors on the basis of race. Obama and other students rallied to Bell’s side after Bell quit teaching in an attempt to force Harvard to implement race-based hiring policies.

Other archived video tapes I have reviewed reveal that Bell espouses racial ideas deeply at odds with American values–and did so, adamantly, while at Harvard Law School.

The Obama-Bell connection is the latest in a pattern of Barack Obama’s associations with individuals who promoted a racially divisive America.

In 2008, America learned that Obama attended, and had his children baptized, in a church run by the racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright. After the Obama campaign launched a successful existential war to have the Rev. Jeremiah Wright remain a household name only to Fox News viewers, Americans dreamed an Obama presidency would usher in a post-racial era.

That never materialized.

Instead, Professor Derrick Bell’s racial world view is now manifesting in the policies of the Obama administration, particularly in Eric Holder’s Justice Department. That’s why Obama’s radical associations in the past matter.

That’s also why Senator Obama’s appearance with New Black Panther Party President, Malik Zulu Shabazz in Selma, Alabama, matters. I detail the 2007 Selma event and photographs with Obama and Shabazz in my book, Injustice.

~ We have many posts about J. Christian Adams here.

Andrew Breitbart courageously published other photos of Obama and Shabazz. The leftist photographer prohibited my publisher (Regnery) from using some of the photos. He knew how incendiary they were, and so did Andrew. Remember, Malik Zulu Shabazz is the very defendant whom Eric Holder let off in the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.

Policies of racial division and racial preference have characterized this administration, even if most in the media have failed willingly to cover them.

Nobody should celebrate this lost chance for national racial healing many voters thought would characterize his Presidency. Nobody should be glad that the Obama administration turns a blind eye, for example, toward racially motivated violence like the mob attacks in Wisconsin or Dayton.

That Obama gravitated toward Bell, Wright, and Bill Ayers and all the others we now know about says something about the man.

Contrary to those who might praise Derrick Bell, America is the worse off because of his ideas.

Bell did more than advocate for race-based hiring. He was perhaps the worst Johnny Appleseed of a nasty racialist legal theory called Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory, in a nutshell, argues that the law is a weapon of the majority whites to oppress “people of color.” It argues for “structural racism”–the idea that American institutions are aligned against blacks, whether the oppressor is the criminal justice system, a cabdriver without a fare, businesses, government, Domino’s Pizza, banks, or the police.

Critical Race Theory does not view the law as applying equally to all Americans, but advocates for racially unfair implementation of the law to right past injustice.

* Got THAT SoullessDad?

Most of the crackpot racial grievance you hear today has a philosophical foundation in Critical Race Theory. It is a counter-American, collectivist idea. Reparations, race-based hiring and excusing New Black Panther voter intimidation are some of the evil fruits of Critical Race Theory.

Bell’s history might be insignificant if he kept it to himself. But he didn’t. He used his professorship to export this worldview to students–students like Obama, who later used their teaching posts to bring Bell’s views to the next generation.

In the Obama tapes (that have been revealed so far), we find the future President calling on Harvard students to “open up your hearts, and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell.” Race relations in our country are worse off because too many people followed Obama’s advice.

Mar 082012

by Joel B. Pollak

Derrick Bell, the man whose scholarship inspired Barack Obama, was the Jeremiah Wright of academia.

And a Hollywood cult hero.

Bell was one of the chief proponents of Critical Race Theory, a radical doctrine that holds that American legal institutions—including our civil rights laws—perpetuate white supremacy.

Bell’s ideas were not only radical, but bizarre. After leaving Harvard (he resigned in 1992), he wrote a racialist, antisemitic fictional essay titled “The Space Traders,” which Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski described in the New York Times with disgust:

Imagine, if you will, that space aliens land in the United States and offer ”untold treasure” in exchange for surrendering all black citizens to them. What does white America do? It votes to accept the deal by overwhelming margins. So says the law professor Derrick Bell, who poses the question in an allegorical tale he calls ”The Space Traders.”

There is opposition, however. Jews condemn the trade as genocidal and organize the Anne Frank Committee to try to stop it. Empathy from another group that has suffered oppression? Not according to Bell. Instead, Jews worry that ”in the absence of blacks, Jews could become the scapegoats.”

Such parables pass for legal scholarship these days…

Consider the ”Space Traders” story. How does one have a meaningful dialogue with Derrick Bell? Because his thesis is utterly untestable, one quickly reaches a dead end after either accepting or rejecting his assertion that white Americans would cheerfully sell all blacks to the aliens. The story is also a poke in the eye of American Jews, particularly those who risked life and limb by actively participating in the civil rights protests of the 1960’s. Bell clearly implies that this was done out of tawdry self-interest. Perhaps most galling is Bell’s insensitivity in making the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy the little girl who perished in the Holocaust — as close to a saint as Jews have. A Jewish professor who invoked the name of Rosa Parks so derisively would be bitterly condemned — and rightly so.

The essay was not too offensive for Hollywood, however—or HBO, which turned it into a TV movie, Space Traders, in 1994 as part of a “bizarre, thought-provoking” blaxploitation trilogy, Cosmic Slop.

Bell received a writing credit for the short film, which now presents in full.

~ Reverse Racism in Play

“Space Traders” was produced by HBO films and is based on a short story writhed by Prof. Derrick Bell, Barack Obama’s Harvard Law professor. Big Hollywood: “Bell eventually resigned from Harvard in 1992, and continued to stir controversy. He wrote a short story, “The Space Traders,” in which he imagined that Americans would sell blacks to aliens in exchange for gold to repay the national debt. He also implied that Jews would help blacks only out of a sense of self-preservation, turning Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank into “the symbol of Jewish hypocrisy.””

This is a movie I saw a looong time ago on cable! t’s about aliens wanting to make a trade with white people for black people! It is a TRIP! Kinda makes me wonder, what if this happened while Bush was president? hmmm….

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Mar 082012

h/t FOX Nation

~ The ignorance and lack of professionalism of Soledad O’ Brien, sitting their all smug and condescending! I have names for her, but I have class. Please send Joel email that he called her O U T, proving what these tapes show, how MSM doesn’t want the TRUTH to come out. This makes TWO stations I’ve seen do this, ABC and now , no surprise the rabid libs at CNN. I cannot even imagine whats going on over @ PMSNBC!

So please tell Joel how brave he and Dana and are for appearing on these Mad Lib stations so the TRUTH gets out. Also show support for Amy Holmes from GBTV for battling with SoleLESS! Stand behind these brave souls in NOT allowing the Soledad’s and Juan Williams of the world to make this disappear. Andrew had faith in ‘Citizen Journalism’. Honor his memory until we see Obama and his minions go poof in the cesspool they live in! These are Breitbart’s Guardians, we MUST be too!

We know Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith butchered the tape and will continue to do so, that is why he did not appear on Hannity.

We have started a campaign on every social media we post on, the new slogan started by Michelle Malkin, sign off with and we are watching. #VetThePrez and #VetTheMedia , mine is ‘We Are ALL Breitbart’. But the best one so far that came along was from AB’s very dear friend, Stephen Kruiser @stephenkruiser: Btw, #war.

We can NOT let up! We MUST all band together and bombard the internet, the media, radio shows ( I called in a rant last night to Steven West and brought ALL this out in 10 min.) Poor Steve, he may never take another call from me again, although I apologized on his FB :)

Here at JUST Piper we will be relentless in sharing AB’s passion for ‘Truth’. ~ JP

I leave with Andrew’s last Battle and how HARD he fought!

~ We Are All Breitbart!


Andrew Breitbart “STOP RAPING PEOPLE” “BEHAVE YOURSELF” ” Filthy Freaks”

* He was tireless as we should ALL Be.

Mar 082012

Sam Elliot’s :) calming voice and reassurances:

~ As I post this our cable internet getting snarky…Is Yours in the South?

DEVELOPING: Largest solar storm in five years engulfs Earth, causing airlines to shift some flight paths and fly planes at lower altitudes, while power grid operators take precautionary steps.

Read on…

The largest solar storm in years will hit Earth ‘right on the nose’ today, brought on by solar flares erupting from the sun, shown above, which could disrupt power grids, GPS systems and airline flights.

“Power grid operators have all been alerted.” – Joseph Kunches, NOAA space weather scientist

Massive storm may disrupt power, GPS and radio systems:

March 6, 2012: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captures the sun as it unleashed an X5.4-class solar flare at 7:04 p.m. EST. The flare appears as the bright spot in the upper left.

A massive solar storm arrived at Earth early Thursday, and is expected to shake the globe’s magnetic field until early Friday morning, while expanding the Northern Lights.

A giant blast of plasma spat from the sun at as much as 4 million miles per hour Tuesday — by some measures the largest solar event since late 2006 — and it could lead to serious issues on Earth, forcing some planes to reroute, knocking out power grids, and blacking out radios.

The sun unleashed the cosmic double whammy late March 6, erupting with two major flares to cap a busy day of powerful solar storms, reported. One of the flares is the most powerful solar eruption so far this year.

The storm grew as it raced outward from the sun, expanding like a giant soap bubble, scientists said. Its initial effects arrived at the Earth early Thursday morning at about 5:45 a.m. EST, according to NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

“It’s hitting us right in the nose,” Kunches had predicted Wednesday. The blow appears to be more of a a glancing one that will interact with the Earth’s magnetic field throughout the day.

Both of the huge flares ranked as X-class storms, the strongest type of solar flares the sun can have. They followed several weaker, but still powerful, sun storms on Tuesday and came just days after another major solar flare on Sunday night.

The bigger effects will hit the planet over the next 24 hours.

Full article

Mar 082012

Wind farms in the Pacific Northwest — built with government subsidies and maintained with tax credits for every megawatt produced — are now getting paid to shut down as the federal agency charged with managing the region’s electricity grid says there’s an oversupply of renewable power at certain times of the year.

The problem arose during the late spring and early summer last year. Rapid snow melt filled the Columbia River Basin. The water rushed through the 31 dams run by the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal agency based in Portland, Ore., allowing for peak hydropower generation. At the very same time, the wind howled, leading to maximum wind power production.

Demand could not keep up with supply, so BPA shut down the wind farms for nearly 200 hours over 38 days.

“It’s the one system in the world where in real time, moment to moment, you have to produce as much energy as is being consumed,” BPA spokesman Doug Johnson said of the renewable energy.

Now, Bonneville is offering to compensate wind companies for half their lost revenue. The bill could reach up to $50 million a year.

* The extra payout means energy users will eventually have to pay more.

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Mar 082012

VIENNA – Satellite images of an Iranian military facility appear to show trucks and earth-moving vehicles at the site, indicating an attempted cleanup radioactive traces possibly left by tests of a nuclear-weapon trigger, diplomats told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Two of the diplomats said the crews may be trying to erase evidence of tests of a small experimental neutron device used to set off a nuclear explosion. A third diplomat could not confirm that but said any attempt to trigger a so-called neutron initiator at the Parchin site could only be in the context of trying to develop nuclear arms.

The images, provided to the IAEA by member countries, are recent and constantly updated, said one of the diplomats.

The diplomats are nuclear experts accredited to the International Atomic Energy Agency. All asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive information.

UN: Iran covering up evidence of testing at nuclear site:

Full Story

Mar 082012

h/t Weasel Zippers…

When you’re a complete failure you take any victory you can get.

~ A ‘victory’ for OWS?! What, that they bullied their hero off the playground? ROFL! So he moves it to where protesters cannot even hang out on the street. WTG Obama! I thank you that my children in Chicago will not have to worry. Betchya Rahm ordered Barry to do it. ~ JP

The Occupy movement should take credit for chasing the G-8 Summit out of Chicago in May, a founder of the radical 1970s Weather Underground said in Springfield Tuesday.

“They realized the couldn’t actually put on their little show of power,” Bill Ayerstold about 50 people at the Golden Frog Cafe in an appearance hosted by a new Springfield group, Foundation for a United Front. “It’s a defeat for them and a victory for the people’s movement.”

The G-8 Summit brings together leaders of the world’s largest economies. The upcoming summit was abruptly moved to Camp David this week.

Ayers spoke about activism. He said he thinks it’s good that the Occupy movement doesn’t have a single focus.

It creates a public space, he said, “where every grievance is welcome.”

Read more…

OWS: G8 Moving to Secured ‘Camp David’ After Fleabaggers in Chicago Made Threats:

After much ado from the Occupy movement that it would be protesting the highly anticipated G-8 economic summit (originally meant to be held alongside the NATO Summit) this May in Chicago, the venue for G-8 has in fact been changed to Camp David instead.

Chicago ABC local Report:

~ I JUST don’t get it. Obama IS a Community organizer. Obama defended and lauded the Occupiers. So why does he feel they are a security threat? Why is he denying his minions the chance to be heard? IMO he is sticking his proverbial finger, which he loves to stubbornly point our way, right in their Punk Eyes! ~ JP

#Anon #Newz Security Fears Chicago G8 Summit Cancelled Relocated to Camp David:

Be Prepared though Rahm:

The NATO meeting is expected to continue as planned in Chicago on May 20 through 21.

This is a win-win for those who see OWS for who they truly are…

Coincidently, a new bill drafted by Congress, HR 347, will make it a federal offense to trespass on the grounds of any place granted Secret Service.

If approved, the NATO Summit in Chicago will fall into this jurisdiction, as will the presidential retreat at Camp David. What does that mean for protesters? Even if you’re in the proximity of the premises, you could be considered a criminal for engaging in any activity that disrupts a governmental event.

Also See: Security Fears? Chicago G8 Summit Canceled, Relocated to Camp David

Mar 082012

Full interview with Joel Pollak and Ben Smith:

Michelle Malkin Skewers Juan Williams: