Jan 292012

President Obama’s claims of wanting to give people a fair shot, make everyone do their fair share and have everyone play by the same set of rules may be the making of a great slogan, but his policies will lead to “debt, doubt and decline,” a top Republican said Sunday.

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said that Obama uses the rhetoric of the right to make a case about fairness and equality, but produces policies that lead to “crony capitalism” and result in giving the government more power.

“The outcome of these policies is to consolidate power in Washington where you have crony capitalism, which his rhetoric tries to decry,” Ryan told “Fox News Sunday.” “The president isn’t leading. The president isn’t being truthful with the American people about what kind of fiscal train wreck is coming.”

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“We have to have a balanced way forward when the Republican Party is willing to step forward, the Republicans in Congress and say let’s do this together in a balanced way. Let’s protect the key investments we need to grow and yet cut and ask a little more from people who can afford it and willing to do it,” said Obama senior adviser David Axelrod.

“The president (wants to) double down on the same failed policies that have not worked. As a matter of fact, they have made the economy worse, higher taxes, more spending, more regulation,” said House Speaker John Boehner.

Ryan said Obama has no plan to tackle the nation’s weighty debt and isn’t even planning to include his own tax reform proposals in the budget he will submit to Congress next month.

“What we have learned with the president time and again is he is going to put some kind of poll-tested line in the State of the Union address and have no follow-up whatsoever,” Ryan said. “We have learned already that the president who’s had three years to try and propose real solutions to fix our fiscal crisis is ducking it. He hasn’t put a plan on the table yet. He formed commissions and super committees, so he sort of outsourced the leadership only to decry their results.”

One idea that the president has put on hold — the Keystone XL pipeline — will be the next item the House delivers, Boehner said.

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