Jan 262012

A message from Brent Bozell how long MRC as been reporting the bias of MSM and how after Newt spoke up about it, WE need to shout it far and wide:

If you can help


  One Response to “Tell the TRUTH and Fight Back: I Don’t Believe the Liberal Media BIAS and Lies”

  1. I just finished watching the clip from Brent Bozell on media bias.

    You showed individual pictures of Newt 5 times, Perry once, Bachman once, Cain once, Santorum once, Romney zero and Paul zero.

    That is blatantly bias! It ruins MRC’s creditability, Grassroots credibility and risk splitting the GOP vote via disenfranchised supporters of Romney and Paul.

    Shame on you. You should immediately correct this mistake with a public apology.

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