Feb 202012

Feb 202012

~ By cousin Trevor I mean cousin through marriage for my favorite talk show radio host and friend, Dr. Gina Loudon :) Listen to Gina HERE

A history about those who advise, mentor, and operate behind the throne of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. From early childhood to the present day the President chose to keep his personal life a secret. Those who surround him fall into a wide category of radicals, marxists, communists, and Americans who have joined together in a coordinated effort to overthrow capitalism and the Republic of the United States of America.

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Feb 202012

~ We do not want any repeats of this:

April 27th ~ 165 Tornadoes in 24 Hours

Anthony Clifton is the emergency management director for DeKalb County, Ala. He remembers well April 27, 2011. That’s when three killer tornadoes roared through the county. Thirty-one people died that day.

The tornados “basically plowed a path for about 38 miles all the way to the north end of the county,” he said. But how many community-size tornado shelters were there for people to take refuge in that day?

Following deadly storms that swept through Alabama last year, emergency officials fear one county may not have shelters built in time for this spring’s tornado season after red tape in bidding process delayed construction of Safe-T-Shelters for more than a year

“One,” Clifton told Fox News, and it was private, not public.

For a year before the storms hit, DeKalb County had been trying to install six large, pre-fab community storm shelters. Each one would hold about 100 people. But red tape in the bidding process tied the county up in knots.

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~ Then you have the ‘other hand’ from Gov. Bentley that he is purposing proposes sales tax holiday for storm gear. Why the heck can’t he over see DeKalb County for goodness sake and cut the danged redtape?!

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has proposed a once-a-year sales tax holiday on weather radios, flashlights, generators and other supplies needed to help prepare for weather disasters.

Bentley made the proposal Tuesday at a news conference to announce that Feb. 19-24 would be Severe Weather Preparedness Week.

He said the supplies would help save lives. (STORM Shleters saave even more Guv!) Last year, the state was slammed by tornadoes April 27 that killed at least 250 people in Alabama.

Alabama Department of Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Yasamie August said some of the items that might be included in the sales tax holiday include severe-weather emergency essentials such as bandages, disinfectant, other first-aid supplies and prepackaged tornado emergency kits.

Bentley said a bill proposing the tax holiday has not yet been introduced in the Legislature.

State EMA Director Art Faulkner said he favors the state offering a sales tax holiday to help people prepare for storms.

“Anything we can do to encourage people to take this seriously,” Faulkner said. “It’s great to give people an incentive to be proactive.”

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So from the ever reliable and responsible, most respected meterologist in Alabama, James Spann:

Over the past year, Central Alabama has been ravaged by tornadoes…and we have seen how having a severe weather safety plan could mean the difference between life and death. That’s why the ABC 33/40 Storm Alert Weather Team is launching a new campaign…we call it “Do You Have a Plan?” Our goal is to make sure everyone knows how to get the warnings, where to go for safety, and what you’ll need to protect yourself when severe weather breaks. Scenes like this will happen again.

Do You Have a Plan? I like to call these links the ‘Spann Plan’ :)

Weather WARNING Devices

KNOW Your Safe Place

Have a Survival Kit

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Feb 202012

The first lady, who just returned last month from 17 days of relaxation in Hawaii, is skiing in Colorado on Presidents’ Day Weekend for the second year in a row. Last year she went to Vail.

Michelle Obama’s decision to ski out West again instead of hitting slopes closer to Washington would seem an inopportune choice for a first lady who is helping her husband campaign on issues of “fairness.”

The Obama campaign has set itself up as the defender of the poor and the middle class against the “One Percent,” a theme which clashes with the image a first lady who is taking frequent and exclusive vacations.

~ Snippet:

For her last two Hawaii vacations, Michelle left separately from her husband at extra cost to taxpayers in order to ensure she got the full vacation while the president was forced to remain in Washington a few extra days to finish work with Congress.

President Obama last summer called for “an attitude of shared sacrifice” to solve the nation’s deficit woes.

Michelle this weekend is reportedly staying at the Aspen home of a wealthy Obama backer from Chicago. She held a fundraiser at the same residence last July.

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Feb 202012

Four developments this week make it clear that we are in the midst of an Iranian terror offensive that began in the fall. First, there were three Iranian-orchestrated attacks on Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Thailand. And then came a chilling headline: “Fears Iran Helping Al-Qaida for ‘Spectacular’ Attack.”

* And a likely target of the terrorist attack would be the Olympic Games to be held this summer in London.

* The intelligence sources also told Sky News that Iran’s link to al-Qaida is “most likely to be used in revenge for any military strikes against Iran’s nuclear capacities. Iran wants to be able to say, ‘We can hit you back.’”

But one source warned: “The danger is that Iran and al-Qaida may be keen to show this capacity ahead of any attacks on Iran, as a kind of warning.”

The astonishingly small reaction to that news story shows just how far we’ve come since 9/11. You would have been called overly cynical if, in October 2001, you said that in February 2012, there’d be almost no reaction to a news story about two of our worst enemies working together for a “spectacular” attack on the West, one of which is close to having nuclear weapons. Yet, that sorry state of mind is exactly where we find ourselves.

An intelligence source unequivocally told the British press, “We do know that an operation is under way.” Verifying the source claim is an intelligence memo that discusses Iran’s “improvement of operational and intelligence ties with the al-Qaeda leadership in Pakistan in recent months.” This includes training in explosives. Ayman al-Zawahiri is reportedly working on an operation involving simultaneous terror attacks and British intelligence believes that Europe is the most likely target.

~ And all one has to do is look to 2010 and the missing blomb explosive maker Ibrahim al-Asiri, On the Trail of Explosive Air Mail:

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CNN’s Nic Robertson reports on the explosive cargo found on two U.S.-bound flights — printer bombs made of PETN:

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Last summer, the U.S. disclosed that there is a “secret deal” between Iran and Al-Qaeda. The Iranian regime gives harbor to top leaders and allows money and personnel to flow through its territory. The U.S. offered $10 million for information leading to Yasin al-Suri, an Al-Qaeda leader in Iran. After that happened, Iran apparently feared for his security and put him on lockdown and had another Al-Qaeda leadr, Muhsin al-Fadhil, take over his duties.

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