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Breitbart died hours before planned release of damning Obama footage

In a stunning coincidence, It appears Andrew Breitbart suffered his untimely death just hours before he was set to release damning video footage that could have sunk Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

Around three weeks ago on February 9 during the ‘Blog Bash’ event in Washington DC, Breitbart made a prophetic comment that takes on a somewhat chilling nature given the fact that he died in the early hours of March 1st.

Speaking to Lawrence Sinclair of Sinclair News, Breitbart stated, “Wait til they see what happens March 1st.”

It’s almost certain that Breitbart was referring to his plan to release damning footage of President Obama that he had been promising to reveal throughout the month of February.

As we reported yesterday, Breitbart spoke of his intention to release the tape during his CPAC speech last month. The footage shows Obama in his college days appearing alongside former Weather Underground terrorists Bill and Bernardine Dohrn. Observers had speculated that the footage could have derailed Obama’s hopes for a second term.

In light of the comments which have been posted on this article we want to make something perfectly clear. We are not and have not said nor do we believe the death of Andrew Breitbart is the result of anything other than a believed heart attack.

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Will Damning Obama Footage Still Be Released After Breitbart’s Death?

~ In the piece I wrote above, many have since come forward. I mean how can you not believe heart trouble or not, that Adrew’s death was a ‘coincidence’. If so bad timing for the Obama administration isn’t it?

THIS is Chilling…thanks Blackie SM!

Before he left for Martinsburg, he told his brother that he had received harassing phone calls late at night; that some of them were threatening; and that if something were to happen to him while in Martinsburg, it would not be an accident.

As stated, I have some experience in dealing with the untimely death and loss of great journalists, who suddenly, too young to die, surrounded by suspicious circumstances, just end up dead. It’s the reason I believe Andrew Breitbart was murdered. Again, can’t prove it, just feel it.


* I got a call Thursday morning from my business partner asking me what I thought about the death of Andrew Breitbart. He wanted to know if I thought it might have been a hit job. First, I was shocked that Breitbart had died. I had not heard the news.

Second, the 1950 film D.O.A. came to mind. It starred Edmond O’Brien. O’Brien was a top-notch Oscar-winning actor (for the The Barefoot Contessa in 1954). Other films include The Killers, White Heat, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, and The Wild Bunch.

Here’s the storyline. Frank Bigelow (O’Brien) is an accountant who goes to San Francisco for a last week of bachelor freedom before settling down with his fiancée Paula. After a night on the town, he wakes up with an odd hangover. He checks in with a doctor who tells him he’s been poisoned with a “luminous toxin” that does not have an antidote. Frank is told that he has, at most, a week to live. A second opinion nets the same result.

He spends what’s left of his life tracking down the person or persons who wanted him dead. He walks into the police station and says to the desk officer in charge, “I want to report a murder . . . mine.”

Who Would Want Breitbart Dead?

* This from BlackieSM:

Jerome Corsi: Breitbart’s Last Contact Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio

This back story is about Andrew’s last hours. In those last hours he was working with Sheriff Arpaio to get the truth about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate out to a wider audience. This is a story which has received no media coverage, but it deserves to get out.

Noting that the cause of Andrew Breitbart’s unexpected death yesterday was being examined by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office, talk-radio host Michael Savage raised the question of whether the conservative media powerhouse – who recently announced he had videos that could politically damage President Obama – was murdered.

Michael Savage: Was Breitbart assassinated?

~ This post from Feb 12 2012: Obama’s Enemies List…

from Oct. 13, 2010: Obama’s Long and Evolving Enemies List

Is Obama Targeting Key Patriots on Enemies List?

According to former FBI agent Larry Grathwohl, who was tasked with infiltrating the group, the Weathermen also planned to institute a Communist dictatorship within the United States and incarcerate millions of Americans in “re-education camps,” while killing those who refused to comply.

* Note, I’ve listened to all of the following AJ tapes twice!

JUST MUST listen! Wayne Madsen Reports:

Wayne Madsen Reports 2/3

Wayne Madsen Reports 3/3

Was Breitbart Obama’s First Victim Under NDAA? (License to Murder)

(License to Murder) 2/3

(License to Murder) 3/3

Breitbart’s untimely death has shocked the media world and left some to question whether or not damning footage of Obama in his youth, which Breitbart announced he had obtained only last month, will still be released.

According to some observers, the footage threatened to sink Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

The Speech That Got Andrew Breitbart Killed

~ In closing I must tell you those of us who are voicing loudly we believe Andrew Breitbart was murdered are going to be called the atypical conspiracy nuts. JUST because Alex Jones and WND are coming to the forefront, does not mean other credible sources are not investigating this very idea of murder. Andrew had some very close and powerful friends who have now become stealth powerful enemies. Andrew had so many friends and connections in conservative media and radio they will be working behind the scenes also. IMHO how can anyone NOT see the ‘Truth’? ~ JP

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Mar 032012

~ The best raw video I found. It shows the huge size…

Limestone county tornado. Our Location was Old Rail Road Bed road just south of Nick Davis. I was facing west towards the Limestone correctional Facility when the the F-4 Tornado came through. At the end of the movie i ran into the center room of our house until the tornado passed. We were very lucky. This tornado was heading in our direction But it had changed its path.

When Limestone was hit April 27, 2012…

April 27, 2011 Limestone County, Alabama Tornado:

This video was taken at the corner of Cambridge Lane and Hwy 72 about 1 mile west of Mooresville Road in Limestone county, AL. The video was shot looking south as it came out of the Tanner area. The tornado was a EF-5 with estimated peak wind of 210 mph.


County Commission offices in Limestone and Madison County have proclaimed a local state of emergency because of the extensive damage caused by tornadoes Friday.

In Limestone County, 15 homes have been destroyed. So far, 50 homes have sustained major damage and 50 homes have sustained minor damage.

Most of the damage in Athens was in the Lindsay Lane and East Strain Road area.

In Madison County, 25 homes were destroyed. 50 homes sustained major damage.

Citizens should stay out of those damaged areas on Yarbrough Road from Wall Triana to old Railroad Bed Road and on Burwell from Jeff to Yarbrough, according to District 4 Commissioner Dale Strong.

Four Madison County schools received minor damage with no injuries to students or faculty. Those schools all in northern Madison County are Sparkman High, Meridianville Middle, Lyn Fanning Elementary and Buckhorn High School.

Limestone and Madison County Sheriff’s Departments are asking people to stay out of storm damaged areas. Anyone who isn’t a homeowner or emergency responder caught in these areas will be ticketed. Anyone caught looting will be charged with theft and prosecuted to the highest degree.

Five people were injured in Madison County. Three were transported to Huntsville Hospital, one to Madison Hospital and one to Crestwood.

Madison County has opened a shelter at good Shepherd United Methodist Church on Old Railroad Bed Road.


Limestone Coverage

Video taken on 4/27/11 from the front entrance of Limestone Correctional Facility in Harvest, AL. Video went dark but audio remains…

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Alabama – Madison County Commissioner Dale Strong said Limestone Correctional Facility on Nick Davis Road took a “direct hit” from the storm. He said there are injuries and more than 1,000 feet of fence down around the prison.

A correctional officer told a Times reporter that fences are down both inside and outside the facility, but that all prisoners are secure. Alabama State Troopers as well as other law enforcement personnel are at the prison to help correctional officers, if necessary.

Limestone Correctional Facility takes “direct hit”

Meridianville, AL. tornado:

Tornado Damage near Meridianville Middle School

NOTE: TWC JUST said the tornado in Limestone was an EF2, may be upgraded

— featured image: Cane-Break Subdivision Limestone County

Mar 032012

Live tornado Borden Indiana

This video was uploaded from an Android phone…This video is VERY RAW & the best I’ve seen so far for first person coverage. Some cussing but hey, when a tornado is head straight for you that’s life…

Tornado Borden Indiana:

with my phone at Four Seasons on Rt 60…

Indiana Red Cross:

NEVER IN MY LIFE have I seen such a tremendous weather outbreak effect so many people over so many states….. it may indeed be one for the record books when it comes to widespread damage.. only time will tell.

This video is just a SMALL SAMPLE of the severity of these storm.

The March Mega-storms of 2012 have turned out to be something for the record books, tragedy beyond imagination in many towns across the United States. Our thoughts and prayers are with those effected by this severe weather outbreak.

MANY THANKS to youtube video maker ‘themetaltempest’ for recording this!

EXTREME hail in Fort Branch Indiana:

Walking around Marysville Indiana only a couple hours after the tornado hit.


Mar 032012

This is the second time a tornado hit this area in less than one year.

Henryville,Alabama Tornado Destruction and Extra coverage

KDR Media:

Fireman walk by storm damage at Henryville High School in Henryville, Ind., after powerful storms stretching from the U.S. Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes in the north wrecked two small towns and killed at least eight people Friday, March 2, 2012, as the system tore roofs off schools and homes and damaged a maximum security prison. It was the second deadly tornado outbreak this week. – Associated Press

~ Looked like at least an EF4…
A KDR Media chaser caught the tornado that hit the high school on Henryville, IN.

Walkthrough Henryville Indiana minutes after a tornado

Tornado as it approached Henryville, IN Kory Hartman:

This is the tornado in Northern Harrison County IN. Facing north toward Pekin and Henryville IN.

This video and pictures were taken in Northern Harrison County IN, East of Palmyra facing north toward Pekin and Henryville.

Mar 032012

28 dead, 14 in Indiana after tornado outbreak

HOW TO HELP by ABC57 News:

There are several volunteer groups that will be leaving Michiana this weekend to assist those in Clark County, hit the hardest by the tornadoes Friday. There are several emergency teams on standby including area firefighters at the Mishawaka and South Bend Fire Departments and our own American Red Cross chapter. At this point local team from both agencies have not been deployed.

If you hear of any volunteer groups leaving for southern Indiana or see any local businesses raising money for relief efforts please let us know by sending an email to

One way you can help right now is through a monetary donations made to the American Red Cross.

You can also text 90999 to your cell phone. By texting 90999 it will add a one time $10.00 donation to your cell phone bill. You can text the number more than once to donate a larger amount.

You can also donate to the Salvation Army

Tornado Outbreak – March 2, 2012

This webisode shows the TVN team chasing fast-moving supercells and tornadoes from extreme southern Illinois through Kentucky during the prolific March 2, 2012 tornado outbreak, where over 70 tornadoes were reported across the central and southern U.S.

Habitat for Humanity