Feb 182012

NOTE: I keep a contact ICE in my cellphone (In Case of Emergency)…Brilliant marketing on this app! My first question though, is who sets it off if your gone?

What happens to your facebook profile if you die? if I die is the first Facebook application that enables you to create a video or a text message that will be published after you die.

In your final moments, updating your Facebook status or sending a Tweet should be the last thing on your mind. A morbid new service promises to take care of that for you so you can focus on the more important things when — heaven forbid — death catches up.

The free Facebook app If I Die gives people a chance to write their messages or record their videos well before the end arrives. Upon death, three “trustees” — friends that you assign — must verify your death, at which point your updates will be released to the public.

Messages can be released either all at once or on a predetermined schedule — meaning your words can go on, and on, and on … online that is.

The app can also bring peace of mind to those with terminal illnesses and are looking to get their things in order in the era of Facebook.

– featured image: FOX


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