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I was listening to talk radio as always. There were two callers into the Schnitt show. The second caller, a poll worker backed up the first caller’s report. That someone she knew to be a democrat who voted Obama, (We know our neighbors in our precinct) was voting for Newt. It would explain his high percentage. So I did a bit of investigating, starting with the Schnitt Show.

Amazing what the liberal strategy is going into this election. They are convinced that Romney is the only one that can beat Obama. So feeling they have NO need to vote in a primary & the fact you do not have to declare your party in S.C., go out & vote Newt in as evidenced by the hard core liberal DU:

Did SC Democrats rush out and vote for Newt today?

Reply:I hope so. Hahahahaha!

A user named gateley said: ” I know DU had at least one operative on the ground.”

Read the DU link above and simply check out the DU members comments yourself.

As I was trying to get the information on Tonight’s Debate, I came across another interesting website: occupytampabay.net. Thinking why on earth would any ‘Occupy’ be interested in the GOP anything?

I think the links on this website say it all.


– Occupy Everything

– Occupy Tampa Bay

LEXINGTON, S.C.–There isn’t a ton for Democrats in South Carolina to do this week. The party isn’t holding a primary and even if it were, no one prominent would be on the ballot to challenge Barack Obama.

But there is a message that Kathryn Hensley, the chairwoman of the Lexington County Democrats and a longtime political operative, is trying to get out: Stay home Saturday if you just want to meddle.

“Unless you’re Republican, you shouldn’t be voting in a Republican primary,” Hensley told Yahoo News.

Voters in South Carolina don’t register by party, so Saturday’s primary is open to any registered voter in the state.

See Video Democrats should not be voting in South Carolina primary, local chairwoman says.

The Charleston County Democratic Party is asking fellow Democrats to not vote Republican in Saturday’s primary election.

“We are asking active Democrats to not participate in the GOP primary,” wrote George Tempel, executive chair, in an email to its membership. “We don’t want Republicans to interfere with our primaries…so let’s practice what we preach.”

Since President Barack Obama faces no serious challenge during the primary

Democrat to Democrat: Don’t Vote GOP

So YOU tell me why is this obvious to their party the strategy was out there and we had no clue? They are laughing behind our butts that we are so happy anyone but Romney is in the lead, while they are crashing our nominee from the inside out?! They will steal this election with any and every means possible. Tomorrow I am publishing information from Judicial Watch and how Soros and his all new Super Pak have their strategy too. Combine that with dead people voting and the GOP up in arms with a new poster child nominee dujour, in the lead and Patriots THIS is the recipe for second term Obama!

~ JP


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