Feb 172012

Earlier on NBC’s Today Show, Bill O’Reilly got into a healthy argument with Matt Lauer on the unhealthy lifestyle of Whitney Houston and others who suffer from addiction. Later he went on Fox and Friends to discuss his points further. He said it’s appropriate for us to pay our respects, but her death serves as a cautionary tale.

He continued, “This is ridiculous, Whitney Houston killed herself. Do we all understand that? You don’t use hard drugs for decades, decades. You don’t spend $100 million on them not wanting to kill yourself. So why aren’t we telling the truth to young people in America?”

Bill noted that there aren’t any celebrities putting out public service announcements telling kids not to do drugs. He said all we see are “creeps” like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson who are celebrated for getting high. “There’s no one in the media saying this could lead to death and if it doesn’t lead to death, 75 percent of all child abuse and neglect is done by substance abusers,” contended Bill.

Bill called Houston self-destructive and that she was going to kill herself no matter what. Juliet Huddy questioned, “You don’t think she wanted to kill herself?” He responded, “It’s psychological, it’s subliminal. It’s not like she gets up every day and says I want to die. It’s, she gets up every day and says I want to get high. Well you gotta equate the two.”

As someone who has made a conscious decision not to drink because of family history, Bill says it’s the media responsibility to tell the truth. He doesn’t think the media speaks truth these days because “to make these pronouncements as I’m making them, I’m judgmental …”

FOX Insider


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